Garage Talk

February 18, 2021
Femcanic Garage Podcast Episode 54

EP.54: Amanda Brisebois—“If You Want to Be An Artist, Go to Business School”

Amanda Brisebois is a custom painter who specializes in airbrushing motorcycles and helmets. She is the owner and founder of Black Widow Custom Paint in Ontario, Canada. Amanda did not set out to be a motorcycle painter, but you couldn’t tell by looking at her work. Amanda has won several trophies with her unique paint jobs and she’s become a recognized brand in the industry. Join us in this episode to learn more about how Amanda became not just a motorcycle painter, but also a savvy business woman.
February 18, 2021

EP.55: Emily Reeves—“Don’t Let ‘NO’ Stop You!”

Emily Reeves is a professional YouTuber. She and her husband, Aaron, host the channel, Flying Sparks Garage, where they vlog their personal experiences with wrenching and car restoration. Their vlogs include restorations on Emily’s GTO (“Roxy”), their Datsun 280Z, and other wrenching adventures. Emily’s passion for cars began when she and Aaron met in her mid-teens. Ever since, Emily has learned as much as she could about wrenching and cars while also working on her modeling and acting career. Join us on this episode as Emily shares how she leveraged her skills in modeling and marketing and through perseverance and hard work, turned her passion for cars into a top watched YouTube channel with almost 90,000 subscribers!
February 18, 2021

EP56. Renee Edwards Ambrose “Treat Your Car Like You Treat Your Vagina!”

This Caribbean Queen hails from Antigua & Barbuda! She is a multi-talented, dynamic woman who has done it all from piloting airplanes to drag racing to modeling. Her brand encompasses three different entities—InRealLyfe, LHF Motorsports, and Lady Mex. InRealLyfe involves her motivational speaking, modeling, and entrepreneurship entity; LHF Motorsports is her racing and media/culture entity; and Lady Mex involves automotive workshops teaching women basic auto maintenance skills. Join us this week for a fun episode where Renee shares her charismatic personality and tells us all about how she strives to help others be the best versions of themselves.
February 18, 2021

Ep.57 Amanda Beyers– The Standard in Automotive Upholstery

Amanda Beyers is the owner of Manda Marie Upholstery. She has over 14 years experience doing upholstery for Gulfstream Aerospace, a Ferrari restoration ship and concourse level restorations. Amanda leads us through her journey as a mentee to entrepreneurship as a custom automotive upholstery shop.
February 18, 2021

EP.58: Lara–That Porsche Girl: “Let’s Get Women Off the Hoods and Into the Driver’s Seat”

Lara, That Porsche Girl, is a fit model in California. Formerly, she was a Hollywood precision driver where she doubled for famous actresses in various films, but her love for cars started when she was only 12 after watching an independent, successful woman purchase a Porsche on her own. This symbol of women empowerment was burned into Lara’s memory and has guided her throughout life. After finding success in her modeling career, Lara recently decided she’d “flow with the river” and start pursuing her passion—Porsche cars! Join us on this episode as Lara talks about coming full circle in her life to create a strong following of women on Instagram based on her passion for Porsche. For Lara, this is just the beginning!