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February 18, 2021
Femcanic Garage Podcast Episode 54
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February 18, 2021

EP. 55: Emily Reeves—“Don’t Let ‘NO’ Stop You!”


[0:00] It's okay to hear no I think that's a really powerful thing it's something that I had to learn because you know it's hard not to take it personally but
the thing is if you believe in yourself then just keep trying maybe you have to tweak your proposal maybe you have to tweak what you offered in exchange maybe they need more value
don't be blind to why they said no but don't let it stop you.

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[1:26] Emily Reeves is in the driver's seat today.
She's a model and co-host with her husband on their very successful YouTube channel flying Sparks garage.

[1:37] Emily shares how her journey led her to a social following from zero.
To over a hundred and five thousand Instagram followers and over 88,000 YouTube subscribers.

[1:57] Hello Femcanics this is Jayme B coming to you and I have Emily Reeves in the hot seat or driver's seat today how are you doing today Emily
Jayme I am so fantastic thank you for having me on I'm excited I am to and it's interesting I've been following you for
probably 10 months to a year now Femcanic spin up for about a year and one of the searches that I put into when I first got on Instagram
with Femcanic Garage was GTO because I was just curious lo and behold.
Your profile popped up because of your GTO
yes Roxy yes Roxy the red Roxy and yeah that's what initially drew me to you,
I didn't get on YouTube a lot or anything so I didn't find you that way it was your GTO that first drew me in
and then as I started looking around more I'm like wow this is a lot of great content you and your husband have a YouTube channel and you guys put out some great content so thank you for doing that.

[3:03] Well thanks for saying that we work really hard to do that and we have a blast and yeah we started the channel doing an engine build on my GTO which.
My GTL is an o-5 she's a late-model GTO shipped over from Australia originally born as a Holden Monaro and.
When GM decided to do their last push with Pontiac they rebadged.
A bunch of their hold them and arrows and made them Pontiac GTO s and ship them over on boats and I had watched that unfolding and I had seen an ad in Hot Rod Magazine and I wanted
a GTO like just that's the car that I had to have so when I was 18 I had already been working and making money and needed a car and so.
I just decided that was the car for me and so I've had it since November of 2005 and it was 10 years later in 2015.

[3:58] When we started the YouTube channel and I did a stroked LS engine build on it and that was the kickoff of the hole.
Sort of Internet Brand there that we've built around us working together in the shop so it's been awesome.
Yeah I was immediately sucked into that and I think maybe to bring the listeners along even though there is the pre-recorded by own kind of gave a high-level overview of your background why don't we do kind of the 60,000 foot view because.
Your history and what you and your husband are doing is pretty well documented either by yourself documented.

[4:38] And there's been other avenues and other media Outlets that have documented as well in in the.

[4:47] Notes the show notes what I'm going to do is if you don't mind providing some of those links so that the guests can go in and view some of those other stories but I do want to give you an opportunity to summarize for the audience.
What is it how did you end up.
Getting into the automotive industry because if any of the listeners follow you at all they know that you're also a model.
So to dive into the automotive industry sometimes that's not a direct path so do you mind kind of bringing us along the journey and what started all this.
I would love to so I started modeling and acting the same year that I met my now husband Darren and he was into cars,
so I did not grow up with the dad that was into cars or knowing anyone that was in the cars and.
Back in the day when I was 14 and Aaron was 17 and he asked to drive me home from church youth group and his little Datsun 280Z I was.

[5:47] In shock I was just like this boy if so cool and so cute and he's got this amazing car and I just
I was hooked I just thought I just have to learn everything I can about him and this whole hobby of his because I got to be a part of it and
really I hit the ground running I started reading Hot Rod Magazine I started and really that was
kind of the beginning of the whole internet world of like watching things on YouTube that wasn't really a thing then like people didn't look at on YouTube videos as much or.

[6:25] Even like it was the cusp of Google it seemed like I mean maybe it was because I was a young teenager and I wasn't really into it but I did a lot of reading with magazines and kind of
what's considered old school now books and magazines and so Aaron and I just started our life together really early on so this year is 19 years that we've been together and congratulations
thank you it's just the best we have such a good time together and we are very very grateful for the life we have and
and the last unfolding of the last 5 years after starting the YouTube channel that's been
both the most rewarding time in our lives and the most difficult time in our lives because we have melded our two passions and our two
sort of basis of knowledge because growing up modeling and acting I had a big knowledge base of cameras and.

[7:25] Lighting in marketing with you know
your emotions and your presence and being on camera and doing all that stuff so I brought all that to the shop where he knew all of the knowledge of working on cars and and I
I had learned along the way but really melding those two was what
is now our YouTube channel that's why we've been able to create this content is because first his.
Planting the seed of the automotive passion and then my.
Experience and making videos and being on camera and melding those two.
Is how the YouTube channel was born so it's been a really really cool we've been honored with a television show on Motor Trend
we've been featured in a five-page spread and Hot Rod Magazine
talking about our little Datsun 280Z that we restored that he was driving of course when we met and we restored it for our 10-year wedding anniversary is so cool,
there's just been a ton of really.
Full unfolding opportunities that have come from the online brand and building that and,
really putting our hearts into communicating our passion and trying to share it with others so it's been so cool there's a there's a couple comments that I want to share one hearing you talk about like YouTube.

[8:54] When I hear you talk about it like I pause I'm like really.
Wasn't that long ago when you think about it but it seems like forever around yeah do you know what I mean it seems like it's always been around but really I mean.
When I was a kid there wasn't YouTube 15 years ago that wasn't that wasn't a prominent nothing you know.
Googling things and I mean like that just wasn't yeah it wasn't people went to the library right right I mean we went to the library or.
You would go over to a friend's house that has done it multiple times or something and ask them questions it just yeah it's just I have to keep reminding myself that wasn't that long ago the other comment I had
is the Datsun.

[9:43] That is one of the coolest cars my partner and I actually stopped and was looking at one for sale that.

[9:52] Definitely needed work and she's from Puerto Rico and she'll make fun of me we have this thing where she's trying to teach me Spanish and try to say.
Puerto Rico and say it right I have to emphasize it and I always sound angry when I try to emphasize it in the right place but.
That was a very popular car in in Puerto Rico and.
It is one of the neatest cars and I didn't really look at them closely because I was always a domestic girl and I love the GTO,
and then when we stopped and looked at it and you just kind of I started really pay attention to it I'm like this is a really cool car they really really are.
The interior is so amazing the - is awesome the lines the headlights the knows the tale it's just sexy you don't feel like you're in a tiny car when you're in it no.

[10:49] It doesn't feel tiny when you're sitting inside the hood feels long and the doors the windows feel wide it's it's such a cool cool cool cool cool car and if you have busy you can.
You can get that thing Scootin to it'll go fast and I know you do as well but I like speed it going fast.
Heck yeah are you kidding me yeah so we did an LS swap in that car so it's got a it's got a V8 its got like 370 horsepower does in the Datsun.

[11:21] Yeah yeah yeah that's yeah.
We did a couple of unique things with that build we the first thing that we did that we thought okay this is unique we've never seen this done,
we cut a hole in the middle of the hood and we installed stacked injection so individual throttle bodies so there's eight Stacks that come out of the hood of this car and.
And that's really when you're a car guy that's the first thing you notice whenever you see that thing pull up you're like okay dude,
what did they do there are Stacks coming out of that hood like that is sick and then the next thing we did that was kind of a unique
smooth was we built custom 180-degree headers for the car so while we did V8 swap it we didn't want it to sound like a muscle car like a like a cam deviate we wanted it to kind of have a higher end more exotic
you know on the more Japanese proper side that it should sound because it's a Japanese.
Right so the 180-degree headers really gave it a different tone so when people hear it they're like what's in there.

[12:31] You don't think it's an LS which is that was the goal so I imagine that engine did not fit just right either there had to be some customization
done you know it actually fit quite well because the cars came with an inline 6 uh-huh so the engine bay on those cars really takes virtually no modifications to get a V8 in there because the inline 6 is are pretty long
so you're really just you're adding two more cylinders up front and you're putting you know it's a wider engine but there there there's room in there it fits like a dream.
It's the the stacks are centered in the hood I mean it's it's gnarly
such a good car yeah people are searching the car's name is Zen and we did her official hashtag is dot Xin instead of dot son.
It's dat Ze n so people are searching making search that hashtag and they can find the all the build pictures you know on Instagram you can go all the way back to when we pulled it out of the.
Out of the airplane Hangar that we kept it in for years and years and.
Hold it back out and started the build process and we did that build in 2017 so that is way cool and I have to ask this is and.
As someone who has restored cars it is not cheap at all how did now we had talked a little bit about.
Sometimes you can reach out to.

[14:01] Companies to see if they're interested in sponsoring certain things in the build now is that something that you and your husband do or do you sell fund everything.

[14:10] Well so yes we sell fund but I do spend hours upon hours
building relationships with companies that I want to work with so what we'll do kind of our process when we're getting ready to build a car as we go over all the things that we want to do to the car,
so like these are the wheels we want this is the suspension we want these are the engine mods that we want to do these are you know this is what we did want to do with the paint and the interior and so we make a list and like a build sheet
and then from there I will reach out to all the companies that are represented in the build sheet and I'll say okay here's who we are here's what we do,
here is what I'm want to provide for.
Partnering up on this build this is where the car is going to be seen you know all of those things so I spend a ton of time creating proposals and building relationships with the companies because
that was one of the goals was to utilize the fact that that's where marketing is nowadays you know it's not.

[15:18] Just television ads or ads in magazines a lot of companies are seeing value in
influencers and YouTube marketing and social media ads in Facebook and Instagram because that's a lot of work people are gaining inspiration for their builds you know you post a video of you know
my car idling and everybody get messages me like oh my gosh what camshaft is that I have to have it it's so badass and I'm like yeah here's the part number you know and companies know that companies know that when you have eyeballs on you
you have an opportunity to sell parts that you're excited about and that you're you're down with so I've asked every woman I've interviewed.

[16:01] One of the questions I asked him where do you go if you feel stuck and the first answer in even outside of my interviews.

[16:12] Personally if we get stuck the first place everyone goes as YouTube oaps I haven't heard a different answer I haven't heard anyone say they go to the library I haven't heard a single person say I watched some episodes on Motor Trend.
I haven't heard a single person say it's always YouTube yeah always.

[16:32] Yeah is it is an incredible Source now do you and your husband do this full-time now then well so
since covid yes my modeling and acting was thriving Creek Ovid but all of that shutdown was covid and it's slowly starting to pick back up but.

[16:54] Are in his family business is heavy diesel repair and he worked in that business for years and years and years and then beginning of this year.
We both decided okay we're not doing the heavy diesel repair job anymore we think that the deject eree of flying Sparks will allow the ability for you not to have to go do that because that job was really.
A beating for him just a lot of Dynamics there that
it's just not his dream job so he did it for a lot of years and he's amazing at it but
it felt really good for him to step away from that phase and that chapter of his life
so he was full-time and flying Sparks garage and I was still modeling and acting pretty covid so now with the virus and all of the craziness we are both.
Full-time flying Sparks garage but once my modeling and acting picks back up I'll be back at that too but we work nights and weekends you know
on on everything so the production will not change it'll it'll be the same on flying Sparks I'll just be working more now did
whose idea was it to.
Fire up the YouTube channel for flying Sparks and turn that into production because what you guys do you do it very well I've seen.

[18:19] I don't want to say amateurs I'm not saying you're an amputee amateur but where you know have a Motor Trend back in you or something like that.

[18:26] And what you guys at the output you have is quality work I've seen some you know sound quality that's bad on different YouTube channels and stuff and there's a consistency that you have around yours whose idea was that to kick that off and start that.
Well so Aaron had a friend who he worked with
and they were doing online marketing for companies and this was probably 2013-14 and so that was starting to kick off and he was like you know this is really this is where where it's at this is
we're marketing is going and so he he was the first one to show me that that was a reality and
our world or you know it was a growing thing and so
for Christmas 2014 he got me headers for Roxy what a great gift,
I know and so I had a Dyno tune set for the beginning of January to have Roxy
afresh tune after I install my headers so Roxy had her headers installed
she was ready for her Dyno tune and she did a great pull I think the pull was like 450 or 460 horse to the tire and we're feeling great and then the card drops to idle and starts knocking.

[19:52] And it was horrible the car at about a hundred and fifty thousand miles on it and I had just I mean as my daily I just drive and drive and drive and drive and drive it and so that was the point that.

[20:05] I knew I had to do something else to the engine because I'm like you know I can't go back with just a stock motor so we trailered at home and I was brainstorming and I was like babe I think I want to start a YouTube channel doing an engine build on this car.

[20:20] Because we got to do something with this you know this big happening here and I want to build a badass motor for it
but I don't want to pay for all these parts I instead want to use my talents and my what I've learned in the marketing industry of doing commercials for people I want to do that for parts companies that I believe in
I want to get really sick engine parts and make videos.
And put them online and talk about why I love these parts and then that's going to create value for those companies and eventually people will watch it and will grow a following and we're going to do this and so he was.
Totally behind me 100% because he knew the power of marketing in that way and we just started shooting videos and off we went and that one
season when we were building the 408 stroker for Roxy the videos are very short they're very simple but we worked really hard on the lighting and on you know,
there's this interesting element because I have lots of confidence in front of the camera but my confidence level in my knowledge base of engine building and all of that.

[21:30] Was lacking and so.
I mean you just have to start somewhere I get messages all the time from people and women you know saying I want to do that too but there's just so much I don't know and I'm like there will always be so much we don't know but you just have to start if you have a passion for it and you want to do it
do it make it happen be Unapologetic so I'm not an expert if you want an expert that's not this channel I am I'm
an amateur and I'm going for it and I'll make mistakes but I'll fill them and you can learn from them too and that's what we do that's a beautiful message Emily,
hey it really is in Aaron just was like okay babe let's go ahead and do this.
Yeah absolutely how did you know what equipment to get to get started because that's another blocker for people you and I talked in the pre-interview and you said one of the key messages,
around flying Sparks is hey get out there and do it and do do this together
it doesn't have to be the man out in the garage working it can be the husband and wife working together absolutely there's women out there you know it's one thing to go out and do it but
there are a whole subset of people that you pointed it that you just mentioned where they'll reach out hey I want to do this where maybe they're just scared or they don't even know where to start or they think it's.

[22:53] Incredibly expensive to start it's extremely intimidating there's so many unknowns and there's a lot of work that you don't know,
what it's going to entail and so it's just so much easier to want to do it
then it is to actually do it but what I always tell people is I literally started with my iPhone and I still shoot a lot with my iPhone a big honkin camera is great because it gets wonderful footage but,
you've got a badass camera in your back pocket and you have no freaking excuses,
so the the iPhone or any smartphone that takes video is going to be your best friend set it up somewhere and just start talking to it like it's your friend don't talk to it like it's a scary internet
talk to it like it's your friend because that's who you're going to want to create your followers to be want your followers to feel like they're your friends
so that's what Aaron and I do and it was really sweet so the first season of the show it was just me on there and then the second season I was just like Erin,
I know we named the show in the shop with Emily but.

[24:00] I feel like I'm lying to these people because you're the reason I got into cars like you're the reason I'm out here enjoying on stuff and you're helping me and we do this together and so.
You got to be honest with me and he was like nope I'm not doing it people just want to see you they don't want to see some food,
and I was like no babe like we got to do this together because.
It'll feel so much more honest and so much more real and it was awkward going places and people that watch the show they knew who I was and they didn't know who he was because he wouldn't.
You know be on camera and I'm like you know what we got to fix this and what's so cool is.

[24:34] He came around and he was like okay you know if you want me to do this I'm going to do it and he's gotten really good at it.
Would you consider Aaron an introvert or an extrovert oh he's 100% introvert so this is way out of his wheelhouse son.
Totally totally pushing every button that he would not want pushed he's the type of guy in person it's like I do not want the Limelight I don't want the attention is that pretty accurate.
100% wow
well I tell you what your recommendation around that Emily you're spot on because you know there's there's an authenticity between the two of you and not only not because your husband and wife right but
the connection and authenticity of what you just said about how it's both of us doing this and kudos to Aaron.
For stepping outside of his comfort zone and doing this with you.

[25:31] That's way cool it's huge and so you know he's shooting
ninety percent of what people see on on the show so he's not only stepped up to be on camera with me but he's also
got a great creative I that he's really honed in to shoot be able to shoot it with me.
So will collaborate on the shot you know I'll set up the light and I'll I'll get it all set up and then he'll be like okay I think this needs to be tweaked what do you think about this I'm like that sounds great that's awesome and you know
10 seconds later we have to move it because the whole thing about shooting a show is you can't just
throw a tripod you know looking at you and then just get to work you have to okay we need a detail shot on this and I just talked about how hard this bolt is to get out let's shoot that so the viewer can see you know,
there so much to doing it well that people don't realize of course if you're just starting out.

[26:30] Just start out just start but as you go to get better and better and get that production quality like you mentioned like it could look like a Motor Trend show or one that could be on TV
we all have the capability of doing that and just takes more commitment and more legwork.
And thinking through the process I should remind the listeners to though,
you didn't just start doing this this is something that you iteratively have gotten better at over what five years yeah,
I mean when people go back and watch the very first season of the show when I was building Roxy's first engine you'll see where it started and it was pretty dang basic
the videos were like three minutes long the two or three shots you know the only thing that I did get help.
With was the intro for the videos in the outro for the videos I have a buddy that I met in the fashion industry who is a car guy
and he came out and shot some footage and assembled an intro and an outro for me so
he sent that to me as a video file so all of the videos that I shot in the shop with my iPhone and edit an in my iMovie app.
In my phone I could just drop that intro and outro in it
and put it on YouTube so that was cool to have but that's not a hundred person mess us area to have you don't have to have one of those.
For for your show.

[27:53] Emily I want to ask a question come I'm curious you guys have done that and then the first season Aaron wasn't on it Aaron started becoming more on it and when you say season are you calling a season like one year.
Really what what it started for us the way that I was doing it was I was doing a season as 12 episodes.

[28:15] So I started off and I still am not super consistent with my uploads so really.
A season is just what I've decided is like 12 episodes but I've organized the playlist where people can go back and look and look at that sort of,
chunk of time so if people want to go back and watch the first 408 build on Roxy that's a playlist so you just scroll back in the playlist and you'll see like what was the first build on the channel so that's like season 1
you know and then we did another build and that's like season 2 and we'll sprinkle in other random videos in there of our adventures or if we have one small project that we're just filming.
So there's like a miscellaneous adventures and wrenching playlist but all of the builds are organized in playlist so people can go back and like.
Watch the Z car build from day one.

[29:14] And it's a whole playlist so they can just click the playlist and say play whole playlist and they can do like a binge-watching session of all of those build episodes and so that's I'm.
I love the way that's done and I've got to get a lot of good feedback on how I've organized that because.
Instead of bouncing around and trying to find out where part 2 you know it just automatically starts because you have it in the playlist so it's pretty cool.
So one of the things that you said that when you kick this off as like hey I want to leverage my skills and promoting and sending out proposals and just being in the marketing industry.
So that's clearly one perk in your first build with Roxy did you get some sponsorship.

[29:53] I did yes so Roxy's engine blew up in the beginning of January and then we didn't start the channel until middle of March.

[30:03] So I worked for weeks and weeks and weeks it was a couple of months,
trying to create relationships so it was funny the first
proposal I ever sent out and I figured out like I did all this research on
templates for proposals and then I would tweak it and make it my own because I really didn't have a following to offer I didn't have any eyeballs on me I mean I had an Instagram account but I think I had like a thousand
maybe a thousand followers on it but it was all like
just lifestyle stuff modeling playing you know in the yard a car here and there I just I didn't I hadn't really committed myself to
making a brand at all but.
At that point I was going okay well this is something that I have I didn't have any subscribers on YouTube nothing like that so we just we submitted these proposals in a way that.
What I offered was content for them so I said a professional model and actress and I can
create content for you guys and provide you photos and videos of me with the parts
just the parts before they're installed as they're being installed after they're installed and I can do photos and videos at
while we're using the parts and so I just tried to create a proposal that I knew I could deliver to them even though I didn't have any following at the time so.

[31:33] The first proposal ever sent out was to Magnuson superchargers because I was just like you know what go big or go home I'm gonna ask them for a Supercharger which you know asking for
you know a $6,000 superchargers pretty
pretty gutsy and I got told no and that was really good for me but it's really funny side note growing up in the fashion industry and
getting excited and going to castings and auditions and being told no or being told you're not the look or being told we don't like your body whatever it is
I got really numb to hearing know so,
I think that's a really powerful thing that it's okay to hear no that is such a gift isn't it.

[32:17] It's something that I had to learn because you know it's hard not to take it personally it is but the thing is if you believe in yourself then just keep trying and maybe you have to tweak your proposal maybe you have to tweak what you offered in exchange maybe they need more value
you know don't be blind to why they said no but
don't let it stop you so I moved on from Magnuson the eye and I was just like I completely understand I really appreciate you know you responding to me and I hope to work with you guys in the future so
that has a cool ending to it too but my next
mission was to get Comp Cams onboard because Comp Cams at the time owned a lot of smaller companies like Fast who did
you know the intake that I wanted for my car the injectors that I wanted for my car I could get the camshaft and lifters and the push rods and I could.
Get a lot of the internal components that I needed for the engine so I was like okay Comp Cams that's that's who I'm going for,
so I did all this you know all this research is to find the marketing person with Comp Cams and finally I got a phone number and.

[33:35] The lady answered and she was really nice and I said yes may I please speak to the person that's over marketing and she said sure are you a race team and I said no man and she said okay are you a magazine.

[33:47] I said no and she goes well I don't really have I have to be able to tell the marketing person who you are and what you know what you're wanting so and I said well I'm wanting to create content for them
online and and so so as I was talking to her she mentioned the name of marketing guy so
she essentially said he wasn't available but that I really needed to be a race team or that I needed to be a magazine or something like that they could offer marketing.

[34:18] And so I was just kind of bummed and I got off the phone with her and I thought about it for a couple of days and I was like well the only thing is I know his name so I guess I can just try calling back and
the saying my name and just asking for him
and see if that works because now that I know his name that might make a difference and so I just tried it I just called and I you know had confidence in my voice and I said my full name and I asked for
the man and she said sure let me redirect you you so my heart sank and I was like oh my God what am I going to say I got three to what am I going to say so
it was really funny I just kind of sat there and instantly you know had that wave of nervousness and he answered and I was just really honest and I just said I'm starting a YouTube channel and I
I've put together a proposal for you and I'm a professional
model and actress but I've never done anything in the automotive world but I do have confidence that I can create
content that you guys can share on your website and email blasts on social media however you want to use it you can use it.

[35:29] And I can send you guys samples because I had in the shop I had taken pictures and videos of like samples that I could submit to these companies so that they knew that I could create you no good photos and good video and stuff because
I didn't just want free stuff I wanted to offer them value and that's something that a lot of companies get all the time is people just want free stuff and they're like I'm going to take it to car shows.

[35:54] You know well that doesn't really do that much for that company they really need value for what they're investing so
after about three weeks maybe a month of going back and forth with him he finally was like okay
we want to work with you Emily send me your parts list will get you some parts headed your direction,
so that was huge and that was my first sponsor and they felt
excited to work with me and I was so honored and I worked super super hard to make them proud and I feel in that time I did really good for them and I learned a whole lot and more relationships have just grown and and that's where it all started for me and Emily I have to ask you
when you when you got that first box in the mail oh my gosh if that was there for a sponsor.
What did you do to do did you capture that footage the first box that your got well no because we weren't that good at shooting men.

[36:56] I mean to do like a happy dance or something well I could wash I'm the hugest dork it's like I just freaked out it's like I,
I think I told Aaron it was better than getting headers for Christmas x 1000 he was like really babe I was like these parts you know and he's like I understand you know it's just,
it's such a good feeling when you've worked so hard for something and really that was the start of all the work I mean that was not.

[37:29] The beginning of like oh cool I got free stuff it was like now the work begins because I have to earn these.
And I have to create value for these guys and they trusted me and off we go so wow.

[37:46] You just telling this story I'm sitting here like who I'm imagining you know going through this journey with you and I'm like oh my God you know seeing that
box get delivered and open it the first time like I'd be doing like a little happy dance and
I'm a dork as well and my happy dances look ridiculous so.

[38:07] I'm just curious I'm late like when I sit there and I see lot of the comments and different things like that.

[38:13] Of the different platforms when you talk about.
You know if you think of a scale you know nice niceties versus vulgar and being just a jerk.
You know it goes Instagram's on the nicest end then it's Facebook and YouTube.

[38:31] People seem to be ruthless of all the platforms that I've looked at they seem to be the most Rude on YouTube your main platform is YouTube how do you handle that.

[38:42] Man that is been a lot of learning right there.
People say some of the craziest stuff there's like different categories of feelings when I read the comments section.
I will say that the large percentage of people are wonderful.

[39:04] Complimentary just the sweetest most wonderful people but,
you do get a fair amount of people that will just you can just see that in there typing that their fingers were just on fire with,
meanness because it's so crazy how people will say things that they would never say in person but honestly.

[39:32] You just have to let it go there are some,
really beneficial constructive criticism comments that you can learn a lot from in fact early on in the engine build with Roxy,
I received my intake and
II started the installation of the intake at the end of an episode so I set my intake on and I started the bolts by hand and I said something like on the next episode,
we'll get this intake installed and.
The purse one of the people that commented was so mean but he was right.

[40:12] He he said he called me bad names this such-and-such doesn't know how to work on a bleep bleep bleep car he said she used regular bolts
on her Valley cover tray instead of the low profile button head bolts and those are going when she tightens her intake down those are going to bust up through the bottom of her intake and ruin it that dumb blankety blank blank,
and I read that comment
and I didn't read any of the bad words all that I heard was I use the wrong bolts and I'm so thankful I did not tighten it down and so I started digging through my box of parts and there were those low profile button head bolts.
And so in my next video.

[40:57] I shouted him out and I was like hey you didn't exactly say it in the nicest way and he called me a lot of mean names but I really appreciate.
You telling me that I had the wrong bolts on my Valley cover tray because I just tightened this intake down by hand thankfully if I had gone and tightened it down with this higher head bolt,
I would have ruined my intake and,
I don't appreciate you calling me those names but I sure appreciate you telling me that I should have done better and you are exactly right and so I got all these comments after that of people saying,
man that was awesome of you to say it like that like what confidence it took for you to hear constructive criticism and take it so confidently and and for me I was just like you know what I'm not confident.
I'm learning and so.

[41:48] I was wasn't offended by the mean words that he said to me I just let those go because I'm like this dude's obviously
got issues but he also knows something I don't know so I'm going to take the information and throw the rest away that's great advice
so that's why I read the comments like,
I can learn a lot from them and if people are being ugly that's on them that's not my problem that just makes them look like.
Horrible person it doesn't make me look like a horrible person right I mean if I do something wrong or if I say something mean then yeah I mean by all means call me or whatever but I know.
In the way that I am and the person I am online I would never say something to be called.
A witch with Abby you know like me and so like if somebody calls me that like that's on them that's not my problem.
I'll tell you one thing that I think is really cool about your channel is that you include your niece you'll include neighbor kit like you.
It's inclusive like
you take what you do seriously no doubt about that but you aren't so rigid around it either in watching some of the videos with your niece she is freaking adorable by the way
and it just I think it's really neat how you do that.

[43:13] Well thank you yes that has been one of the coolest elements because we get all these messages from families.
Dads and their daughters that get inspired to work in the shop because they see me and my niece working together
or wives message me and say you know my husband turned me on to your show and now I'm out in the shop working with him and
and when people ask us like what do we do or whatever
I don't say my husband's into cars I say we're into cars and I just see his face light up and things like that that I'm just like man that is where it's at that is our goal is to show ourselves loving what we do out there that we inspire
other families than other couples and.
Young people to get involved because mistakes happen but you learn from and and it's nothing,
not show we're not people that hide our mistakes we show when we hit bumps in the road or when we do something wrong or when we have to look something up or
whatever it is like you know it's it's a process and and we've gotten so much positive feedback from being authentic like that and including
our family and so I'm glad you love it because we love it too it means a whole lot to there is definitely an authenticity about it and I think that's why a lot of the people connect with it.

[44:39] And it honestly got me thinking about involving the kids in some way shape or form they may or may not be interested in it but to not fear.
Having them join me or join us in front of the camera right exactly well the things that I think about.
In and I've shared this with a friend of mine it just it honestly makes me emotional
I think about how amazing it's going to be to have that footage I mean our niece is 8 right now but when we started the channel she was three and so.
I mean it is so amazing to have that footage.

[45:24] That we can look back on think about when she's 20 25 30 and she's got that footage when she is a little kid with her aunt and uncle out in the shop like
Haddad message me and say you know,
my son really doesn't want to be on camera with me but I think he will if I ask him to and he's 13 and we're building a car together and I really want to film it and I said.
Make him.
Be cool with it because whenever he's driving that car and he's 45 or 50 years old and he has those freaking videos of you guys building that car and you're not around anymore
there will be no amount of money that could take those from his hands and if we won't lie if we can look out at the big picture who gives a flying crap if anybody watches it on YouTube
film it mhm I so agree with you but it on YouTube You'll inspire people who knows what good come from it but film it.
If there's something that's happening that's exciting in your life.

[46:25] Put a camera on and put some videos together of it and put it online because it's not going anywhere there.
Film it for the purpose that you just said instead of trying to get viewership because I'll tell you what I'm Lee I.
I wrote a book called Grandpa's wisdom and I wrote the book for me
it was it was therapeutic for me it's something that I've been working on for 10 years because my grandfather would have all these one-liners and you know it's something out of a movie the
day that I got the final like the first printed copy.

[47:01] The very next day I was my grandfather was in the hospital I was going to drive up the Cleveland because I live in Ohio from Columbus to Cleveland.

[47:10] And give him the very first printed copy and he passed away that night I never got the chance to give it to him.
But in making the book and going through the process of publishing the book I recorded footage.
Of me actually interviewing my grandpa and asking them questions and you know it's on you it's on YouTube and I put it out there not for viewership.
Put for the exact reason that you just said in after he passed my uncle you know in my dad and started their three boys my dad being one of them.

[47:46] They still go back and watch it.
And that's what it's about that that's Legacy right there exactly exactly I mean think about if we all filmed our parents or something that just.

[48:02] You don't realize what it's going to mean to you down the road now you don't just don't when I sat there in his living room asking him these questions.
You know I felt it but at the same time you don't realize it until it's too late and if you if you don't record it.
I so agree with you I so agree with you and that's I think it I think that kind of leads into this question I was going to ask you is.
You know there there are inherent benefits that you thought I imagine you thought you would have going into creating this YouTube channel has there been anything that has come out of it where it just blew you away.
The impact or benefit.
Or maybe influence that you have or had maybe still currently that you just didn't even realize would come out of it.

[48:52] That's an interesting question because.

[48:55] I feel like I went into it and I still have really high hopes and dreams or
our effect on the world and then also like just Personal Achievement I think that if I didn't I wouldn't work as hard as I do to make it all happen like I don't think.
Amazing stuff happens by chance or it just drops in your lap I mean maybe sometimes
some incredible stuff will just be like oh my gosh I didn't know absolutely nothing for this to happen maybe that happens sometimes but honestly like.
I work so hard that my dreams are a constant thing that I think about and dream about and hope about that.
When stuff comes true it does feel like crazy and amazing.
But I've dreamt about it and I visualized it and I've imagined it all to be true so I would say.
Maybe if there was anything that I could draw from to say that I just can't believe it is.
Having people that I early on lift it up and thought man that person is a mentor that person is what I want to work toward or I want to get information or,
help from that person and now today a lot of those people I call friends.

[50:24] And they consider me friends that is a huge like damn that's cool that's probably probably the best answer that I can come up with but a lot of the people that I see as mentors are friends of mine.

[50:37] Value being friends with me too so that means a lot it's really you created a tribe.
The friendships that you've built you just didn't realize they would be that deep yes yes absolutely.

[50:51] That's so cool that is so cool.

[50:55] Well Emily I think this is a great time to launch into the Red Line Round And what the redline round is is it's just five rapid-fire questions there's no right or wrong answer to them whatever pops into your head is the right answer.
Okay you ready all right who or what has been your inspiration throughout your journey.

[51:17] My grandparents tell me a little bit more about that.
Well my grandparents got together when they were 14 and 17 just like Aaron and I and they have now been married
close to 70 years and their total badasses they wake up every morning and read to each other they walk three miles every morning they love everybody
they're positive they're awesome and they're just our inspiration we look at them as ultimate role models.

[51:50] Can you share Grandma and Grandpa's name.
Yeah Patty and Ralphie Patty and Ralphie I just like the way you said that it's like divert going right back to the four-year-old.
Yes yeah because they never wanted to be called.
Grandma and grandpa or Gramps and Mammy or whatever they want their names are patent Ralph and so their Patty and Ralphie now is that on your mom or dad side.
My mom side I never got to meet my dad's parents sadly right on it is it's such a blessing to be able to grow up seeing that.

[52:24] It absolutely is where do you go or what resources do you use when you want to learn something new or you get stuck on a job.

[52:33] Well you've already highlighted my answer which is YouTube It's either YouTube or if it's something that it's it pertains to business.
Like if I'm stuck and I'm trying to write a proposal or I'm trying to figure out a contract or something like that I'll go to someone that I consider to be a mentor in that world.
And I'll ask them and if I don't have a mentor then I ask someone that I feel like has a mentor that I can Source information from.

[53:04] That's great advice just out of curiosity is there a particular YouTube channels you go to that you trust.

[53:10] I really I think Chris fix has an awesome channel for information if I'm going to do a certain job and I want to have information prior to doing it chrisfix has a great Channel engineering explained he has a lot of really cool
videos but mostly.
When I'm going to do a job or I have a I'm stumped on a project there's there's so many just
I'll say it like this like one hit wonders some good old boy uploads a you know will bearing video and he was like Hey I'm changing the wheel bearing in Mal Bronco thought I'd film it here it goes
and like you know the camera falls down off the boat,
can that he said you know and he's like whoa I got that real I think a torque to like hundred foot pounds or something like that you know yeah usually like your videos that I find that I'm looking for information on they end up being good old boys like that
and not really you know millions of you know subscribers or whatever right right right Emily what excites you most about what you do.

[54:19] Inspiring people and hearing feedback that what we do and how we do it makes a difference to somebody's life,
I'm just curious and maybe you have one maybe you don't.

[54:33] What is your most touching feedback that you've ever gotten that has really stuck with you.

[54:41] Well I recently cried reading a message from a young man who said that.
His dad had been sick and in the hospital for months and months and finally he was let out of the hospital because he wasn't able to go and see him because of covid he
couldn't go to the hospital but his dad was able to come home and he said that he hadn't seen his dad smile or laugh and years and years that he was always just
had a really hard time with happiness and he said but.

[55:15] I decided to show him flying Sparks garage videos and because he loves Dotson's and so we watched your build series on the Datsun like three times and he said I got to see him laugh I got to hear him,
say tell stories about his old Dotson's and he's gone now he passed away in it I think it had been like a week or two
that is Dad has been gone but he just all of a sudden he felt inspired to send me a message and tell me that,
like that he thanked us for making those videos because he's not sure he would have been able to see his dad laugh and and tell those stories if he hadn't watched our videos so that was.
Really amazing wow but that's one that I would have to agree with you I probably would have had to reach for the kleenex box.
Oh yeah I like had to wipe my eyes multiple times because I wouldn't be able to read the words because I'd be filled with tears like so sweet.

[56:14] You know in listening to your story Emily there's.
There's something where we we all have this deep desire.

[56:26] To find our purpose in life you know what I mean yeah in.

[56:32] What I've come to realize through interviewing so many women through Femcanic Garage podcast.

[56:39] Is that you can find purpose in anything.
You do you are you are finding purpose by sharing videos in your experiences in inspiring others.
Someone else may find it in flying to another country and helping a you know in a third world country
others may be the pride that they take working on a car and helping the older lady out with you know or older gentleman out.
You sharing that story about that gentleman and being able to watch his dad laughs for the first time in years.

[57:18] Incredible it is and sometimes I feel like as human beings we overcomplicate.

[57:27] What finding purpose in life is sometimes we think it's as big grandioso.
Thing in sometimes it's truly in the small things.

[57:39] Absolutely because small things can be really big yes and you just don't know how you'll impact people.
No yeah I am with you thank you for being willing to share that that's incredibly touching.
Yeah I agree absolutely I'm very thankful that he sent me that message and that's the other thing that I think a lot of people.
When you do what you do Emily and you're on a YouTube channel and you're shooting these videos and even with podcasting you get that sometimes.
People feel like you're out there somewhere right and you can't be reached and.

[58:20] The reality is is when we get feedback like that in people take the time to respond that we read every one of them.
Yeah and they matter to us in sometimes those days that are really hard.

[58:35] To pick up the camera or get our butts out in the garage and you know do our hair and make be
presentable in front of the camera or you know what I'm saying any of those things some there meets editing and I hear you sister yes yes I completely understand
it's those are the things that keep us going because there's those days that we don't want to do it.
Absolutely Emily what is a personal habit or practice that has helped you significantly.
In this industry when you feel like stuck or discouraged a personal habit when you feel stuck hmm.

[59:17] I would have to say sharing it being honest with.
Folks either making a post and everyone sees it or talking to someone directly that I admire or
one of my mentors or someone that I know loves me and supports me and just communicating huh I'm having one of those days.
But honestly.
We've created such a following of people that are so supportive that what we do mean so much to them that if.
Just share that you know,
it's been a hard day or man I've got a lot on my plate I'm feeling overwhelmed or any whatever I'm feeling.

[1:00:02] There will be so many folks that come through with supportive comments and messages and things people will say like if there's anything I can do to help and I mean that you know
if you ask for support when you need it chances are you're going to get overwhelmed with it and it's there are people waiting.
To support you because they love you and they admire you and they want to step up and be that person for you because you encourage and support them when they need it so I would say being.
Being transparent about your hard times and when you're feeling like you need that then.

[1:00:45] Then asking for it why do you think that is Emily just out of curiosity I want to get your perspective the overwhelming support when you show that vulnerability.
And how its met why do you why do you think it's met with that because it really does feel good to help people.
It feels good to be helped as well but when someone really feels like they need you or they need support it feels really nice to be able to step in and do that and I just feel like I've created a really great following and there's a lot of wonderful people out there.
To be followed that are like that so I think that's the reason that's so beautifully put in the final
question what is your parting advice to other Femcanics finding their way either in the skilled trades industry maybe Motorsports or maybe it's just in the influencer around Automotive.

[1:01:40] I would say.
Be yourself don't try to and I have to talk to myself about this all the time don't try to compare yourself
two other girls in the industry are other girls that do what you do figure out what feels best to you.
And who the best you looks like the one that you would be most proud to be and focus on being that person.

[1:02:08] Don't worry about the likes don't worry about
how many followers you have just try your hardest to be your best self and move through your
brand building with confidence and that is your brand and be proud of who you are and when you come upon questions boldly ask them
you know if you've got a following and you're working on something make a post and say hey I need some help on this it's time to educate me or
you know reach out to your network and show your vulnerability with your strengths because there's a lot of power in that so
I would say.

[1:02:51] Be confident and move forward and and if there's ever anything I can do shoot me a message because I'm happy to help any way I can or just listen.
You totally teed me up
I was going to say you're probably getting ready to ask me where people can find me and all yes where and how can people connect with you Emily yes yes absolutely my Instagram which is the platform that I'm most active on I have a really hard time keeping up with Facebook messages because
all of my stories on Instagram share to Facebook and people message me back from these stories on Facebook and I have.
Gajillion messages that I haven't received so don't message me on Facebook message me on Instagram my handle there is I am
Emily reads so like I'm Emily Reeves and then if you're searching for us on YouTube search flying Sparks garage,
and then on Facebook the fan page there is Emily Williams Reeves and I do Facebook out of necessity because.

[1:03:57] People like Facebook for some reason I am not one of those people that like I really like Instagram I just do I don't really love Facebook that much but I do it and I read all the comments there too so if you
comment on a photo then I will see that but
I cannot keep up with the messages over in hat camp but I read and respond to every message on Instagram so hit me up
awesome Emily thank you so much for being in the driver's seat today I've I've had a lot of fun picking your brain and I've learned a lot from you.
And I appreciate your vulnerability and authenticity well that is very kind to say I really appreciate that and I loved being on with you I respect.

[1:04:42] Whole bunch you're doing a great thing here hi my name is Emily Reeves.
Renee Edwards is in the driver's seat next this Caribbean Queen hails from Antigua.

[1:05:03] Her personal brand encompasses three different entities in real life is her motivational speaker modeling and entrepreneur entity.
Lhf Motorsports is her racing media and culture entity.
And finally lady Mex workshops which provides workshops for women teaching carb basics.
Be sure to tune in as Miss Renee pulls back the curtain and lets us into her world until next time Femcanics.

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