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EP.58: Lara–That Porsche Girl: “Let’s Get Women Off the Hoods and Into the Driver’s Seat”

EP.58: Lara--That Porsche Girl: “Let’s Get Women Off the Hoods and Into the Driver’s Seat”


[0:00] You have to be careful with how quickly we attack men as well because I think that there's two sides to every story and we do need to listen to women we do liens at listen to the men as well and I saw something happen and destroy a person and and then the backup came and
he was exonerated from the whole situation there's a fine line of just being so polarized you know that we exclude any man from being.
You know okay and we exclude any woman from it so we have to find our happy medium and I think women and men are still trying to find their
their meeting place in the Middle where that we can all live safely and comfortably and and women can feel safe and men can feel safe as well and it's and it's a think piece that's for sure.
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[1:41] Lara that Porsche girl is in the driver's seat today.
She's a former Hollywood Precision driver having doubled actresses like Julia Roberts Jennifer Connelly.
Mary-Louise Parker and Jennifer Coolidge just to name a few Laura has also been featured in Automobile Magazine in hosted the California Festival of speed.

[2:03] Sit back and enjoy the ride.

[2:09] Hello Femcanics this is Jayme B to you and I have Laura that Porsche girl.
Which is pretty cool and I found you on Instagram I only saw our Instagram for women and ultimately.
I love how you represent women in the industry I did the pre-recorded by oh so the listeners know a little bit about you.
But what I'd like to start with Laura's the kind of 60 thousand foot view of a little bit of your background.
And then we'll get into some of the good juicy stuff because in the pre-interview you brought up some really cool topics that I would love to dive into
let's get the listeners a little more acclimated with who Lara that Porsche girl is
so why don't we start in the beginning a little bit and then we'll kind of work through your career.

[3:04] Okay well my first job was at a yogurt shop now absolutely
let's go way back I was a babysitter know when I first started working I was a model and I moved to New York and there's a long sorted story they got me there but I just basically thought I should
probably just run to New York and do it there if I'm going to do it anywhere and when I came back to California which is where I was
sort of from I was born not in California but basically most of my growing up here is where in California I
wanted to get into modeling on the west coast as well and it was just a very different Market from what my pictures were so I just started doing
I was quite young so I started doing extra work trying to get my Screen Actors Guild card and get work as an actress and during that time
I would basically started doubling actresses being a stand-in doing second unit work as as the actress you know kind of did a couple of commercials things like that and during my time I met Eddie Murphy stunt devil and his name is Greg Elam and he was a stuntman and
he also was saying how much they need women to do.

[4:22] Car stunts and stents in general because it's really a man's world so I said I'm in and he had some classes I did a couple things I'm a little bit of a chicken when it comes to hardcore stunts but we learned how to do small High Falls and
you know fighting scenes and different things like that just learning how to work in basically choreograph you know a fight scene then we got into driving and.

[4:48] You know did a couple of course things and as long as you are a confident driver you can be a Precision driver and so I started getting jobs as a Precision driver
and doubling actresses as well kind of led into that maybe sometimes the actress wouldn't have her driver's license so I would be her
the driver on screen you know for her and dress like her and be her double I'm chuckling over here Laura could you're so modest
what are so you're so humble
I have to pull it out of you because it fascinated me when I read the printer form you said oh I just double some actresses.

[5:24] Yeah can we do you care name-dropping a little bit some of the actresses that you've actually done because it's pretty impressive.
Yeah I've devil Julia Roberts I've devil Jennifer Connelly Rene Russo Amanda Pays
Mary-Louise Parker she was one who didn't have her license at the time I mean so many different people oh Jennifer Coolidge in some of these women you didn't just dump them once it multiple movies you doubled them
yeah I worked on three movies with Julia Roberts and
and basically you know I would be there stand-in or you know I would get a little bit part I've doubled Diane Keaton actually stood in for her and just just different
things kind of came up because I was working every day just doing the standing work is easy to get and so once you're on set you might meet people and then I'm like oh you can do a stun or oh you can do a Precision driving and a lot of times they'll use your car or they'll put you in a one of the picture cars or
box truck you know it's always different and when people would offer things like oh can you drive a box truck I was like yes I can or I'm going to learn I'm gonna learn to like I don't say no to much right educate the listeners a little bit between like stunt driving in Precision driving so stunt driving is
I mean one of the most impressive things to watch especially live if you're watching any stuntman you know driving around in your onset it's.

[6:52] It is their incredible there is you know they're coming within inches of walls and people and all sorts of stuff it's you know high speed it's what you see is what you get it's pretty incredible but with
Precision driving it's avoiding you know hitting a car or you know maybe just someone that's choreographed to come towards you you both skid at the same time you both have a mark to stop at I've done that with you know like sometimes you have children in the car so you really have to be a person who
has confidence and is going to keep the child safe yourself safe it's usually choreographed to the point where
the other driver might be a Stunt Driver he's going to stop on a dime no matter what you just have to break and get around him it's resetting getting back to one quickly without
holding up production you know stopping on a sandbag you don't always see the sandbags you have to just know where it is you get your own markers for yourself and stuff like that
and sometimes it's just doubling a girl who doesn't know how to drive so you know or or the girl is doing another scene and you're doing be unit stuff where it's just over her shoulder and she's driving
you know one time I did one
where I'm just there just over my shoulder and I'm driving down Ventura Boulevard and they're just getting the scenes but they're getting the corner of my hair and the corner of my shoulder so it's you know
the similar size and as the actress and it's really pretty basic you just.

[8:12] Shouldn't bump into anyone and know how to stop and and kind of get around fast in that sounds easier said than done because when I'm thinking about it I'm like okay driving I drive every day.

[8:26] But that's different than driving on set to because you have.
Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and everything all around you and I imagine it's a.

[8:37] A smaller confined space compared to the everyday driver who's out there just driving to the grocery store yeah and you have to be aware of you know maybe
the the crew and you know you do you definitely don't want to not hit your mark because they'll be like okay do it again and so you just really
they're the concentration is just making sure that you hit your mark stop when you're supposed to stop you know key
driving in a certain Pace that kind of stuff so a lot of things you'll be driving alongside someone or keeping Pace with the camera car and they're shooting back at you
and you know you just can't be intimidated by maybe keep if they're like can you get 10 feet closer or can you get 10 feet farther back and just work with them you lot of times you have a walkie-talkie in the car so it's
it's just basic stuff if you have confidence and I think a lot of people get nervous when you put the working parts along with it and or some people just aren't
very confident drivers in general and I'm always surprised by it because I think it's kind of an easy thing to do it's like oh.
Is some pump into the camera yeah right are you kind of have to have that mindset though floor do you care sharing you shared this story with me about the box truck and I thought it was hilarious you shared it with me in the pre-interview and
talk about working under pressure and it was it was funny do you care sharing that story no I have no problem because it's one of those things where.

[9:59] You learn it and you'll never you'll never do it again so I get in a big box truck I was going to be doubling Amanda Pays on it on the show and the guy said do you know how to drive a box trap and Mike.
I mean sure you know do you drive stick I'm like yes no problem so I get in and he gets him with me and he goes well let's just take it around the block and just
get you acclimated to the car or because he knew I hadn't driven one but I was like I can do it I got this so we were up in LA right around 4th Street or 6th Street bridge and I go to turn and I kind of took it slow he's like just take it slow and
I basically there was a pole and I kind of just sort of grazed it and.
I just stopped he knew it he's like glad I didn't continue I just I think I'm a little cuckoo close to the pole he's like yeah so he's like this is this is the side of the picture that we're going to do into so just back it up I backed it up
you got it just go wide and you'll never forget to go really wide when you have a big trip it was a huge box truck so it was a lot to just drink in it's that first time when you
have to learn to take the corner very wide so that you.

[11:06] That you don't cut it and nothing like turning while it's on the job yeah with a picture truck coming down and collected and just let me do that was just a little glow so let me just back that up.
Yeah I was 21 and I'm like got this no problem you know and he's he's like okay well let's just try but he actually was
pretty impressed by the end of the day because I you know there's a million takes you have to go back and forth turn it around do three-point turns get back around come back and set to one and it was
it got really comfortable but you know first time out here I go just going to wreck the picture truck right away.

[11:47] Now you are in that industry for quite some time and then things started to shift for you what was the major turning.

[11:57] Well major turning point was I moved down to Orange County I got married and I moved down to Orange County and most of the production I was working on was
in Los Angeles or in the valley or you know the big studios are in the valley and summer it's just.
It's a lot of driving so to work every day is a lot and so I just kind of refocused and started doing modeling and and then really settled in becoming a fit model which is
basically working with fashion designers and pattern makers to make clothing fit some kind of
not fat not skinny I'm just straight in the middle and they kind of great up and down from my body and use me as a talking mannequin and I kind of tell them where and what how to change things to make it feel better
to make it fit better and that's what I've been doing for.
Long time now and that's fascinating because when you first set it I had to check myself because I imagine you get this a lot when people hear fit model they automatically think of fitness.

[13:01] Yes and it's not that it's more like a fit technician I wish you wouldn't be called fit model because they'll say oh you're a model and like know.
My hair is in a bun no makeup you know I'm basically getting ill-fitting clothes put on me we kind of cut them up and.
And make them adjust them and add you know to see what we need to add you cut pin add in pieces of
cloth sometimes to make it work and a lot of the stuff I do is swim now so swim is sort of my specialty but I've done
everything from you no gowns wedding gowns to
suits to you know leather to all sorts of stuff just lingerie I've done all sorts of stuff and it's been great but I drive a lot to Los Angeles as well but it's for the sure thing it's not for going on.
Castings I'm working and so I don't mind driving as long as I know I'm I've got the work I don't want to be going on castings every single day hoping for
shot you know it's just it's a lot you know in Los Angeles with the traffic like I could only imagine
so just out of curiosity because when I hear about you know working in Allah and then being a fit model.

[14:09] In a lot of women are probably when they listen to this it kind of some of that sounds like the Antichrist to them like literally you know someone taking your
all the time and you know there's this this whole thing around females in their image right.
In challenges around that I mean how do you deal with that because I'm sitting there thinking like your job is to be measured on a regular basis.
Try on your clothes and you use the word ill-fitting clothes on a regular basis yeah how do you.
Candle like how do you deal with that does it ever like get to your confidence or anything we like today I feel bloated or fat and I don't really want to do the yeah.

[14:54] Yeah you spend a lot of time in the mirror and if I had to lose weight to get a certain job I
I wouldn't do it because you can't be consistent in that way you can't is semi my body is comfortable at a certain size and it
kind of don't fluctuate very much which is what you can't be a person who yo-yo diets or any of that so I just kind of
I don't diet I eat what I want but I'm you know obviously always keeping myself somewhat in check but I don't I've never really been a big Dieter so if if you.
Are technically one size you stay that size it's pretty much what size you should be fitting at because if you try to lose weight to get that cool job you're most likely going to lose it if you God forbid have a.
A big meal on a weekend right sorry the worst thing that I experienced was switching to doing swim and and you know your body image you know what they take pictures of you and the ill-fitting swim.

[15:52] Front side and back for everything with your head cut off usually and so you you see all sorts of things that you don't even know.
Are behind you you know and so right sometimes I just don't I don't look at him and what it did for me was
it strengthened my confidence is opposed to the opposite and it was because I just got used to it it's such a part of my
everyday people looking at me and they're really not looking at my flaws they're looking at the Garment and they're so used to doing that themselves and their job
you know if you walked in you'd be like oh my gosh she's wearing this and why she did you know that person's doing this or whatever sometimes I'll take pictures when it's funny like you know I do a lot of things like.

[16:34] Where's the crotch seam and people will grab at it you know women you know I work with a lot of women I would like good morning like I know it's not a good day unless you've touched my crotch you know but.

[16:47] But it's really funny because you just desensitize like if they did that to me in the grocery store we'd have a problem but right yeah I'll be like can you reach in here and can you feel this you know and.
You get very personal with the people you're working with and.
And it's just been good for me because there's a point where your as you're getting older you know you're not going to get any better from you right right so you just kind of live with it and we all die someday and we all itchy.
Yeah it really it really helped me too
just be like you know it is what it is and you know I'm not trying to compete with you know a 22 year old anymore with my body and you're you it's allowed me to accept myself yes that's a beautiful message it's accepting you for you and
you said something interesting and and I'll be honest I never really thought about it because.
Every woman in probably male 2 it's just I'm a female so I'm speaking from my experience.
You go through this acceptance of yourself in not only you as a person but you like me physically yourself physically.
What I noticed when I was younger I did not want to look at myself.

[17:53] Like if you're dressed up you'll look at yourself in the mirror when you're getting ready and but to actually look at yourself.
In the mirror either naked or bathing suit on a regular basis a lot of times people avoid that.

[18:07] And they'll see themselves in like maybe a picture of someone snaps a picture or whatever.
But what I love about what you said is you get more comfortable with it the more you see it and you found acceptance.

[18:18] For just who you are and how God made you the more that you actually looked at yourself I think that's fascinating.
You know one of those turning points for me as well and this is it sounds so so much worse than it was it was I started I did an exercise class my friend was doing
pull dancing and it was all women you know no mirrors those look like a riot by the way
well if you I did s factor and its really a workout I mean I got so strong it was nuts I mean I could flip upside down and hang out the pool
I installed one of my house I mean you get really into it so I'm so I've heard it's one of the most amazing core workouts.
And getting a group of women together do I just it actually sounds fun too.
It was really empowering and it was right around the time I was switching to start instead of just doing clothes I was doing swim and then now that's.
Basically all I do is swim I mean I'll most of my clients are swim so I mean there's not a day I go to the beach I don't see my bathing suits on the on the beach so I did this pole dancing class and there were women that were.

[19:23] A hundred and ninety-five pounds 200 pounds whatever and swing around that bar and we were screaming for them and we had
you know as you get you have to level up and we got to like level 6 and you your
very Advanced and you can hang upside down and climb all over the place and then people would do a spotlight dance and it's just all girls no mirrors and so the mirrors are what slow people down when they,
when they're feeling it you that's what it's all about is if you're feeling good about yourself then then other people are feeling it.

[19:54] And and I even learned that when I was younger I remember I was walking into a nightclub and no one looked at me and I was really bummed out but I was like.
As on point as I could be localized for my you know whatever my hair was doing it everything was right and no one looked at me and because I was in such a crappy little mood and.

[20:13] And I'm going through a breakup and I'm really sad and I thought it was so interesting and we're sometimes I've gone into like these fancy parties I remember after an acting class I went to this like ball gown party and I was in my acting.
G my jeans and like a Blazer and a and a T-shirt and I got more attention it was so funny because I kind of just bounced in and.
You know and I was with my boyfriend at the time and but it was the craziest thing is just really how you feel and I felt great that day and I was happy and.
So it really wasn't about how my hair was looking and
it was really about what I was exhibiting and so with the pole dancing it's the same thing when you're exude incur joy and you're having fun and the girls are all yelling for you and you feel it and you can tell when the girls are into not you know we're not stripping or anything we're just
you know we're yeah and it's a really athletic you know and so
it really what you're putting out is what you're getting back and I think that that is how I was tried to live my life as far as when I put my.
Attention towards something I really try to give my all even like with my Instagram followers whatever I try to be.
Kind to all of them and give them all a little time if they're asking questions about a car or me or whatever I try to give my my attention as opposed to.

[21:36] You just being this girl like follow me you know and I try to become not a friend but kind of sometimes a friend and.
And just depending on the person so I've just learned that after my pole dancing thing.
I had a confidence with my body and an acceptance that.

[21:55] It was way different than I had ever had and it was because I saw the beauty and other women and them doing it and maybe that weren't.
Physically the perfect ideal of a woman maybe society's perfect idea of a woman yeah yeah someone who's heavyset.
But exuded so much joy and I would love to watch her dance and it was it was eye-opening to me and so it became.
How I wanted to live my life and to just covering myself and walking to the beach it's more distracting than if you just walk the beach and.
Let It Go Fly you know you're just like okay I've got is I've got imperfections and if I'm obsessed about it that's way less attractive than just being confident yes.
That is beautifully put and I want to bring the listeners along here because what they're hearing is you're a fit model it's like okay well you used to be a Precision driver.

[22:48] Let's talk about now because I want to pull them in and what Drew me to you and.

[22:53] The name kind of gives it away that Porsche girl but you're starting to go down a path now
that you're pursuing can we talk a little bit about that yeah I mean the path is kind of enrolling in front of me because I kind of tell people I'm crossing my arms and going down the river and I am allowing.

[23:12] Things that I like you know like this podcast if you know people have asked me to do certain things and I'm
you know I try to be picky and choosy about what I do and I loved what you were doing for women and
so it does it's not about how many followers or how many think I just want to do things that feel right for me and and also to be true to like
my following of you know if I'm going to do this I might as well be authentic and
being doing what I want to do so I just have I've had some cool opportunities you know being an automobile magazine and I've met all these women here in Southern California there's a group called women and Porsche that was started by Lorena Esposito and you know I've met so many girls through that and the president of
Porsche Club LA has become a good friend of mine Ariana small and we've just all supported one another and
you know and so opportunities are opening up and I'd love to get back into Precision driving or doing the rallies I've been asked to do some rallies with covid now one was canceled
supposed to be in France and
so we I'm still doing it next year but it's just you know things have been coming my way and I'm accepting I'm just kind of open arming it right now and just
trying to be as effective as possible and and the people are following me and so I'm just kind of.

[24:33] I don't know writing down the river maybe what I think I want to do isn't what's going to happen so I'm just kind of being open in the common thing that I'm hearing in there is Automotive
right in it kind of it may not be direct but it may be.
Through the Precision driving it seems like you've always had kind of an interest around it.

[24:55] Yes yeah I mean since I was a little girl and I've told the story before but you know when I saw a woman
my mom might one of my mom's friends was an executive she was single and she bought a Porsche and I looked at it and I was like oh my gosh she
doesn't have a husband and she's got a Porsche I want one too and I was 12 at the time and.
It just stuck with me I've masculine tasting cars I would say and I hate to say that because it's changing now it shouldn't be a masculine thing it should be that it's just a,
a great car and I love I love the style of this car and that's what drew me to him so I just.
Always so women driving the SUVs and the.
Station wagons in the mom cars and you know I'm just to see a woman single by her own brand new Porsche it was.
That was it yeah I was I knew I could do it I hear you in the I call him the mom mobiles and I have one yeah I drive an SUV but I know what you're saying to be a young girl.

[25:59] At 12 years old really starting to come into her own see that that model of female empowerment.
You know it's like her Playgirl car yeah it was she was an executive there was so much about
it was like she had she was living in a male dominated dominated world driving a male car you know and of the time you know and it just it impressed on me and I was like yeah I'm going to do that too that's what I want
you know and so I set out that intention and it's funny because even
my friends would ask me what I want for my birthday and I'd say I want a Porsche and they would be like okay what else do you want I'm like well if you're not getting everything for scheana yeah I'm like what do you what do you ask what do you tell people right I want really nice sheets you know.

[26:45] Do you have to be open you know like so I just would say a Porsche every time and then they gave me a red cup one of those
drink up yeah with a tinfoil over-the-top with some money inside and it said for the real Porsche that's awesome I had it for the longest time the you know until I got mine that is awesome so you own a Porsche now yeah
my first one I bought I don't have anymore was a 2007 convertible Carrera
nine eight seven and now we both own a 930 Turbo 1982 Euro
930 Turbo and a 911 T which is from 1969 we have a.
2015 makan s and I have a little box store that I'm selling that I just bought I'm just going to
that's all I don't like it no offense no no so the definitely an affinity and love for Porsche no doubt about that there's another thing that
really shine through to me when I have read through some of your posts and that's you wanting to do your part and empowering other women
and to break stereotypes break down barriers and stereotypes and there's a quote that you said that really resonated with me where it's like I want to help girls get off the hoods and into the driver seat.

[28:12] And I'm like ooh yeah I like that that's kind of my Mantra yeah stop being an accessory.
In the picture yes in let's let's really start being taken seriously as analysts around this and you've talked about.

[28:28] The possibility of you know you see a lot of men review cars.

[28:34] Why not women review cars when you look at the statistics of buying cars more women are buying cars women.

[28:43] Yeah they're missing out on half of the population and so and what you know some of the Publications that even I've been in have noticed what you know we did the women in Porsche for Automobile Magazine and.
The readers were.
Like quadruple what they normally get and so they really took notice that wow you know people want to read about these women you know people
whether it's men wanting to read about women or women wanting to read about women you know I mean it's funny because my following I have 8% I just checked it today and never really very sometimes it's nine percent but I have eight percent women
and 92 percent men so it's still a male-dominated world but.

[29:29] I think you know a lot of the automotive channels now we're noticing that people want to see women and I'm in talks about a TV show right now and.
You know I don't want it to be that I'm the accessory handing the wrench to the guy that's going to do the work on the car I see there's a lot of women who will be working on cars and doing that stuff in their talented and but then
I feel like every show is around a man and a man's point of view and
I want women pulled up to the table at the bare minimum because we have different perspectives in cars like we don't maybe want to take it on two wheels around a corner on you know on Angela's Crest we want to sometimes you know.
Give our input and a different way in the more feminine way but it's still we might be still ripping around those corners but in a different way and.

[30:17] There's not enough of that and I think to be brought to the table.
It would be nice and there are there are some Automotive journalist time there's Abigail Bassett who is a friend of mine through Instagram really I've yet to meet her but we talk all the time and you know different people.
Who are women and their writing as well but it's you know few and far between and.
I think there should be more of those as well I couldn't agree with you more and when we were talking during the pre-interview that's that's a message that I really connected with and.
One of the reasons why I started the Femcanic Garage podcast is there are women in the automotive and Motorsports industry that are interviewed.

[31:00] Majority of the time they're interviewed by men and this is one thing I would say to any network out there.

[31:08] It is a different experience when a female is interviewed by another female in when a female provides the female perspective.
Because one you know if you're hosting or.
When I hear you say a seat at the table it's truly a seat at the table where it's providing your feedback and leading some of those conversations.
What is important you can equally yes equal yes you know not just as a side note it should be two women to men you know not like.
Three men or four men and one girl giving input
you know there's so many of us out in the female has to wear skimpy outfit with cleavage showing yeah and and that no disrespect to the girls that are doing that and that
have a knowledge of cars but they also play up the beauty of themselves and you know and I mean it's going to happen this is it's going to happen it is going to happen but.
I think the questions that are given to women.
And the in the in the perspective that women are allowed to give or scripted to give is different than than should be happening you know I like the like.

[32:20] When women can just fight back or say no I disagree and yes I find if I disagree on anything and I've talked to men where they've literally.
Move their bodies to block you know and even even people who I know love and respect me they'll speak over when I haven't
when I have an opinion it we could be about anything you know bunch of the guys will be over here while we talking cars or whatever and I'll throw in it'll just be glazed over
and yeah I have to fight to get my words and I'll go no and I'm a fighter so I will write I will get my word in and it comes off of noxious sometimes because I'm like well stop we'll wait wait wait wait
I do wait a lot and my friend be like you always say wait but it's I feel like sometimes women have to fight to get their their opinions in and.
And it's not that I mean these are people who love me and and are are open to my point of view but I do find that men tend to.
To look at one another during the conversation and then they'll side I you as well in the end the man splaining there's there's another one oh I love that I actually love to I love to bake people in town.
I love it oh it's so good I tell you what they just getting the female's perspective is a totally missed mark.
And I think about the Motor Trend Network.

[33:47] And when I think about that my day job I work at Safelite Auto Glass and I had the opportunity to go to an all girls garage recording when they were featuring Safelite Auto Glass.

[33:58] And I was there and I did my research and.
The Motor Trend in general is very heavy on the male side and that's their target market.

[34:09] But I'm sitting there thinking to myself there is a whole other half of the population in this world.

[34:18] That statistically when you talk about buying cars and even if you talk to men.

[34:25] They will tell you if my wife or girlfriend.
Is on board with a build or buying a car whatever and they're comfortable with it financially it makes their life easier.

[34:37] So why not bring them into the fold and it's start catering more to what women are interested in
yeah get him amped on it I mean I think I mean that's where that's where the SUV Market is come for these luxury Brands as well you know
I think I think they're trying and a lot of women aren't into cars I mean it really is I'll say oh this car in though I don't know what that car is you know they know every purse but they don't know what the car isn't it there is
gender stereotypes that are real but I do think there's ways of bringing people in where it appeals to the women.
It's happening and I do know that specifically I've heard that Motor Trend as well as Automobile Magazine and all they know they're looking for women at this point but it tends to be a woman in a plaid shirt,
teens long hair lots of makeup and.
And that seems to be the go-to and you know I hope that it changes I I definitely think that there's.

[35:38] Ways to bring women in on the shows that the men won't be bored with and I've discussed that with my friends closely I'm like like we just don't want to hear what a woman has to say is I will say I know this is so sexist
and yeah but but you're talking about.
Not even a person we're just talking about a woman but she might have a lot of information but I feel like it takes it takes a winning the Indy 500 to get their attention with like oh I'll listen to you
yeah yeah no I understand what you're saying and it's incredibly frustrating
and it's this figuring out how to break in because you've used the phrase.
I want to get women a seat at the table I want to do my part to whatever that may be and like you said you're kind of just.
Going down the river and seeing where it takes you.

[36:31] What does that mean like what do you envision when you say I want to see women get a seat at the table as it relates to the automotive industry what would that look like to you.
I just saw interview and I don't even I can't even tell you what it was but it was just for guys.

[36:47] You know talking about cars and and there's a lot of us out there that would have been great at the table literally at the table so
there's there's all the obvious guys that are they're great they're very knowledgeable but they've also been allowed to be exposed to more cars for every time I'm
saying this I why I don't feel sorry for women I don't think that you know that they're trying to keep us out or and I found more Acceptance in the Porsche Community from men and people asking me my opinion
over my Instagram it's been really interesting like hey can you help me make this decision about which car to buy or what steering wheel is on the 9:30 and I'll go and measure it and I'll make sure it's the right one that I'm you know it's a Momo and it's this and I'll look it up myself and I really I've educated myself even on certain things that
you know you just don't keep in your back pocket all the time you know and now I you know I retain a lot so I
you know everything that's been going into my head is just been also educating me so I think there's a lot of women you know like the journalist and stuff out there that are that have such a knowledge
and love to drive and all of it.

[37:54] And just like I said even if it's just a woman's perspective in just taking that turn for a minute where we can also be at the table going.
Yeah but you know you know where's my coffee go like there was no cup holders in Portia's forever you know so things like that but I mean
just making it comfortable for both sexes and you know I had a friend who was rented by a car and she said we just didn't get the Porsche because it didn't have cup holders on like you're insane but but it's just comes down to little things like that
that even down to design there's not a lot of women in.
And design that I've heard of anyway Acuras the biggest one that I've seen is there is it a woman designer yeah for the NSX.

[38:36] So their interest Acura supercar it was and what I read in I can't remember the the article where it was from but it was a reputable magazine.

[38:47] Where.

[38:49] The executives did an anonymous submission so they didn't know if it was a man or a woman and she ended up winning it.
And it makes you wonder if it wasn't Anonymous if she would have wanted,
yeah yeah and I think it's important that they did that for her and who knows if they did it for her if they just.
We're curious of doing it I just I found it interesting you know it happens my boyfriend's in comics he's a comic book artist and.
You know they keep talking about having women.
You know more women and and because now the movements of me too and all that and and I've seen both sides where we had a friend that was me to Dan we know he was innocent you know there is there's different
things that have been happening where we you know we have to be careful with how quickly we.
We attack men as well because I think that there's two sides to every story and we do need to listen to women we do liens at listen to the men as well and
unfortunately the like some people get hate mail but that I saw something happen and destroy a person and and then the backup came and he was exonerated from the whole situation but
the women will be like there has been more women and a lot of the submissions you don't know who or they have they have names that they're they don't show their sex or whatever but you know a lot of it is just based on the art and so,
really it should just be based on our Merit.

[40:18] She was based on our knowledge it should be based on that and not on our sex and there's a fine line of just being so polarized you know that we exclude any man from being.
You know okay and we exclude any woman from it so we have to find our happy medium and I think women and men are still trying to find there
their meeting place in the Middle where that we can all live safely and comfortably and and women can feel safe and Men you know can feel safe as well and it's and it's a think piece that's for sure I totally agree.

[40:49] I totally agree with you yeah we need to not be polarized on everything and try to find this happy place and and and not it's so it shouldn't be like even that I call it a masculine car it should be just like I like.

[41:03] Cool cars you know for his but it we give it a sex it's crazy.

[41:09] I know it is crazy and it's it's a process right it's better now than what it was.

[41:18] 15-20 years ago and there's just more of an evolution that continually happens and.
I sit there and I'm thinking about this whole concept of you know giving women a seat at the table and.
Also poking fun around like what you're saying where it's.

[41:38] It's this space of not living in fear and not being in a place of judgment is where we find Freedom around all that.
Does that make sense and yeah and when I when I'm here in your message it's like okay if there are differences between men and women and.
We're not living in a space of fear and we have mutual respect for one another.
We can poke fun and have some fun around it right and it's not coming from a hateful place in I think you demonstrate this so beautifully.
With your dead Girl Bubbles and I saw those like I hadn't seen one and at the pre-interview and then I went and checked it I was dying laughing and
and it's a good example of you know it's not coming from.
A place of judgment it's you know there are real stereotypes out there their stereotypes for a reason and it doesn't mean everyone falls into it.

[42:39] But if we can come from a place of mutual respect we can have some fun around it too.
Right and that's what that was to me is you just kind of having some fun around it because yeah I try to be conscientious you are a beautiful woman.
And you could easily fall into just being a woman on the hood at when I see it I was I almost saw it as you kind of like poking fun at yourself but just kind of having a little bit of fun around sometimes these silly stereotypes.

[43:07] Yeah I've been in front of a car in modeling you know so I probably a couple
you know so I never want to embarrass the model because I'd take the job to if Gucci wanted to lay me across a
Lamborghini I would lay dead on that car
and I would take all their money so it's you know it's but I generally don't want to do that but I'm just saying you know there's there's no shame in what they're doing it's just really funny because they
some of them really do look dead on top of a hood but so you know I don't want to make fun of them
can you explain the concept can you explain the concept because it if the listeners can go to your Instagram and find them there they're really funny but what kind of like I was just looking for something to post and it was kind of early on in my
my Instagram stuff I had gotten a little bit of a following and just probably had like five thousand followers or something and then
posted a girl on a hood but she look like she was dead because she's just laying across hit like.

[44:10] Like she's been hit by the car but she just was laying on it high fashion it was I think it was a Gucci ad so I just told the story of her demise and
sometimes I'll say things like you know the funeral will be at Starbucks and Starbucks is getting five percent off you know the
Frappuccino or whatever please wear Uggs in honor of Chrissy you know but it's just I just try to make light of the whole thing and and then that's where what's funny is that was the impetus for meeting.

[44:44] Both Mariana small who's the president of Porsche Club LA who also
introduce me to Automobile Magazine so I'm in the magazine because of her I'm basically Mariana small has made me the woman I am I over everything and thank you Mariana small thank you very much amazing woman anyway she's got.

[45:03] She's got another company accelerating change and it's for women and it's she shares a with Christina niilson who's a racecar driver
and she loves to bake people into but of her died that she likes to be men into mansplaining to they'll be like hey do you want some tips for how to
get around the track and she'll be like oh tell me and then she'll pass them so that kind of stuff is Anna.
He's a racecar driver yep oh my gosh really is that where I do is that I'm going to take it there okay cool
and then she passes them so so Mariana reached out to me and she said I'm sorry but I just have to tell you I love your dead girl's thing and I was like oh is going to be real popular it was going to be not at all popular in the people are going to start unfollowing me and then Abigail was best that was the other one who's a writer
as she's an automotive rotor writers and she said as a woman working in automotive writing
she's like I just have to tell you I've Loved this and so it was really funny and that's how we struck up a conversation and I found these strong amazing women
through it you know and it was just a it was just a.
It's a commentary a little bit on getting us off that hood you know and paying attention to us behind the wheel and hopefully that will.

[46:19] Be the new.
Lady on the hood so we're actually driving absolutely yes yes we're leaning on it with the keys in hand yes.
Yeah actually Porsche did a commercial I think it was during the Super Bowl where woman's driving and it was nice to see you know they just
had a beautiful woman driving the car fast and racing around and I forget it's their big commercial that they just did and.
You know it's just nice to have that you know it is it's about the little things yeah if you are up for it a lot.
I would like to launch into the Red Line Round And what the redline round is is it's five rapid-fire questions there's no right or wrong answer to it whatever pops into your head is the right answer are you ready sure.
Okay who or what has been your inspiration throughout your journey in the industry oh man.

[47:15] I don't know I mean I've worked with some really cool people and one of the things I notice on for example on set if the director was terrible or mean.
The entire crew is a hot mess and if the director was amazing.
And I'm thinking of a couple that I worked with Gary Marshall and what an amazing man and you can see through all of his movies and everything Garry Marshall was so kind and so loving to his entire crew and we were all equals and I was standing in
for him and and I was treated with such respect and he actually had.
Hired back Gary Coleman was his his security guard it was adorable because like he's the guy from
what's the show from the seven different strokes and strokes and you know he just he he remembers everyone and he remember he's passed now but he was such a wonderful man and so I just
I think just as long as you go and you give it your all and your kind to people I mean I just try to emulate the people who I think we're great as
directors not that I'm a director or want to be a director but it just I think if you're kind to everyone no matter how small big or you know whatever I think that that pays off
very beautifully put where do you go or what resources do you use when you want to learn something new or you get stuck.

[48:37] Always Google I Google to the point of
ad nauseam I mean it's I'm a information junkie and if I get a question or if even if I'm watching TV and I'm like how tall is that girl I will look it up I want to know everything about everything
I translate everything you know I want to know everything that's being said I don't want to miss a thing so I Google everything I definitely have read and done all that stuff but Google is.

[49:06] Can't you can't have arguments with Google it is Goodland this story's over absolutely.

[49:14] What excites you most about what's on the horizon for you.
You know I'm not a planner not at all and my life is taking me in so many different directions that I really do like to let it guide me because I
obviously I don't just let go and and just hope that people find me I apply myself and I think that's important piece of it because a lot of people sit in their house waiting for things to happen for them so
I put myself in.
Sometimes uncomfortable positions like even being that Porsche girls like who the hell do you think you are it just it just was something that on a whim I did and at first I was embarrassed I didn't share it with my friends and so.

[49:55] I actually had some people get mad at me because they felt I was leaving them out and I'm like oh no I left everyone out because it was something that I was just going to do and see if it took and if it didn't that's fine too so I think just trying everything.
You know has opened up so many doors I didn't think that would happen I didn't think Automobile Magazine wouldn't want to put me and I didn't think that Bart Vikings would put me in his coffee table book with Jay Leno and.
Jeff's Ward and all these different amazing people and I have.
Just been in awe of the opportunities you know I got invited to do a rally in France I just.
In one year so much has happened and these podcasts have come about and it's been so much fun so I don't really want to put a stamp on what I'm going to do because I think that
it'll all work out if I let it be it'll all work out better than I even can pretend it to be I love it just let the universe guide yeah
with a little help and you know being in the right spots and trying to apply myself but yeah I think I think as long as I'm there and present you know maybe some cool things will come along it reminds me of a quote that one of my mentor shared with me.

[51:04] I was going through this time I'm like oh so and so just get so lucky and he told me he said there's no such thing as luck it's just.
When preparation meets opportunity a hundred percent and you know I get little people fighting about.
Well how'd you get those me followers and like I spent a hell of a lot of time and even my boyfriend is like yeah she puts in the time and at first he was like what are you doing like
back off from doing this you know and now he appreciates it because he understands this is a not a job for me but it's you know I'm not doing it to get.
Popular I'm doing it for an end I love cars I've always loved cars and my passions been around Porsches for my entire life so I want to.

[51:49] I want to be involved in the world and just even how I'm involved I'm happy with but if more things come along I just really.
I'm open to it and and and you know I get things sent to me a lot and you know and it's been just such a cool experience I'm just getting more and more coming into my world
but I spend the time and I don't buy my followers I don't believe in that and I understand what some people want to do that to get
different things you can get on Instagram for having over 10,000 but I don't want any of that I want to just see really where I stand you know and.
And there's only that that's only way to have the metric is to really.
You know putting the time show your interest and then people people been approaching me and it's feeling really good so beautiful.

[52:42] What is a personal habit or practice that has helped you significantly in this industry when you feel stuck or discouraged a personal habit I don't.
Get hung up and stuck.
I've been rejected my entire life you know because if you go and castings you're either the best thing or you're not and so you can't take it personally you know I've gone on and on
interviews where I was going to be like a TV show and this guy was staring at me I knew I had the job because they were picking like 15 girls and they picked all around me and I was like oh my God like
what what he's staring at me I'm like I either look like his ex-wife and he doesn't want to pick me or you know
me and he's definitely want to pick me I'm wondering why he has a big man I didn't get picked for it my friend did the show so I just don't think about it and the more you dwell on people or one person not liking you or one person disagreeing with you and it happens I move on pretty quickly I just move past it.
Sticking with a past is going to just hold you back so I don't sound advice Sound Advice.

[53:56] Finally what is your parting advice to other Femcanics finding their way in this automotive industry in my
world I utilize persistence is kind of like my key word in my brain at all times and and persistence doesn't need to be pushy I think that persistence needs to be like
with a One Direction if you're a great mechanic and you want to prove yourself be the best mechanic but if you're not a mechanic yet and you're working at a garage be the best weeper
and coffee getter and whatever because you will move up and I think that if you if you show you're the best whatever.
Toilet cleaner people will recognize that and I've had that personally happen to me you know and I and I strongly suggest that people.
You know not think that something is beneath them to get into the right place to be seen heard and all that and just be the best and stand out.
In a sea of regular people be persistent be there be on time be smart.
If you don't know something look it up Google it Google should give me a an adornment for this.
We're going again right right we're back to Googling again that's awesome and where and how can people connect with you.

[55:22] Obviously that Porsche girl
it's at that Porsche girl I also have a clothing line with Gary schechner who is an artist and it's called at that Porsche gear
some on to the you know we post up the t-shirts and mugs and accessories and stuff that we were working on since the beginning of the year and.
I'm pretty accessible so if you DM me and you have any specific questions I'm
pretty available I try to answer everyone it's getting harder and harder as I get more people so if I ever miss you be persistent and and that's it perfect and Laura
thank you so much for taking the time to be on the show and share your journey in the industry and for doing what you do.
It's going to take an army of women to change the stereotypes and break down barriers and it's not women against other women but what I see you doing is.
Empowering other women too and that's what this is about along with the men helping break this down but I think it first starts with women.
In US believing that we belong in that we deserve to have a seat at the table.

[56:36] Yeah I was on a zoom called this morning and it was all women from our area actually some one from UK one from it was a woman Porsche UK and we had another girl from New Jersey and one in Florida.
And we were just all bonding and Sarah from La dismantler got us all together and we just all jumped on and we all introduce ourselves and we're banding together and we're coming guys so get ready.
We're all just trying to be focused on on bringing women to the Forefront as well and so that's why I'm really glad that you had me on your show as well and that we.

[57:07] Encourage other women to come forward and if they're so shy I follow.
Any woman who follows me if I don't follow you back be persistent say hey follow me back I'm a woman because I will and and you know I just want to support any women who you know who.
We're all like-minded and we want to we want to do the same stuff you know absolutely thanks again Laura I appreciate it.

[57:31] See me hi I'm Laura at that Porsche girl and I'm a Femcanic.

[57:37] Music.

[57:42] Barbie the welder in the driver's seat next.
She's an author teacher of welding via her YouTube channel influencer with over 62,000 Instagram followers.
But most impressive is how she has become a world-renowned metal sculptor creating sculptures for Miller welders Carolina shoe company Harley-Davidson.
Other major companies join me next week as Barbie pulls back the curtain and shares her struggles throughout her journey until next time Femcanics.

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