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February 7, 2021
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EP. 62-Theresa Contreras—“Girls Can Totally Do This Shit!”

EP. 62-Theresa Contreras—“Girls Can Totally Do This Shit!”


[0:00] As a woman as a female you can be anything I was lucky enough to have parents that
I thought that about me as well so obviously now it's about us pushing that out into a community
to help you know support and give that voice to others and let them know that it's exactly what you just said it's not about so if you're this you're this if you're this you're this it's like no you can be anything you want to be at does not matter it's like.
Giving that voice to you as a person and making it as loud as it can be and that you're proud of it you know and that you shouldn't be ashamed of whatever that voice is we're just
we're all humans and in different ways shapes and forms and whatever that is and we all have these amazing gifts and talents that that we can share with other people.

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Theresa Contreras is in the driver's seat today this is what her friend Jessi Combs said about Theresa.
Probably sums it up best her custom paint work his Grace's seema's show floor and cover stories on top magazines numerous times.

[2:20] Theresa has been seen in action on TV and she continues to collaborate on massive projects with some of the best of the best in the industry.
Her motivational Vigor resonates with all who are exposed to her beautiful drive for success.

[2:38] Buckle up and enjoy the show.

[2:48] Hello Femcanics since this is Jayme B to you and I have Theresa .
Contreras right so gonna have to hit I'm gonna totally leave this in,
I'm totally leaving this in we literally just had like a five-minute conversation about pronunciation of names so.

[3:11] Femcanic Community here you go Contreras look I said it
perfectly that time nailed it yes yeah oh goodness it Theresa thank you so much for being in the hot seat today I have been following the work that you've been doing,
and the work that you and Jessie kicked off together with real deal Revolution for a while now and I love what you guys are doing I love the energy that you have and what you're bringing to the table and I was excited when you're like yeah
how do the interview and I had the opportunity to actually meet you in person at Sima at the.

[3:52] Business what is it called the Women's Business women's Network yeah thank you yes yes and that was super cool meeting all those amazing women so I'm excited that I actually got to meet you in person.
Me as well it was great you know that opportunity to meet women at that event is just it's.
It's probably one of the best things semen does it's like it's like this little Hidden Gem that they have you know it really is a lot of people know but yes it was awesome meeting you in person to and then and then,
finally making this interview happen yeah yeah I read a lot of your background I read all the women's background that I interview,
but what I find is when I actually sit down and talk to him there's this other dimension to it that is so neat and fun,
and I'm excited to learn a little more about you and expand on some of the stuff that I saw in the pre-interview that you wrote about.
And I kind of want to back it up a little bit and if you wouldn't mind sharing a little bit of your history because you are not first generation in this this is in your blood.

[5:02] I would agree with you yes it is totally in my blood.
Yeah you know I pretty much like grew up with you know my parents my mom she rode dirt bikes with my dad she,
worked on cars in the garage with him and I was right there next to them you know I,
I'm the same way like if your family if they're out there doing things with you it's that's that's what it's about it's about you know getting everyone in there and just.
Enjoying like what you're doing because you know this never Rose was really work to me because it's like we all had fun you know doing it together so
I still have fun today doing the exact same thing that I did when I was a couple of years old in the garage with my parents you know working working on my own ATC alongside them while they were you know sanding cars and trying to make a living doing things like that so,
your folks own their own shop right yes.

[5:57] Yeah so grew up in Southern California parents started an auto body shop but basically it did start out of the garage.
And then you know from there it just kind of went into my Dad loved off-roading so so went from.
You know repairing and doing Restorations and stuff to doing like oh well now we can do you know some off-road vehicles and stuff so then he you know start doing lift kits and things like that we always had Broncos
um Jeeps you know Ford's been in our blood that my sister even though he's got the bug now to and stuff but we've pretty much been a long family of that
and I just grew up.
Off-roading like pretty much everything dirt bikes street bikes loves speed love working on cars getting my hands dirty.
All of it wow it two years old I I love it because it's one of those things where a lot of people ask me they're like Okay so.
What's your tie to the automotive well yeah my Fondest Memories from when I was young was going over to.
The goat farm across the road where my stepdad had this.

[7:10] Farm like this goat Barn full of cars and car parts and he.
He didn't have like an official restoration but people knew him in town and his specialty wasn't Bodywork it was more of the engine work and he was a welder,
that was his day job was being a welder and going over there and just.
Be in a fly-on-the-wall helping when I could and getting as much as.
Much things that I could do at my age and at that point in time it was typically a.
Old bucket or pan of some sort with gasoline in it and cleaning engine parts
right that's that was cool huh it was so cool I mean looking back on it now I'm not sure I would have my kids playing and gasoline and sucking the fumes.
Exactly like this is great.

[8:13] It is when you really go back to things and,
and you think like as an adult now like you know why do I like this so much and it's you really go back to those memories of when you were a child in your life.
I had a really good time doing this and I realize like you know I had a great time with my family or I was smiling and I just like.
It's just something in you that you're like I want to keep doing this you know and we would we would
go off-roading we would work on the car like it was all of it it wasn't it wasn't just one thing or you know it's
it was an all-encompassing thing that we just we love doing it all and we had a clean um you know it was like nope gotta load the trailer now oh now you got it you know at 15 and a half years old my dad's like,
here you know I'm tired right now you gotta you know tow the trailer to Glamis right now and I'm like I've never driven with the trailer before he's like.

[9:08] This is how you're going to find out huh there's one way to learn and go yeah that's how her family was it was always about just you know
giving us the opportunity to do something they never saw says you know it's me and my sister my sister is six years younger than me and,
I just always tell people like our family they were like you know it didn't matter that they had two girls it was just we were just capable human beings you know and I know both of our parents treated us it's exactly what what it was it wasn't like
you can't do this or you can't you can't dress up or you can't do you know it's like,
now we did all those things you know we love dressing up but we love going in the garage and getting dirty to you know and it's right in our dirt bikes oh yeah.

[9:54] I mean you you bring up an interesting topic around that where there is kind of this message sometimes that I think.
I'll see dads get if they have all girls or one child and it's a girl.

[10:10] I've heard multiple dads and mothers sharing these stories where other people will be like oh you have all girls.
Or when they have a boy it's like oh no you can do this or you can do X and I'm like why couldn't you do it before and there's there's an awesome interview that I did with.
Juliana that talks about that but some of its culturally-based as well.
Yeah so I mean obviously the world we have tons of stereotypes and and that's you know I'd part of what your motto is right is it's all about.
You know breaking that in getting away from those stereotypes it's exactly what real deal is as well it in the only way you can change those stereotypes in people's heads is,
is to do the things to make it happen you know you have to like change the story for everyone and show them that all of these things are possible
because like you said culturally they
in the past they only saw men doing this or you know women doing this and so they have to see it differently so it's all about you know like
what you're doing right now by showing that you know hey there's women out there doing this and giving them a voice to that and you know me going out there and doing it in all of these other people.
It's about us changing that you know exactly what it is and I'll tell you the one thing that.
There's so many stereotypes around it one is the male versus female doing.

[11:40] Or how they are in the automotive industry right not just on the hoods of cars but actually in there in the driver's seat and getting dirty but then there's this other perception that the women that are interested in the automotive.
Comes in all different shapes sizes and interests.
It's not you're interested in cars and that means you're a lesbian you know what I mean that's a common stereotype and it's like that doesn't mean that you don't like wearing dresses because
you work on cars or your painter or whatever the case may be and that's that's like a whole nother level of stereotype around it too.
Write a hundred percent and you know I think it was like.

[12:24] For for Jesse and I both I think I think the voice that we really wanted to give Real Deal Revolution as just you know the idea that that as a woman as a female.

[12:36] You can be anything you know and and I was lucky enough to have parents that thought that about me as well,
and you know she was as well so obviously now it's about us pushing that out into a community
to help you know support and give that voice to others and let them know that that it's exactly what you just said it's not about
you know oh if you're this you're this if you're this you're this it's like no you can be anything you want to be at does not matter it's like.
Giving that voice to you as a person and making it as loud as it can be and that you're proud of it you know and that you shouldn't be ashamed of whatever that voice is we're just
we're all humans and in different ways shapes and forms and whatever that is and we all have these amazing gifts and talents that
that we can share with other people you know and that's just the cool part about it and,
truthfully that's really probably like the biggest message that you know we want to send out there,
girls can totally do this shit but I mean yeah all the time we're getting men coming up and little boys and stuff like that it's not about turning anyone away,
it's about empowering everyone to be like cool you want me to teach you as a woman awesome then that's great right that's what we.
Now you've brought up Real Deal Revolution a couple times and I brought it up in the beginning and,
you're one of two of the original Founders the other founder of Real Deal Revolution was Jessi Combs.

[14:04] You guys were close you guys were really good friends yeah no she she was.
She was truly one of my best friends yeah in I Real Deal Revolution.
Is such a cool program because it's a non-profit correct.

[14:26] It is we finally were able to turn it into one a couple of years ago so that was super exciting yeah I mean I can't even wrap my arms around.

[14:36] What that must have been like.
Losing she not she wasn't just a business partner to you she was your best friend oh no I you know we met.

[14:48] We met in 2012 on the Cima business women's Network all female build that we did with Ford.
And you know I like.
I tell people like truly that is that is the best project I love you know seeing all of these women projects go on together because you know truly.
Doing that build it just all of my best friends are from that build you know.
It was such an amazing experience that you have with women that you you sit there and there's something about.

[15:22] Trying to figure things out with someone else and then when you get it and it just clicks you're like yes like we did this together like we all built this we made this we created this you know through our Blood Sweat and Tears,
we made this baby happen you know and meeting her you know I actually didn't even know who she was I didn't really follow like.
TV shows or anything like that and she popped in one day because we were working on the car at our shop
and she was on her way to off-road Expo and she's like I'm just going to stop by and say hi real quick I can't stay very long and so
you know she came by and it was like you know she's just a little like you know bright little energy that pops in and stuff and you know sort of like cool hey what's up and stuff and talking to her and,
and it was great and then she's like whose motorcycle is this and I have a 1200 Sportster custom that was sitting over there I'm like oh that's mine she's like.
Do you want to go ride who looks like heck yeah so that was pretty much like the beginning of our friendship from then on it was like you know we go riding together we started going to babe's right out.

[16:28] And then that was just an amazing experience Babe's right out is it is an all-female motorcycle event that's out in Joshua Tree now it's moved up to Santa Margarita in California
but that event those women the just the energy and the Good Vibes that they have liked.
Even there we were like oh my God this is amazing like and she was just like we have to do something we have to do something here like I like I love this this is so good I mean we were literally we rode our bikes out there she had her Triumph and I had my.
My Harley and we rode those out there and we literally like slept on the desert floor you know while she was in a she was an
I slept on the ground but that a girl is just it's just like such an amazing experience and you know we go writing and we just
we loved all the same things we just we had something that clicks she would pop in and be like hey you want to go do this I'm like yeah cool,
you know it it was it was just awesome and you know and I'm married I'm 25 years married it'd be hilarious because at first she's like.

[17:36] Pete you're married but you go and do all these things with me I'm like yeah he's amazing I know it was speak do whatever I want to do because you know that's what life should be about is,
you know in powering the other person to you know like to grow into the person that they need to be you know.
So I would just go do all these things with her and she just realized you know where my heart was,
you know for helping others so so my family with our family business we were part of something called axc it's the Alex xavius and Peach de Porres Center for automotive Arts
and that's a ROP program,
but basically it's like high school auto shop that we wanted to offer free to local students that you know because High School auto shop was disappearing and all the local schools so,
we were part of that program and she saw that and so she was like.
You know that'd be cool if we start something like that would you want to do that and I was like heck yeah so that was really exciting and in 2014.

[18:40] It was first I am the real deal because the word real deal is like it's all about real estate and stuff and it was all taken and so.
So it started out as I am the real deal and it was a regular Corporation so it was a for-profit business and then as the years went on you know.
It was always the idea to turn it into a non-profit we just needed the help and the resources to kind of figure that out and so.
On her birthday in July 27th 2018 it did become a non-profit.
And so yeah since then I mean.

[19:17] It's just our love of helping other people and just going out and sharing that and empowering others,
when you put tools into someone's hands and they realize like wow like I can actually use this that wasn't very hard for me to figure out and it's it's not as intimidating to them and they realize.
Maybe I'll go to try that I've always thought about it but you know now that you now that you made it that easy for me to do it just that's that's all it takes and so
it was just Our intention is just to get people just to get that spark you know and that excitement of them to believe in themselves that they could go do it as well there was a lady who,
and I reposted it and you probably know her name and I,
Ava I think so I reposted it was such a beautiful message and it literally.
Was exactly what you're talking about right now is believing in them empowering them and letting them take it from there.

[20:20] In you're still carrying on Real Deal Revolution and still pushing through that in Theresa I'm just.

[20:29] When you got that call.
Did you get called how did that shake down mmm that was a bad night so.
Not many people knew about what had happened until the next day.

[20:46] That night one of our one of my friends that I go off-roading with he texted me.

[20:53] And he just he texted me because he gets like news updates from all of the local like off-roaders and stuff like that and he sent me a news update from Oregon.

[21:04] And it said you know fatal crash and he texted me this and he said is this true.

[21:11] And I just like I literally I was at the laundromat okay doing my clothes standing outside of the laundromat,
any texting me this and I just like my heart dropped I was like what the fuck.

[21:28] And so I was like oh my God oh my God I need to get a hold of Terry and It Go like and as soon as I called him he just said how do you know and I was like.

[21:39] What does that mean what does how do you know mean.

[21:44] I was like cuz all I asked was just yolk hey and he was just like how do you know and I was like.
It's gosh and just to be clear for folks to know who is Terry Jesse is a boyfriend yeah just to keep everyone and yeah and so.
Yeah and even coming back to it I know so no I just asked him I said is Jesse okay and he just said how do you know and those are like the only things I remember and and it's.
And he was just like I'm at the hospital and he's like I'm going to call you later and I was just like.

[22:19] Oh my God oh my God I can't even believe this is true like if I was just.
Bawling uncontrollably for I don't know however long and trying to trying to text people but not but not knowing what to do and it was yeah it was it was definitely not,
I mean I can't even imagine same thing I mean you know what what the family what Terry all of the all of them up there you know I wish I was up there too
at that moment and and I always regret that because she always wanted me to go up there too and she was like okay Theresa come on let's go like and and,
it was always Seema time and I always get really busy during Seema so you know I you know I do I tend to put my work first and you know and that's what she was doing to I mean that that was her thing and.

[23:13] I do there's one of my major major regrets is not ever going up to to do that with her for a landscaping.
Wow I just when I saw that in the hole.

[23:31] I mean it just flew through social media and it just.

[23:37] It's crazy and then Sima wasn't that far off of that and you spoke at the business women's Network.

[23:47] Yeah yeah yeah but I am so glad that you are working through.
Keeping Real Deal Revolution a lot if because what people need to understand is you have you wear multiple hats here,
you don't do just real deal Revolution you have your full,
your own business that you're running on top of that and you went in as a partnership.
Jesse is no longer with us in trying to figure out how to wear all these hats and keep it going I can't even imagine trying to juggle all that.
I can't either sometimes you know what really.

[24:35] Going going through everything afterwards is really I think it was it was very challenging for for everyone when she passed.
One of the things is that so babes right out is,
is probably one of the best things that we did together it literally every year the energy that you get from being around everyone it was just the exact events that we,
it was like the right people the right setting it was it's always everything is just so good it was our favorite thing to do
and it was always right before Seema but that one didn't matter like I said I didn't put a lot like babes right out
we did babies right out that that was just always a hundred percent and so right before she passed last year.

[25:26] They had moved babes right out from Joshua Tree
which we got these totally rad little like these like wooden structures and they were maybe like I would say maybe a 40 by 40 you know site right
so then like maybe two weeks before she passed we were looking at the new site and Santa Margherita and
oh my God it was amazing it's it was like 4,000 square feet and under this big you know on eating and it was like an old barn looking type the area and we were like are you kidding me like this is our space
it made me so excited that we were going to have something like that together she was beyond her words to it's just like
I can't believe you guys are giving us a space like this like they believed in us that much to you know we had this little
40 by 40 and now we have four thousand square feet you know room little bit of an upgrade saying so and then going back sorry I want to go so that people understand like.
Again like like why we did they start out like it was such an amazing event like we'd go there and everything is about like the camaraderie of everyone you know you're going there it's like I said it's good vibes it's not like.

[26:45] No one there is like all these clicks or anything like that it's like it's like women come to that event in there like they ride solo
they ride from Canada they ride from all over the place to come to this event and make their best friends you know they they meet people they just sit right down and you're just like hey what's up,
you know it's not like,
you're putting on a face for anyone or worried about it or anything like that it's just you go there and it's like you know so we ended up you know sitting there and being able to teach people things like like pinstriping and airbrushing and leatherworking and,
well being in blacksmithing and so we were able to teach all of these people which we still do now.
And these events and stuff and in Jesse loved it too we just it was it that was totally something that she pushed for she was like Theresa we have to do this or you on board and I was like totally whatever you need for me I'm totally onboard so.
Normally when we would do an event in Joshua Tree we would probably have five people total so me and Jesse and like three maybe four other you know people that helped you know teach a class or something like that.

[27:51] After Jesse's passing this past year in 2019.

[27:56] We had 20 people volunteer and help us it was,
amazing so wow it just I yeah it's all there's always those moments like that would just like I wish you were here to see this you know but yeah like I know she sees it.
But it's just like ah,
yeah so beautiful all the people that came together all the energy So when you say oh I'm carrying on Real Deal and like it's not just me it's
it's all of these women that came together to be like dude this has to happen just keeping it you got this and it had to be that community and that support of,
everyone saying this has to keep happening and I was like you're a hundred percent right
you're right whatever I need to do let's do it you know so it was it was so amazing we had we taught so many people we had all of these women I never even met before.

[28:53] Um 20 of them all of them came there was amazing was probably one of the best ones we've ever had totally knocked it out of the park and,
and you know that was also you know it was from Jesse to it was it was her beauty and her spirit that that helped you know bring everyone together and everyone was like,
I wasn't afraid anymore to teach everyone's just like what can I do how can I help and that was it you know wow so good yeah wow I remember seeing some of those posts and,
the post looked almost fake and what I mean by a fake so picturesque,
and I'm like holy mackerel who Photoshop that it is at the same time like you're looking at it and it's like no this and you could feel it.
Like I don't I don't ride motorcycles.

[29:44] Probably cuz I kill myself I might need for speed yeah when I interviewed given facts she's like oh my God Jayme you have it,
ridden on a motorcycle ever come out to California let's do this I'm like okay you know and but when I saw those pictures I could just,
I feel ya the tribe hitting on all cylinders and I'll call it a tribe it just seems like a an amazing community.
It is it is
and I love that because like yes you've interviewed given as well and and you can you can tell from her that energy and that's the kind of people that are there you know and it's
everyone's just it's exactly that and I'm glad that the photos are able to pick that that's that's so cool it really did yeah
we had you know MJ came from you know she came from New York and drove down to help out she had been helping us out at the babes right out of vent on the east coast and stuff but she even came down for it so
all of these people just it was really such a beautiful thing to have all of these women
and in to do that as well so yeah it's the energy is so amazing I tell everyone I don't care if you have a motorcycle make sure you end up there.

[31:06] Yeah so good and we've talked a lot about real deal because I know that that's a passion of yours and giving back and helping women.

[31:16] You have this whole other side.

[31:20] Were you running a business and not just any business you have had multiple builds featured in Seema yeah can we,
talk a little mean you're so humble about it that I'm like it's kind of a big deal what you're doing in your other job too but you know it's it's one thing to for parents to have a shop.
But you you kind of took it to the next level.
So thank you yeah what was your first build let's start there just out of curiosity okay we'll see.

[31:58] There's so many things to go back to when you say first build.
I mean like Seema build or like a and c and then there's all those little intricacies of things like that so I guess I just started really like,
infusing myself in things,
you know what I mean I'm one of those people that if the doors open I'm keep kicking my foot in it to like keep it open you know and I'm like I feel you I didn't Legend it my dad was already kind of doing.
Seema builds and stuff and I actually so.

[32:32] Okay going back to that let's see I'll start out by I actually taught myself how to.
Being here at the shop the reason why I came to work at the family business was because I was pregnant and I was working at a machine shop in so
I work to the machine at the machine shop until I was about eight months pregnant and then I was a machinist
I actually ran CNC Mills I did Manual mill work and then lays work as well
and so I was I was doing that and then I was like oh I'm pregnant I was like okay well now I have to kind of get a like a desk job or something or figure it out and then are you know my parents were like hey you come to the family business and do this so,
I had my son.

[33:12] I was at work one day waiting for someone to pinstripe a car they never showed up and I was like hey you guys I'm gonna go pinstripe this car and they were like you don't know how to do that and I was like yeah I'll figure it out so.
That night did it a million times because I had watched the other guys do it and stuff I mean you could wipe it off I knew you what you could do so the next morning everyone came and they're like
oh you did it and I was like yeah why did you think I'd not wasn't going to you know and in so that's just always been my attitude with things so so then with Seema stuff my dad's always kind of like.
He's been around doing these things but that was his thing you know and so me I'm like kind of nudging my way from the office out into the shop like oh hey what's going on out here like
and so,
he had done a couple builds and stuff and then there was a Ford Ranger that we had and I was like hey well I want I want to try to do a rendering you know and I want to submit a proposal and stuff so I ended up submitting a proposal for that for a 2000 Ford Ranger.

[34:08] You know and then in the my dad was like oh but we're painting it and stuff so,
I tried to help I did some I did I laid out some of the graphics on it and then I helped with some of the airbrushing but I'd never learned to airbrush so then after that I was like,
guess I have to teach myself how to airbrush because my dad was working on it and then,
we had like a guy that came in that did custom paint you know and I did learn a lot of stuff from him to Larry fader he's like one of our local guys that does pinstriping and custom stuff so,
just as time went on people would be like I'd be like cool can I be your car and they be like,
yeah totally so then I just started kind of getting jobs and stuff and I would lock myself in the paint booth at night and teach myself how to paint one of my first jobs that I said that someone actually came to me was like
hey Theresa I want you to put flames on this was was a Marcel Venable to from like Line-X so like Line-X that had me do one of their Ford Rangers for Seema and that was I think
one I think is one that one was and then I just I just kept doing it my dad was friends with the editor for a truck in magazine and,
we pretty much like had a cover on every year of truck and I think we were probably in there every other month doing different builds or working on people's you know trucks and stuff and I just kept getting better at my craft just trying to figure it out and working with people and,
getting to know the industry and just I just like doing it and just.

[35:38] I don't know teaching myself more and so as time went on we just we started Seema was like our thing you know and it's we started to become known for like doing builds for the Syma show so at one time we've literally had
I think 27 cars at the CMAs show that we've like worked on pause pause let people take that in a little bit seema's massive,
massive like you need multiple days to go through it you can't if you haven't experienced Seema and you.
Remotely like the automotive industry you still you should go it is unlike anything I've ever seen and.

[36:22] 27 holy shit yeah.
It's funny because a lot of people are like I don't even understand I'm like well we only did 20 like three of them but the other ones just like you know we'll go back and we'll be like
we painted that car like two or three years ago and it's back here again you know so so not all of them are ones we worked on that year yeah but yeah we did a lot of cars back in the day now we try to limit it to like 10,
this year is like any year that we've ever had though.
It is a unique coronavirus year,
but yeah like I mean last year was obviously a great year we did the yeah the 68 Bronco for for Jay Leno that was like when they debuted that.
It was one of seema's.
Biggest press releases ever so we put that photo like on the on our website to it's pretty amazing photo if you've seen it yeah it's pretty cool what was that like meat and Jay Leno
he's a rat guy he's very down-to-earth he's just a super cool guy once we got the the Bronco here
I hadn't met him at his shop I had met his manager and he was just walking through our shop he was like hey it's like.

[37:41] Hey oh my gosh I couldn't imagine that like it's not like you knew he was coming that day right.
He I knew he was coming I just didn't know when he was got it like okay it's not because you know we're like oh hey.

[37:57] So you may pay a little closer attention to the shirt and pants that you wear that day for photo ops now that was awesome he's just a Super Rad guys totally down to earth.
You know he puts you at ease and stuff like that too so yeah he's great.

[38:15] Wow I mean when you think through.
All this stuff that you've had the opportunity to do what I'm hearing you describe is that you have never worked a day in your life because you love what you do.
I totally agree and we all will know we're on the right track when you're doing something.

[38:39] In the next thing you look up in four hours have passed and it feels like 15 minutes you know you're doing exactly what you're supposed to do yeah.
No a hundred percent and and and don't get me around through all that I like what I do they're still all the hard stuff and and.

[38:58] Those are like the true moments that like when you do get the hard stuff in your like oh my gosh like I don't want to do this but you're like have to do this you know you know when you push past that point.
I've going like okay can I do this am I capable of doing this you know you have those moments that like you said like oh this doesn't feel like work at all but there's those moments that you cry and you're like why am I doing this have you ever struggled with like the Imposter syndrome.
What does that mean.
It's kind of like sometimes you question yourself like am I out of my league do I belong here because when I hear your story Theresa so much of what you've done is self-taught,
like people go and pay big money to get trained on this stuff right right you know.

[39:46] I do I mean yes I would have to say doesn't everyone have that moment or those moments I think so in like that I would have to say you're not human if you don't go through a moment like that
I think it takes a lot for us to go sometimes and be like kind of focus like where am I at but not look at yourself at the level of where you're at but more of like.

[40:10] I guess to me I'm always looking at like who are the people that I want to be around I mean it's the same thing you're doing Jayme because you're you're like I want to be around amazing women I want to hear their stories I wanted you know so you know
you're going out and meeting them and going out and doing that
it's the same thing I go I want to build really cool cars were really cool people and that's what I've just getting out and making sure
I'm meeting those people and I'm doing those things I mean technically it wasn't Jay Leno that asked us to build his Bronco it was Ford Motor Company that to asked us to build this Bronco so
that's even cooler you know yeah I mean you know it all it all depends I mean like.
I guess how you look at things and where it's at and when it's happening at the time because yes we have those moments.
I definitely have those moments of like what the fuck am I doing yeah yeah you know and then the other moments of like.

[41:07] It's exactly where I needed to be I you know I needed to get through it and look where I'm at you know it's it's like climbing the top of Mount Everest you know it's probably the last hundred feet that's probably the hardest part you know
but you got to do that to get to the top so pretty so I'm just curious because you can't have a unique Story and there's been some other women that have run into this but
where your dad had a shop and you kind of grew up in it.
So people were just used to you being around right it used to a female being around,
have you run into any like challenges because you are a female or it's one of those things you've always been kind of like the guys because.
You've always been around because your dad's had a shop.

[41:56] I think I've felt like more of one of the guys I guess I've always felt like that yes I've never looked at it as being one of the guys I just,
like again I guess
our parents and put that like those goggles on you know for us that we were like oh you can be around anyone don't worry about it just go and do this you know and so that was just always the attitude so so again it wasn't like,
okay if we're going to a country club and we're dressing up then that was cool and we could be around people like that too but
I felt more comfortable in a garage you know if you went to a party and hung out with people I was in the garage with all the guys like that's what I was doing I you know and and being like
oh cool oh we're gonna actually going to work on stuff right now rad yeah even better you know yeah hold my beer so I guess I mean I've always yes
felt like one of the guys but at the same time like I said I try to have more of the attitude and I think even my parents gave it to us that that we were just
people yes no yes which is such a better way in concept to look at it because it is it's in it's the narrative that I want to you know help share as well because.
You know we're doing the same thing in stereotyping if we say one of the guys right so I totally agree with you and in what's crazy is is as a host.

[43:22] I feel obligated to put it that way for people to get what I'm talking about because that's what the norm is unfortunately yeah yeah
it's the narrative that the world knows right now and that's exactly what we're trying to change you know and that's my point it's like,
it's like anything like what you're speaking and what you put out into the world is what's going to change or your actions that you're putting out there and what you're doing you know so
you know I'm just like I try to be aware of that that I'm like nope we're all humans you know and so that PS feel that and know that in want to understand that more because it's like.

[44:01] I don't even look at people like adults and kids differently because a child can learn just as much as an adult sometimes more you know in people are afraid to teach their kids young and too you know
learn different things but you know I've even told you before I'm like my son was four or five years old he was around guns maybe that's not a subject people want to discuss but
we made sure that he had the knowledge and he wasn't ignorant around them now there's a difference to that there's you have to make sure that people are very much like aware and they and they understand things so
so yes we weren't we weren't stupid about it we weren't just leaving him around with them like he would he would be next to us and be hungry Bill like do you understand this do you understand this okay
now we put them away they have to be locked up this is what's important so it's that's a good distinction Theresa you didn't just hand them a gun and let them run around with it it's education realize that you know it's one of those things that people don't want to talk about guns either you know and stuff but
you know for me it's the same thing with you no welding or painting or doing any of these other things people look at them and they think they're intimidating you know
and they're really not and that's that's what real deal is about is making
all of this the all these skilled trades that all of you know very yes it's a very male-dominated field that's that's just the truth you know.

[45:29] And basically I mean we're trying to show everyone that hey it's it's actually eight like it's not that hard to learn and actually women are way better at it because,
we're more detail-oriented we you know the way that we pick up things and that's just those are innate and females you know and and things like that so,
so there's a lot of different traits like that that that we pick up on that they don't write so many things absolutely,
absolutely and it's interesting for me Theresa because when I read your pre-interview it's like shit I could take this so many different ways.
And I mean your resume.

[46:10] Is so impressive I mean just for people to wrap their mind around to have you know vehicles at your shop has worked on and in one particular show have 27 of those represented that.
Your brand is on and.
But you've even taken it to the next level it's not just about using other products and putting on these.
You're coming out with your own product line two.

[46:40] That was something I always told Jesse that I wanted to do I was like nope I won't have my own Parts on people's cars someday like well 2020 has been good to you because that's the next chapter for you right.

[46:55] Because 27 builds in paint at Seema isn't enough for you you want to,
right have your own ads in the Syma magazine that comes out every once do you care talking a little bit about this,
oh yeah believe me I have all kinds of dreams so so I mentioned earlier that like we're into Ford's well,
we grew up I literally have a picture of me standing I'd like three years old in the back of the Bronco and I'm like there's way more to that and I do have a 68 Bronco,
but obviously with the new one coming out I mean.

[47:30] There is there's so much I want to do with that you've no those are such cool vehicles.
Those those for old Ford Broncos are just amazing and the new one is pretty badass too.
I've seen some you know I guess reintroduction where I feel like they've just crashed and burned and you know my first.
Restoration that I did I was 19 years old and I got a 1967 Pontiac GTO convertible.
And I've always loved GTOs when they brought the GTO back.

[48:10] And just ripped off design from Australia.
I'm like ah no and I had the 1990s no no not to me and and this is.
I just and I saw the concepts the concept drawings the orange and I'm like oh my God that's beautiful that you see the bottle you know,
the coke bottle shape to it I'm like that's gorgeous and they just didn't produce it and I'm like.

[48:46] Sometimes they bomb yo boy yeah I my opinion and people may have other opinions but when I looked at him like wow,
that looks good.
Yeah I'd love to share even more with the Bronco but I guess I still am not allowed to share more about the new Bronco so are you going to have any of your parts on it maybe is just like a lot of other people too so I got it,
you know I thought I would be able to talk more about things by now but I think it's supposed to come soon so I love the suspense now everyone can just wait and see.
I love it well rehearse some good stuff happening regardless congratulations on that next step in evolution because I just look through this and.
There's one big thing that I always try to point out to folks is that you have been doing this for how many years Theresa.

[49:42] I mean fully at the shop here 20 years.
Got it in a lot of not just women but people compare themselves to other people.
I've seen the saying don't compare your day one to someone else's day 100.
And what you're doing is absolutely amazing in this is the fruits of your labor for staying at it consistently.

[50:08] Hmm yeah right so for sure yeah you're right you got to stay at it it really is that too yeah.

[50:15] Wow I I am super excited to see the next chapter I my partner makes fun of me she's like your mistress is Instagram
and I'm like but really you know for me I I love it because of the people that I follow I feel like it's a tribe
and you know with the coronavirus and we're not traveling nearly as much it's like my way to connect with this tribe of.

[50:45] Intelligent powerful women and it's so inspiring
I completely agree with you right there because any any way that we can all reach out and continue to have you know that Community is important for all of us I mean as as humans we need that we need that sense of community belonging
you know creating things of doing all that type of stuff and not being able to do it as much right now is yeah it's
it's a little tasking on our souls I think right now so it is,
the more we go out in the more we do that or show that oh I can plug I don't know that this will be out in time
so we're going to start doing virtual classes though and so Ava modal wolf that you spoke about earlier that was one of Jesse's first like Protege is too as well
she's actually going to be doing teaching a class of doing a Facebook live at seven p.m. on Friday the 21st.

[51:48] So I don't think this will be out by then right but,
we're going to start doing more of those virtual workshops and stuff since since we're not able to do them in person right now so she's going to be doing a Motorcycle Maintenance 101 class that's awesome that's awesome,
and we've we've been forced to get creative around this and we will get through this we will get through this and,
it's going to be one hell of a festival when we get when we move through this it certainly is.
In part of it is the way we're moving through it right now because a lot of us it you know it.
Some of us are going through more challenging times than others like I said this is it's taking a toll on a lot of us in different ways the challenges.
Are definitely at an all-time high for for most people right now.

[52:46] Definitely you know with less human interaction with people and just,
and just the way things are because we're trying to navigate things like all of us like me I actually loved change and that's probably not normal for a lot of people a lot of people like to you know be comfortable and be used to something that's that's quote-unquote normal right
and so yes we're moving through this but yes we want it to go back to what we thought was normal right
of like you said like we want to have this big party maybe not completely back to normal.
Yeah definitely partying together but it's like you have to navigate today and tomorrow and what that is you know because if we get sucked into like.

[53:31] Okay we're just doing the same thing but that's not working for right now will then we have to change what that narrative is you know and and understand it and slightly make our little
pivots back and forth until we find that right Niche again and you know figure it out and I think,
it's just it's really challenging right now for a lot of people to see that I see a lot of people reaching out it's hard for me even you know I mean there's one week we have
ten employees next week we have six employees you know like great okay that we got to work for a sophomore oh now we can have 10 employees back cool awesome great
now we can have more let's do this you know so it's challenging trying to figure all that out and just keep moving forward.
And making things happen and like you said being like okay when is this going to be over so we can go party.
It's right that would be awesome well and I love my kids I love them to pieces.
And distant learning and at home learning it's not,
it's not my area of expertise I love it I mean my grandmother was a teacher for 30 years but it's challenging there's no two ways about it it's challenging yes yes.

[54:44] And it changes your your family dynamic as well because,
now you're not giving the time that you had away from them or something they're always around you now we're in them them having a break from Mom and it goes both ways I'm sure there's like I need to go hang out with my friends you know they're thinking it too.
Totally totally and that's what it is it's such crazy times for all of us it's,
it's definitely not something we all any of us expected I think so absolutely Community like you said and and Instagram any of those things or the best way to help us get through it all I think
I agree I agree,
yeah Theresa I think this is a good time to launch into the Red Line Round And what the redline rounding is is it's five rapid-fire clean again yeah there's no I should I should have like background music or something on it boom.

[55:41] What the redline round is is five rapid-fire questions there's no right or wrong answer to it.
Whatever pops into your heads right answer that's my game show host you know voice but right.

[55:56] Any are right in here so yeah oh that's awesome the first question is who or what has been your inspiration throughout your journey in the industry.
Mmm so many people I mean.

[56:16] There's so many ways that people have inspired me so so in the beginning like Steve Warner he was like the editor for.
For truck and magazine he was probably one of my first biggest Inspirations to be like you know hey like yeah you're capable of doing this and I was like really are you sure
I kind of doubted myself and so he just really like helped to push me to do those things
and then I started getting into like what you know liking people o to boost or something and then you know and yes I've done multiple cars with him as well now and,
you know Alex idiots or Peach a porous or Gene Winfield or you know different people like that so they're it Jesse to of course so there's a list there's not one.
Got it no I think it's great that's what pops into my head yeah.
Or too many things not one right and what I love about it is and what I think a great reminder is that those are all men that mentored you.
Write it in the thing is is that.

[57:22] I can't not say his name okay no no worries but they are all men yeah and they all believed in me so they write they were all.

[57:32] And when women empowerment and encouragement doesn't equal mail disempowerment agreed we're people.
It's that simple number two where do you go or what resources do you use when you want to learn something new or you get stuck on a job
people just call up someone or go to their shop or figure it out like as soon as I'm stuck on something I'm like
oh I need a call so and so I need to call you know people are your best resource always I love that answer do you know how many people say YouTube,
oh everyone says YouTube,
and I'm guilty of it too but I'm like people there's a concept right but it's funny because Theresa I'm going on a limb here and say that you're an extrovert,
is that safe to say oh yeah a little bit yeah right just be in the paint booth by myself but yes I am.
So an introverts like Antichrist is what you say and they're saving grace is YouTube.
You know what's funny is when I taught myself out of paint there was no YouTube I literally taught Myself by trial and error now don't get me wrong I use the shit out of you.
Great right but your first go to is to lean on yes yes that is awesome I'm like oh damn I'm sitting here I'm like people the huh why didn't I think of that.

[59:01] That's funny okay number three what excites you most about what you do.
The feeling that people get either scene,
their cars or or using them like the whole purpose of doing like a build and stuff is you did it for a reason like to give someone
like an experience so,
you know it's like you doing Jay Leno's Bronco I don't know if you saw the video of him later driving it finally it's I love the video because he's laughing the entire time while he's driving it like a little schoolgirl and I'm like
see that's exactly it those that moment right there like that's it
really seeing it come together and knowing you accomplish things with everyone.

[59:52] Of creating something together that's like part of it but the other part is just is is them how people light up how it gives something to someone like that.
Yeah and I'll tell you what like Overhaulin that show I think they do a good job of.
Capturing that even though people aren't physically there with them yeah production-wise I always felt that they did a pretty good job and yeah bringing you along in that Journey which was pretty cool.
Yeah exactly and that's its exact same kind of thing it's not I mean.
You know your GTO or something like you go back to like that moment of like oh yeah through the barn and seeing these like it takes you back to moments like that all of those moments are like when we were like a little kid or something yeah cited you know yes,
yeah a grown-ass person acting like a small child it's Priceless it is it really is.

[1:00:51] Theresa what is a personal habit or practice that has helped you significantly in the industry when you feel stuck or discouraged a personal habit.

[1:01:01] Stuck or discouraged.

[1:01:06] I guess to be outside one of the things that I guess I get energy from is just to like.
Be out in the open sometimes I get too stuck in like what I'm doing and stuff and I'm like I need to.
Go for a drive one of my favorite places to just be out in the desert in the middle of nowhere.
It's just those moments when you can stop and you can breathe and you think about yourself and you're not worried about anyone else.
You're just enjoy you know you we talked about it earlier it's like that you know aha moment of just looking and being like look at this world like it's amazing and like I'm right here I'm on it.
And I'm standing here in the middle of all of this and so.

[1:01:51] Being one with nature sometimes I guess that's my moment I love it and I completely relate to it.
Yeah finally what is your parting advice to other Femcanic finding their way in the skilled trades.
And Motorsports industry.
It's not be intimidated by other people because you need to find your community you need to reach out.
I would say even you Jayme like you interviewing all these people how humble are most of these people oh they're they're amazing at last week I interviewed Kristy Lee yeah very down there I mean it's just.
I haven't met anyone that you don't feel like we could go have a beer in bullshit.

[1:02:38] You know ya know a hundred percent and that's that's why I asked you because I'm like,
I want other people to hear that don't be intimidated like oh like I've always wanted to meet this person like it's like people meeting Jesse like
oh my God she's so awesome like yeah because she's a person just like you like she wants to meet people like you you know like she loved to meet people I mean all of us we want to be here to help other people.
There's something about that part of it so it's,
it's such an easy thing to reach out to people but you keep thinking that like oh yeah I don't know if I want to call them or just do it Whatever It Is say hi to them stop,
talk to Chip Foose he's the nicest human being on this planet you know don't be intimidated by people.
Get out of your shell and just in start that community
even if it's with other people that you know having you know like I said people are your best resources you know you need you need a community you need a tribe like you mentioned and you need to start finding that so that's.
It's my advice Femcanics I love that advice and I'm guilty of it too Theresa I mean I deemed Christy and I'm like.

[1:03:51] Hey my podcast may not be big enough but would you consider being on it and and she's like are you crazy.
It's it's of course I'll be on it and I'm like really you know what I mean it and that's.
What you said is such Sound Advice because what I learned from one of my early mentors is that you are as good and you expand yourself when you surround yourself with people,
that are either better at you than something or challenge you some way in.
You raise your vibration right you need to surround yourself with the people to raise the vibration.
And what I've also learned is that to your point we are all humans that means we are not perfect.

[1:04:38] In the pedestal that people maybe on they didn't ask to be there and to give Grace and know that they're not perfect.
In that but that's the beauty in it as well yeah.
No amen that rare is perfect I agree I totally agree it's the it's exactly it is that,
we're flying we're humans we want interaction with people like I'm telling you you walk up to someone like Jay Leno or Chip Foose or Jesse Cook any of those types of people or whatever.
And you know they will want to turn around and say hi and shake her hand yeah that's really that's what life should be like for everyone I know that's not the case across the board unfortunately there are going to be those people that are annoying that you're like.
Okay hi what they just ignored me like got it but yeah you know yeah that's going to happen this is not a hundred percent of every person in the world we're just talking about the good human so
those right ones you want to be around anyway right exactly exactly
if you approach someone in their dick you don't want to be around them anyway walk away run away.

[1:05:48] Theresa where and how can people connect with you.
So let's see so on Instagram I am designed Muse and that is my personal one.
Most of the stuff I post is going to be on our LG ects so you can go to LGE - CTS.com for our website.
LG underscore CTS Motorsports for Instagram and of course like you had mentioned we have at Baja forged,
and the last one at real-deal Revolution so you can find us on Instagram on Facebook
and Real Deal Revolution dot-org so we are a 501 c 3 non-profit
and we'd love for everyone to connect and if you can help out and donate in any way that that obviously helps all of our amazing ladies helping doing the workshops as well,
you really need to do more Theresa you really need a slacker,
sarcasm sarcasm it wasn't for me.

[1:06:56] That's my problem.
Theresa thank you so much for being in the driver's seat today and just kind of pulling back the curtain and letting us get to know Theresa more.

[1:07:08] Happy that you had me on board Jayme it was fun it was good I like the chat and I'm I'm glad that it's able to.

[1:07:17] I don't know just kind of all of us to just reach out and get the dialogue of everyone.

[1:07:23] Get into people's heads and and see what's going on absolutely absolutely.

[1:07:30] I enjoyed laughing I laughed a lot on this and that's a beautiful thing Theresa thank you.

[1:07:37] We're just laughing at each other they're not going to think it's funny but he'll we're having fun and laughing right.

[1:07:47] I'm.

[1:07:50] Motorsports Baja forged and Real Deal Revolution I Femcanic.
Elana Sherr is in the driver seat next she's an automotive journalist calmness at Car and Driver former editor at hot rod in Roadkill.
She does new car reviews for Edmonds and contribute features and short stories to sports car market.
Road and track and other Automotive magazines and websites the automotive industry isn't just a career for her but a personal passion.
Elana and her husband have a YouTube channel called challenge her which covers their project cars and garage work be sure to tune in next week.
Until next time Femcanic.

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