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February 18, 2021
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EP56. Renee Edwards-Ambrose—“Treat Your Car Like You Treat Your Vagina!”


[0:00] The universe from sure has a way of.
Making things happen and whatever it is that you think you can manifest it into actual reality just
keep thinking positive thoughts keep working on you because I fall victim to
making everyone else happy I'm not making myself happy on many occasions and making sure everyone is comfortable except myself but then after a while and I got to tell fish and started working on myself
iPhone that after a while things started to manifest the way how I've always wanted it to manifest.
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[0:48]by smashing stereotypes and breaking down barriers for women I'm your host Jayme Blasiman buckle up for the ride Femcanics.

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[1:37] Renee Edwards-Ambrose is in the driver's seat today this Caribbean Queen hails from Antigua.
Personal brand encompasses three different entities in real life for motivational speaker modeling and entrepreneur entity.
Lhf Motorsports is her racing media and culture and to T and finally lady mix.
Provides workshops for women these workshops teach women car Basics buckle up and enjoy the ride.
Hello, Femcanics this is Jayme B coming to you and I have Renee Edwards-Ambrose in the driver seat today how are you doing Renee?

[2:20] I'm wonderful Jamie thanks for having me it is my pleasure I actually as with a lot of my guests I found you on Instagram and what immediately drew me to you is one
you're amazing empowerment and strengths that you have as a woman.
And in particularly a woman of color and I think it's so cool.
We need more women that are comfortable in their skin and it just.
Permeates out of all of your post so I love your brand and come to find out that you have multiple Brands not just one you have a total of.
Three and different Enterprises and we are going to dive into those in the interview because I think you have a lot to offer women.
And men and particularly young women that are up and coming in really finding their own and becoming their own person.
So why don't we get started and kind of bring the listener through a little journey here.
They heard the pre-recorded by oh so they have a little idea of what you're about.

[3:32] But right now we dive in a little bit how did you get started in Anything Automotive related when did that start for you oh well when I was in my like my final years of high school.
I used to do little cars on my on my books and so on so after After High School my mother was like alright so
what do you want to do so I told her well honestly Mom I just want to be a pilot and engineer a mechanic and a drag racer so At first she was like well that's that's kind of a lot you know but let's take it one step at a time
so after high school I attended the anti-gay State College where I majored in automotive engineering we got to give a shout out I got to give you a shout you are the
First Caribbean girl on my podcast so yeah definitely
yes and I'm a half a big up all my Antigone people and damp and life it doesn't know thank you for going there.

[4:29] Hey yes so after high school I did
automotive engineering and during my time there I met so many different persons that are into
drag racing and into mechanics of course so I think my first time I pull the handle evil and there is 118 a car was at the Antigua State College with my classmates and they actually
taught me how to do that my first job was at a mechanic shop at Auto Clinic then also Clinic it's no monster garage with the late Brian Kelsey who was my mentor as a mechanic none of my family members did
Automotive Engineering or anything so did they think you were crazy Renee no honestly I think my mother thought that I was
because there was this lady in my church that came to me and she said listen I'm so proud of you she told me that's like probably three months ago she said I'm so proud of it because when you first told your mother that you wanted to get into cars.

[5:29] She came to me she's like oh my gosh my one daughter is going to do stuff that guys do and I'm scared and the lady told my mother look if that's what Renee wants to do then just support her in everything anything that she wants to do and I think since then my mother has
has supported mean everything that I've done so far from raising my raped
at what we get into the racing part later on in the interview I'm sure but my mother travels with me when I when I would usually raise him
gone so at first person's thought that you know
well well it is girl doing talking about she wanted to deal it cars and get dirty and these kind of things but that's that's what I like to do I love fixing things and I love fixing things from a very early age so.

[6:15] At the end of the day I mean if I love it I'm going to go and make sure that I do really well in whatever it is that I love to do sounds like your entire life you've had an affinity for it.
Now will you left High School where did you go next.
Well the Antigua State College for two years and then after that I as I told my mother After High School I wanted to be a pilot
so an engineering aircraft engineer so what I did I had applied for the professional pilot program.
At Centennial College in Toronto
and also I had applied for the aviation maintenance program at the same college now the thing is the acceptance letter came back for the Pilot Course
so my mother said you know what just going to do it because at the end of the day we just want to ensure that whatever it is that you want to do will support you so I went to Canada for nine months and I.
Did my pilot course which nine months you go from the Caribbean to Canada
yeah no honestly I went and the thing is I left I left during the summer like the end part of the summer in mm mm and when was that does 2005.

[7:34] The end of Summer 2005 as soon as I graduated from them take a state college and I went off and I'm telling you that was like
chalk and cheese with regards to the culture with regards to the food with regards to the weather oh my goodness I
that was the first time seeing snow and I'm telling you I was perturbed.
First three months of that that period but after a while I got used to it you know what I mean so it was it was really chalk and cheese was two totally different worlds.
But being the dynamic person that I am I was able to adapt and to just get what I what I need done come with me so yeah after after
engineering school I went to flight school and then I came back to Antigua after that wow.
Boy I'm still wrapping my mind around going from Caribbean to Canada and you were there during winter months.
Oh my God he's was brutal it was so brutal that's quite the the adjustment so yes you came back home right what was in store for you there did you have a job lined up did you have to start looking.

[8:46] Well well to be honest when when I came back there was this Monopoly between two airlines that was basically based in my in my country so it was between Leah and Caribbean style
who who are on at the time and it was very hard for me to find a job so I had to settle with this teaching music
at a at a primary school for like 3 months I taught music because I did music in high school so I my dad and my brother
they are all so into music so I know a little music and I Could Teach as well tell me a little bit more like music instrument or like singing well no instrument
instruments or between Grade grids 226 I taught those students how to read music how to play the piano and how to play the recorder
that's awesome yes I know I know I love kids I love kids so that was a great experience and we even know when I see see the same kids that I taught.
Back in the day I'm like oh my gosh I used to teach them and they're so big now like I'm like 5 4 and these kids are like taller than I am you know and I mean I'm sure that I've stopped growing anyway so I feel you Renee my daughters
12 she'll be 13 at the end of October and she I'm only five two and she's like five seven already
oh my God she called on me to she bends over to give me a hug.

[10:15] So I feel yeah I understand that is so cute you know so yes I did that for three months
that time I was like oh my gosh I can't find a job what am I going to do so remember I told you earlier that I wanted to do aircraft engineering as well and the universe so made it happen that
while I was at
I was teaching at school it was around lunchtime and my mom called and she said did you see the ad in the paper I'm like Mom I don't really read the paper so it's like okay okay um
this is what's happening when I get home I'll show you so Leah it was was a wedding scholarship to persons who wanted to study aircraft maintenance and Engineering in Guyana so that I went from
Antigua to Canada back to Antigua notes
I'm so eager to Diana for four years to study aircraft maintenance and Engineering so I had applied you know and it turned out that I was only girl in that
in that group of six guys that window window and was awarded a scholarship from Leah had so that in itself was a really great experience because it was the first time that lie ahead
so they're going to do this engineering scholarship program because a lot of the guys were you know getting up in age and so on and you know.
You're going to need new persons to fill those gaps soon from now so they gave presents the opportunity to do it and I was one of them.

[11:39] So I went to Guyana for three years and I studied at the Ogle airport where we actually worked on life aircraft their art William and Harry went
Aeronautical Engineering school and that was also a great experience because the culture again is a little bit different than whom than Antigua
and the food is a little bit different well it's a whole time different than Antigua still it was again being dynamic
I was able to adapt really well with the culture and right now I eat anything
except sort like I will eat just about anything after going to these places and experience in these different.
Cultures and experiences and food you know so so yeah that's that's I think that was my last my last.

[12:30] Tertiary education or Scholastic institution that I attended that was in Guyana and then after that.
After completing that course for four years we actually went straight into working for the company that sent us on the scholarship so I am currently working at.
How did you end up getting into drag racing okay so remember I spoke about
Auto Clinic where I did Internship well Brian Kelsey he actually was one of Antigua is
best drag races back in the day and I can remember actually sneaking out my mom's hose on a Sunday to go to the John I racetrack just to watch Cars Go Fast plug your ears mom.
She knows she knows that you ratted yourself out now yeah of course of course listen we laugh about everything that I've done in my life so far I trust me she's like
what I kind of figured you did X Y and Z but I wasn't too sure but thanks for letting me know you know you have confirmed.

[13:33] Yeah you know right I want to put the timeline here together now you'd mentioned a internship.
Yes so you went to college and then you.
Came back home and then you went back to college where did the racing fit in oh the race and then fit in until I actually started working at Leah.
I bought it right but the love for it kind of skyrocketed after
College the first college because at that point I was getting to know everyone I was like okay when I start working and I'm going to buy myself a race car I'm going to do this I'm going to have an all female drag racing team and
yada yada Mike okay when I start working that's what's going to happen and that's exactly what happened in my first year
no actually my second year working for Leah I actually acquired my race car what was it what was your race car you got to give the details yes okay so at
it's like a we call it mix bread down here so it's like a Mazda RX-7 and 86 - Derek 7 with a 302 small block Ford in it
C4 transmission so it's like a Mazda with a Ford engine in it I called her the Black Widow the Black Widow why the Black Widow.

[14:51] Because you know when the black widow spider.
Is the fun with their male counterparts to kill them right so that just goes to show that you know when we get on the track especially when my car gets on the track when I'm done with you I'm killing you that's all.

[15:07] I thought it was the most fitting white the most fitting animal I could have found.
That fit my personality and how I want it to be viewed on the racetrack so I think I made the best choice actually when I build my next race car I'm gonna call her with a reloaded for sure.

[15:28] That's a great name that's a great.

[15:32] It reminds me I we're binge-watching the Badlands right now I don't know if you watch that show and one of the main characters is the Widow.
So and and she is a strong powerful woman as well.

[15:46] Right but there we go and then when after I met named the Black Widow I mean you know the Marvel Comics had the Black Widow as you know one of the more powerful women
in the team and that kind of stuff and I was like yo this it kind of works it kind of works you know I really like
how I chose the name and anything that's attached to it.
It it also tells the story of the car of why I came up with the name for the car you know so I'm proud of my name
and everything that's attached to it that is a great name
now they need you end up you said that you wanted part of the goal was not only acquiring a race car but starting.
Kind of your own brand around racing and that's lhf Motorsports yes it is and what does that stand for.

[16:39] Okay so initially when I got the race car and two thousand and.
12 2013 right.
It was a group of guys throughout the Caribbean and amoebas Trinidad and Green Arrow and also Antigua who they helped one another with regards to racing and being able to transport their cars
to other Islands so that they can raccoon represent their country so when I came up with my ID and what I wanted to do they said okay we can bring you on board and the name of the team is
hospital if I'm racing rights I said
what I want to create my own brand still being a part of your entity but I want to be all female right so that's how I came up with Lady Hospital farm so initially that's the name that was the name I started off with Lady horsepower Farm.

[17:30] And then after it grew I said you know I can do so much more than just racing you know I
recently rebranded my brand to lhf motor sports racing media and culture where the racing part would be you know
actual race car being on the track and you know involving women in that part of it also I wanted to showcase
Motorsports in Antigua because I think that that was lacking a lot where we needed to Showcase what we as a country had with regards to you know the person that actually
race because even now we have individuals who are 26 and they build their own cars they spread their own cars they do just about everything on their own cars
so these are the things that would Inspire other people to push.
Towards whatever is that their goal is or they dreamers so I wanted to be that platform to assist with helping persons always I'm going to pause you for one second.
So one of your goals for this particular entity of your so lhf Motorsports is.
To have an all-female team where you rifle through racing where you able to achieve that.

[18:46] Yes yes definitely so for the first three to four years I actually had an all-female group where my mechanic
Jodi and Joseph she is actually her 925 is actually being a supervisor at a automotive franchise here in Antigua you know in the workshop so she
is head over the servicing Department the tire changing Department
that type of stuff so I brought she had just finished school when I was introduced to her and I told her look
would you like to be a part of my team because this is what what I'm building on this is this is the vision that I have and she said sure no problem and by the time she landed in Antigua with in
three weeks we were flying out to Nevis to to work on the race car to start racing you know so being able to have.
A female driver a female mechanic my mom was always there and then when it comes to the actual managing and brand and brand management of Lady Hospital farm that was also all female so.
I definitely had accomplished that do you ever pause and just drink up the fruits of your labor.

[20:00] It's hard to sometimes isn't it hard no because because I keep going I like I would find.
I would find other things to do until someone stops me and said well Renee you have accomplished everything anything well a lot of stuff so.
Do you really take it in and sometimes I don't see it honestly Jamie I hate I just
to me I'm just accomplishing goals I've set for myself you're just being Renee right and while doing that I'm inspiring and empowering other person's to do the same and the thing is it's not just the women
the main tool because I know of persons who come to me and said and said you have inspired me to do.
XY & Z with my race car or x-wings with my lifestyle you know what I mean so.
Sometimes it scares me to even sit down and.
And even you know soak it all up it's scary no I it's strange to pause and soak it all up.
Now I'm curious because you talked about really helping other Racers and really helping open the door.
Which kind of leads me into which other entity came next was it the in real life or was it the lady mechs Workshop.

[21:26] Well in real life has been around before lady Hospital Farm
because that includes everything from my fashion for my fashion from my mentorship.
My entrepreneurship that that kind of stuff that has been there even before there was Lady Hospital Farm hey I want to talk a little bit about this because I want to give the listeners an opportunity to really drink this up.
No not we talk about you do motivational speaking you're a model.
And you're an entrepreneur and again I'm I'm pausing you for a second because I really want the listeners to think about this this is.

[22:05] This is the essence of what Femcanic Garage is all about is really sharing stories just like yours Renee.
So that women can stop and say hey.

[22:16] She can do it I can do it too right and in what I love about you is in the pre-interview you talked a little bit about modeling.
And yes some of the things that you're most proud of around that and when you think about the automotive industry and if you think about modeling.

[22:36] People automatically think a.
Half-naked woman laying on the hood of a car right basically in the thing is is when that was one of the things that Drew me to you is that.

[22:49] The way you present yourself in the modeling aspect and in the lady Mech stores and how you blend all of that.

[22:58] I think it's a great story in a great image and mentorship that you provide for women.
And do you mind talking a little bit about like modeling and you talked about like plus-size modeling and.
It's gone down that path and I have such respect for you and infinity where we need more women like you.
You know I had a great mentor.

[23:26] That told me Jamie if your enthusiasm level is at a 10 the people around Europe rui out of 4 or 5.

[23:35] If your enthusiasm is at a 15 now they're at an eight or nine.
Interim how Chris Matic you are and how you bring in in communicate that through pictures in what you have to say.

[23:50] You can't help but look and listen and read and feel uplifted and kind of have the.

[23:59] I'm going to go out there and do this do you mind talking a little bit about like
we talked a little bit about it in the pre-interview but expanding on it a little bit and kind of your intent and your experience around that and why you do it
well Jamie the thing is right I think that my modeling came about as a result of
a field trial session right now we have Carnival every year not not like Ferris wheels and stuff it's like Caribbean Carnival like Curry Banner that kind of stuff so
during this festivities we have a queen of Carnival competition or pageant right and in 2002.

[24:46] Sorry 2012 I said look I've done Automotive Engineering I've done piloting I've done
all of these things and I want to try pageantry so I said to myself okay
no I was like 200 and 200 and like 220 pounds and I said to myself look I'm gonna have to lose weight just to try felt for queen of Carnival now at this point I did not do any type of modeling at all.
But I wanted to do pageantry so I said okay when it is this is the goal you have to lose weight to enter this competition so I went and
I went down to like a hundred and ninety four pounds to the point where
my husband know who was my boyfriend at the time he said to me I don't like to see you this size because I met you a certain way and I don't think that
this is healthy but I told him look this is something I wanted to do and if it means that I have to get down to a hundred and eighty pounds I'm going to do it he's like okay no problem so I went down 294 pounds
And the tried out wait I got a pause for a second and give your husband a high five.
Seriously I do you know how many women are going to listen to this or are listening to this and it's like.
Your husband said don't lose weight I fell in love with you just the way you are that that is in essence what he's saying yes.

[26:14] What I did that's right but but he's still honored what your goal was as well.
I music what a win-win you got yourself a catch girl.

[26:29] He's amazing he's he's really amazing so um so yes I did the tryouts because we had to do a performing talent because I sing a little bit Jamie can do a little something something okay can you can you.
Demo a little something something for us the off-the-cuff oh wow you're gonna put me on the spot Jamie you got a special something that you like to sing.

[26:53] Yes
There's a Hero if you look inside your heart you don't have to be afraid of what you are
okay that's it girl get it get you some of that give me goosebumps oh
oh stop it so actually and that was the song that I sang at the trial session
right we had to model swimwear we had to model our cocktail where no problem because I can walk in heels I am I am a beast in heels right my mom taught me well so um afterward they called and they said
I was on my way home and I think my my husband was driving me home at the time and they called and they said well Renee
I'm calling from such-and-such and we just want to let you know that you didn't make the cut
so I started crying because I knew that I put my best foot forward I did everything that I think that would have made me eligible to make the final cut you know and then when I hung up the phone my husband looked over and said
you okay you want you want us to go and get KFC I'm like well I just started myself like.

[28:11] First thing you can tell me is KFC and then I was like yeah I need KFC fries and a big drink
My phone is so funny just to find oh that you know persons didn't appreciate that I was nice eyes
it was relatively larger than all the other girls so they just thought you know I
did not make the cut because it was too big it's not that I couldn't sing it's not that I couldn't answer your question it's not that I couldn't walk in heels it's not that I couldn't have a great presence
in front of persons you know being being manageable and everything it's just because of my size you know so I think that after that that kind of propelled me into
being being.
I wouldn't even call it a poster child for being an inspiration for women who at some point in time was ridiculed because of the size you know I'm not feeling confident enough to put through any barrier that they have been faced with
to be.
You know fluffy and plus size and still feel good about themselves I mean I'm not telling I'm not advocating for women to go and
be unhealthy and not to work out in that kind of stuff I mean some of us I need to I know from me for a fact my family
is huge and that's not an excuse for me to stay huge but the same time I try to keep as healthy as active.

[29:37] I tried to write as well as I possibly can to maintain my figure you know what I mean yeah.

[29:42] Well I got it I got to give you props on something Renee is that you you shared your weight on here and as women.

[29:53] Society and I don't want to speak for for your country but I know here in the United States that women.

[30:01] Unless you're like ridiculously skinny in.
I think there's a point of unhealthiness of being too skinny as well right correct you're not supposed to talk about your weight.
You don't dare say what your weight is.

[30:17] Again you demonstrated the exact reason why I wanted you on this podcast is that we don't have to have shame around that.
We don't uh honey I'm not scared of that at all like right now I am a healthy 257
and I'm still working on you know getting this the tummy you don't know a little bit but I love my arms Jamie I love my legs I love how thick I look
because it looks good you know what I mean yeah it does it does you are a beautiful woman in it does in your confidence.
Is infectious and contagious and I know that it helps so many women.
And it creates the space for them to feel safe and accepted in their own skin.
In that setting people people are asking you know okay what does this have to do with Femcanic Garage.
Femcanic Garage there is a Common Thread that pulls all of us women together our love in some way shape or form.
For cars motorcycles or trucks it's that simple but we are people.

[31:31] Our core we're more than our interests were more than our color were more than a gender we're more than our sexual orientation.
That's what this is all about is that we are all facing it and guess what we could all sit down.

[31:48] Have a beer or a cocktail or a water whatever you want to whatever your preference is I've got everything or Scott yes I'm a bourbon girl and all sit down together and.

[32:00] Even though we may disagree on some things we all have a Common Thread that we can talk about together Quran in it's focusing on how we are more alike than different
and it is that simple and I love it I love your platform I really loved your platform.
Well I am honored that you're a part of it aw thank you Mimi is my pleasure and like I said I first found out through lady Mex.
But then I started doing some more research on you and when I found the real life that's what I'm like this is a woman I need to get on here and we need to have some conversations around.
What I'll call Body Image yet because you have such an amazing and Powerful body image and we need more of that and thank you for being you and doing that.

[32:46] My pleasure Jim me
my pleasure definitely I mean my Mantra is that at some point I just want to inspire and Empower someone to be better versions of themselves I mean you will all we're always going to have bad days I mean that's just life
but we just have to keep on working towards being better doing better
as human beings because there's some persons that have a story that they're scared to even talk about you know I'm being able to even give someone that extra nudge into
their greatness is something that I think that.
It is my purpose here on Earth to be quite honest and I've been doing that even outside of of Motorsport in real life
just being a decent human being and assist me and someone to be better versions of themselves I am all for that I don't need to get recognition for it that doesn't mean anything to me because I have helped so many people that always tell them look I don't need you to say anything just.
Just do what you need to do I have given you the tools
to be better just go on do it you're giving them the permission to let their light shine yes and it's a beautiful thing.
Thank you now II loved particularly how you Incorporated.

[34:10] At least it's my interpretation of the content that I see that you put out how you incorporate a lot of that same message of female empowerment.
And I'll even say body image because there there are stereotypes around.

[34:29] How women act or look that are interested in.
Racing or and or Automotive mechanics or painting or anything there's these stereotypes around that right right right.
It doesn't it still surprises me even though I see it it disappoints me to be honest but you're debunking that as well where you are pulling I feel like you're pulling in.

[34:57] The in real life kind of feel into the lady mechs Workshop.

[35:04] Yes in the feel that I get is yes you are empowering them and teaching them about cars but I feel like it's so much more than that can you talk a little bit about the lady mechs Workshop.

[35:15] Um now my thing is my thing is that.
When I started the lady makes Workshop I wanted it to be a very very.
How should I put it I wouldn't really say Feminine but I didn't want it to be that dirt and grime that person's perception is about.

[35:37] Mechanics like I saw this type this hashtag on Instagram that says Greece is my glitter
right and I just I saw that I was like I fell in love with it and I said that has to be like my underlying tone for anything that I do is my lady makes Works job so what I do I ensure that you know.

[35:57] I can teach women yes I can teach you about your car's but then there is some level of womanliness you know that kind of feminine kind of you know
powered that you can get from learning about your car like for instance if you would read my blog on.
In real life blogs.com I blogspot.com I actually walk you through an experience at the lady makes Workshop from the time you get into the workshop
you get cookies that are that are shaped like like the tools like your wrenches and your your pliers and that kind of stuff and then
you have my team they're there to greet you and to invite you in you have a platform where you can speak about your experience I break it down as
into layman terms as much as I possibly can because for some women
they don't understand the jargon the mechanic jargon but they can understand it from a different perspective so for instance I start off I start off all my workshop and I see especially when it's all women in my workshop I say.
You treat your car like you treat your vagina
I don't think he's going to go around and you know mistreat your vagina at any point in time way pause pause I want to give the I got.

[37:15] I gotta have a moment here treat your car like you treat your vagina.

[37:23] Right you should totally coin that phrase.

[37:29] Oh my gosh I am so enjoying this interview Renee because it it's debunking so many things like there's no shame I mean think about it Rene in.
It is a male-dominated field you here men talk about their penises all the time but I'm correct correct all the time.

[37:53] It's so why can't we talk about our vaginas there we go there we going to have to make sure that it's well lubricated you know
nothing is hanging off you know all of these things and being and of course I am super charismatic so at the end of the day
even though it they laugh about it they could leave out of that Workshop remembering something.
From that Workshop so for instance they certainly do I'm gonna remember this forever right so even even with the 4 stroke cycle because it
even tell them about the four-stroke cycle and you know I mean everywhere you go you hear suck squeeze bang blow
so when they heard that the first time I'm like yeah suck squeeze bang blow but then when I started so I'm just keep having immature moments for now you gotta give me a little bit.

[38:44] You're gonna have like people fly into your country just to attend your Workshop because it sounds like an absolute riot know it's amazing it's amazing and I try to listen I try to keep it
as light as possible we all grew them grown women in the workshop so.
I can speak freely you know what I mean and especially when the guys come in because we've had guys that come to a workshop to and they they enjoy every minute of it
even when I talk about vaginas you know what I mean so at the end of the day I mean I I so loved
listen I totally enjoyed that
part of it and being able to have women speak about what they learned and what what person's used to tell them that and debunk
mix that Dave heard and you know so being able to wind it down
for them to actually learn something coming out of this Workshop that makes me the happiest
the happiest teacher ever and you know what's crazy when I left the Art Williams and Harry went Aeronautical Engineering School my principal at the time told me you would make a phenomenal teacher know at that time Jamie I told him
not this goddamn meat not each nobody you understand I am not going to teach anyone and.

[40:09] That was that was 2011.
Look at what happens nine years later I am teaching people about cars and I'm doing a swell job at it you know so I'm seriously I'm seriously enjoying it it listen.

[40:25] The universe for sure has a way of.
Making things happen and whatever it is that you you think you can manifest it into actual reality.
You know just keep thinking positive thoughts.
Keep working on you because I fall victim to making everyone else happy and not making myself happy right on many occasions and making sure everyone is comfortable except myself but then after a while and I got
well people would say it's selfish but I got selfish and started working on myself
iPhone that you know after a while things started to manifest the way how I've always wanted it to manifest that's a female thing to Renee mmm
hey Willie caretakers it seems
Society has taught us as a woman this is what you do to be a good person or a good woman.
In its constantly the message is put yourself on the back burner when you know.

[41:26] Does not have to be that way you can be.
An amazing mother and I think I'm saying this out loud for myself to be honest right you can be an amazing mother.

[41:38] And have a successful career doing exactly what you want.

[41:42] Because what I have what I have found is that my kids are interested in what I'm doing with Femcanic Garage and it's not an either-or.
It's an ant and that's what we need to teach our next Generation you don't have to wonder if your job Choice it's good enough for what persons think
you don't have to second-guess whether or not you can move or just get the damn thing done you know what I mean and
that that too is is one of my managers just get the damn thing done if you need something done you just get it done you don't hesitate you just go and get it done and I think that more often than not a lot of persons
confidence levels are not are not that high because they second guests a decision.
You know what I mean so yeah if you don't second-guess a decision and you just go through you will see how much more confident you are to take on a different
goal or
any kind of achievement that you want to take on in life you know so I'm just curious her name you shared about your lady Mex workshop and I know like we're sitting here laughing about it and how you say that you keep it light.
What do you see like when the women first come into your Workshop versus when they leave and maybe they come back and chat with you about it weeks or months after.
What do you see.

[43:04] That process is like for the women when you're watching them go through that oh I've had different experiences okay so when they come into the workshop
as soon as they get in
I would give them a question here to see if they come half full or half empty are not full at all or you know what I mean so I would ask them simple questions on the questionnaire like
what does the engine check light mean on your dashboard stuff like that you know what I mean and
what the batch when the battery light comes on what does that mean and a lot of women just don't know you understand so things would go horribly wrong on their car and the lights would come on and they have no clue.
What's going on in their car you know so after the workshop then is when they would come and they would see many I did not even know
how to put washer fluid for the windscreen inside how to top that up I did not know how to even open my hood I've met women that didn't happen never open their Hood before in their life.

[44:07] You know so after.
Meeting them and after they've experienced the workshop and after they have been given so much information in that Workshop
they come back and they see Vinny I got to change my Wheel by myself I get to do this by myself and I'm empowered to even learn more to the point where women
want me to do a master class like a service master class with them so they can learn how to actually service the vehicles themselves oh wow did you find like any of them go on kind of threw like a transformation yes yes.

[44:43] Yes no honestly like for instance there was this one lady when I first started the workshop
couple of years ago there was this lady that came to my workshop and her husband works with me at at Leah and he pulled me over he made my wife came to your Workshop to other dinner
but I think I have an issue I said what's the issue sir he said um
she can tell me everything what happens to her car she can tell me what do the lights on the dashboard mean she can tell me you know
what the oil supposed to look like when you check your oil dipstick she can tell me all of this but Renee she just cannot she does not know how to open the hood of our vehicle I see what you mean she's he said yes
you have to teach them how to open this.
So I mean after that like I have to incorporate that into into my lesson yeah but
at the end of the day they could go and they can explain things I mean he said she accurately
blend everything like everything that that she spoke about makes sense because he knows about cars you know but she just does not know how to open the hood so there's so many success stories that have come about from the workshop.

[45:59] And I'm so proud of everything I'm so so proud I mean I even have an evaluation form Jamie and you know what I think one of the most negative things that came out and it's so funny one of the most negative things that came out is that my my
Refreshments should have a vegan option
well that's an easy fix exactly everything else is perfect what's the most touching bit of feedback you ever got from a lady at one of those workshops.

[46:30] Wow oh that's a good question I oh oh oh okay so there's this lady that came to my workshop in October last year
and she said that her father grew up being a mechanic of the whatnot and she used to
to check her oils and her fluids and you know she can change a wheel and so on and then after a while she got complacent and stop doing it and you know the vehicle started to deteriorate and so on and she said that she saw
the workshop come up on Facebook and she said look I want to come and be a part of this
I'm to reignite that flame that I once had and even I mean once you once you look on YouTube and you see the video I think she hasn't done one of the videos and when I saw the video after the production I started crying because she said
you know this kind of ignited her flame to go back and actually learn more about her vehicle and to take charge of her investment you know what I mean so
at the end of the day.

[47:33] It's not a case where some women do know how to take care of their vehicles some of them have started probably when they first got the car but then after a while they got complacent or you know life happens and.
They they get caught of focusing on other things and they neglect their vehicles you know and some of them just needed that
that's part to reignite that combustion you know to get things moving you know so I think that was one of the most touching moment because of again and when I saw the video because a lot of the times when my workshop is carrying on and we have interviews I don't see anything I don't hear anything until after the production of the video so when I listen to the video and I'm like wow I didn't know that people really thought about
the workshop this way and that pushes me a whole lot you know and I feel really proud that I can be an inspiration to.
The you are other people that's it perfect way of putting it Renee is inspiration and a leader.

[48:36] Inspiration in the leader thank you want to touch briefly on when you have three entities you're an entrepreneur.
Yes I am I love interviewing female entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone.
Some people just love doing it and being one I'm one of them you're one of them.
What has been the biggest lesson learned if you could look back at you know yourself 10 years ago what would you tell.

[49:06] You ten years ago based on what you know now as it relates to entrepreneurship.

[49:13] Oh my God I have so many answers for that oh my gosh no JB honestly I never saw myself doing anything.
Of this nature 10 years ago because in my mind at that point in time I just wanted to.
Get down and dirty and fix things and that kind of stuff at that point in time I I did not know that I would have developed an Enterprise to to have.
Different tiers of businesses I really did not think that way I mean if I was that forward-thinking I would probably have done
business subjects in high school or you know do an entrepreneur course or something to that effect you know so I mean my my thing is that.

[49:58] When you get into anything at all not only do the research but get educated on it
so for myself I just finished up a project management course just so that I can manage all of my projects even more efficiently you know so don't limit yourself to the technical aspect
also get educated on.
Last week being are on there so that things would float a lot more easier for you if I had known I was going to do this a long time ago honestly out of
probably done business management
but at the same time I'm happy that I had a lot of trial and errors going into and Entrepreneurship right and I keep developing and keep learning because of the end of the day
this world is dynamic and it changes so quickly
you know so you always have to trade to be on top of the ball every time all the time I agree and and multiple women in these interviews have said.

[50:57] Similar things is what you're saying and we get so focused on the topic that we're interested in.
Damn I almost start to have tunnel vision.
Is that regardless of the topic there are certain skills that apply to any topic.
And you used a good example project management that's actually my day job I'm I'm a process Improvement manager but I background.
Program and project management and that kind of apply to anything that you do exactly business education around business management.
You know even if you don't plan on owning your own business or even being in.
Having an understanding around that and understanding you know your boss or supervisor or the owner the shop owners perspective.

[51:50] Helps you.
Be better at what you're doing because you get to see the big picture then correct correct that is sound advice and I would tell anyone.

[52:02] Regardless of what you are majoring in or what your focus is or your certification is in.
A business class can only help you a financial education class can only help you it's applicable to everyone's life.
Yeah correct I think that's going to be my next my next hurdle all my next
feather in my cap I want to really do some financing courses because
that is going to play a big role in what my next step in life is going to be so I definitely need to get a lot more educated than that asked me about and not in a boards on the air
craft turbine engines piston engines electrical systems I am good with that however with the next step in Renee's life I think that
you know I need to just you know brush up on a little bit more books and.
You know get that financing and management part started as soon as possible that's that's definitely not the sexy stuff oh my attention
and oh my gosh Jimmy my attention span is horrible well I had I had my Series 7 and series 66 that allowed me to sell stocks bonds and mutual funds.
And studying for that was whoo that was painful I.

[53:21] Got that when I was 23 years old and I'll tell you what I was in the financial industry for multiple years and right it is painful.
It is very dry so it's not there's certain things that you know.
I would strongly recommend definitely understanding a balance sheet is one of the most important things as a business owner and even not just a business owner but just life skill right right but
the balance sheet understanding the balance sheet.

[53:55] All right so I'm taking away a lot of things from this interview as well Jamie well we're learning and learning from each other
right well Renee I think this is a great opportunity to launch into the Red Line Round what the redline realm is is just five rapid-fire questions there's no right or wrong answer to it but whatever pops in your head first is the right answer
okay you ready yep Ready you told me you've been preparing for this so.
Okay who or what has been your inspiration throughout your journey in the industry.
Alright so my inspiration in the industry right now have been mr. Brian Celtic has been very inspirational.
I'm with you guys to automotive mechanic so I think that he has been one of my biggest mentors and also as a drag racer he has
gone through leaps and Bones because he built the fastest Evolution on this side of the Caribbean and that by itself is a huge feet you know so he has he has been had been my inspiration.

[55:04] Of course rest in peace Brian Kelsey
very touching Rene where do you go or what resources do you use when you want to learn something new or get stuck on the job.

[55:14] YouTube youtube.com YouTube and Google those are my best friends
is there any YouTube channel specifically that you zero in on or just depends on what you're working on it just depends on what I'm working on like the other day I was doing building shelves and I just typed into YouTube and
yeah a couple shelves later I think I'm an expert now that's awesome Renee what excites you most about what you do
overcoming challenges set in my way whether it be by way of just the universe having being that way to test my mettle

[55:54] but being able to overcome challenges that has inspired me to push even harder to love it what is a personal.
Or practice that has helped you significantly in this industry when you feel stuck or discouraged a personal.
Oh gosh I am I'm her Bloomers I have potty mouth so I would cost I cuss a lot but what I try to do even though I cuss I step away a little bit probably go to the beach
probably have a scotch and then get back to it because sometimes you just need to just back off regroup and then go again I hear you.
Maybe maybe someday we can meet in person and we can have a chance to happen there with me with your watch in my bourbon it'll happen.

[56:43] All right and finally what is your parting advice to other Femcanic is finding their way in the skilled trades in Motorsports industry.

[56:53] Just be you be authentically you too often we try to be
I to emulate other person's or to copy and paste other persons
to kind of make ourselves relevant or not ourselves but to make us feel irrelevant but
the more authentic you are the more accepting you'll be for other person's so authenticity
to the fullest be you just be authentically you beautifully said.
And finally where and how can people connect with you.
And your brand so many oh my gosh all right so you can connect with Renee Edwards-Ambrose - Rea on Facebook also on Instagram at
I am on the score reall y Fe e that's in real life with a why.
I'm also on Twitter there with that handle also you can follow lady mix workshop on Facebook
on Instagram and on Twitter lady Hospital Farm you can find Lady Hospital climb on Facebook
lady Hospital Farm 268 on Instagram and yeah if you type in lady makes workshop and YouTube you'll find a lot of my videos being uploaded as well
I'm excited to learn more about treating my car like my vagina.

[58:19] I was just about to use that hashtag it's a beautiful day so I was just about to say and remember.
Treat your car like you treat your vagina good evening yeah that's good so you should wrap up all those Renee.

[58:38] Oh my goodness Renee thank you so much for being in the driver's seat today I have thoroughly enjoyed our absolute pleasure Jamie was.
Food pleasure thanks for having me thanks for the consideration it means a lot the honor is mine.

[58:57] Hey guys I'm Renee Edwards-Ambrose AKA Butters from Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean and I am a lady man.
Lady Hospital farm and in real life Femcanic.

[59:14] Amanda Beyers is in the driver seat next she is the owner of Manda Marie upholstery.
She has over 14 years combined experience doing upholstery for Gulfstream Aerospace Ferrari and Concourse level Restorations.

[59:30] Amanda leads us through her journey of Entrepreneurship as a custom automotive upholstery shop.

[59:38] Be sure to tune in next week until next time Femcanic.

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