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December 29, 2020
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EP65: Megan Meyer—Stepping Out of the Driver Seat & Into Life After Racing


[0:00] I am comfortable racing I'm comfortable being on TV interviews being in the spotlight but.

[0:09] I know there's more out there for me I'm being called to do more with this.
Racing has got me to this point in my life to where I have to make a decision now if I stay in the driver's seat what is my future going to look like or.
Step out of the seat do something that I've never done before something that my family has not done before and that's.
creating a digital business seeing where I can take that it's scary I'm just going to go with it and see what happens,
you're listening to Femcanic Garage the podcast that features women in the automotive and motorsports industry.
A community that elevates and powers and evolves by smashing stereotypes and breaking down barriers for women I'm your host Jayme Blasiman buckle up for the ride Femcanics.

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[2:05] Megan Meyer is in the driver's seat today. Megan is an NHRA Top alcohol drag race driver,
She broke the record for the quickest female pass at 5.15 seconds in 2016 as a rookie.
Only to break an NHRA thirteen-year-old class record in 2020 with a run of five-point zero nine seven.
And Topping out at 278 .81 miles per hour.
Not only is she a record-breaking driver, she's a graphic designer and entrepreneur. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

[2:49] Hello Femcanics this is Jayme B coming to you and I have Megan Meyer in the driver's seat today how are you doing this evening Megan I am great thanks for having me on Jayme
no thanks thanks for joining us and being willing to chat and dig into who you are what this is about and what's on the horizon for Megan Meyers
I've did the pre-recorded bio so folks understand some of your accolades and some of your past Journey but,
if you're open to sharing with the Femcanics community for those of the listeners that may not follow drag racing or NHRA
a lot could you give the 60,000 foot view of kind of your career and.

[3:32] Five or 10 minutes and then I will send the listeners to your links where there you have some beautifully done videos documenting your family and your journey.
Over the last 17 years 17-year career yes.
I would love to hear the 60,000 foot version yes so like you just said 17-year career I began drag racing
myself in 2004 and
I have a little sister who's two years younger than me we both got started at the same time and what's called the junior drag Racing League of NHRA which is the National Hot Rod Association.
Now how we got into it is because my dad uncle and older cousins all race so my dad
he started racing back in the 70s with his brother they were just mechanics became drivers started to build cars for other people build their own cars started to race professionally
and that was just kind of how their career went and then when my sister and I were old enough so she was 8 and I was 10 years old.
We got started in the junior drag Racing League which now they can.

[4:50] start kids when they're five and six years old which to me is just crazy but I think it's awesome because that was the fondest time I've ever had racing and I wish that they didn't put an age limit on it which is 18 years old
because I would love to go back and do that it was just so much fun being able to just hop in the truck and trailer and drive to our track in Kansas City which was about 45 minutes away from us in downtown Kansas City
we just go there on Wednesday and Friday night they had tested two sessions and then Saturday and Sunday were the races and it was just fun we had a community of other kids that
race with us a lot of them were girls and it's just so cool because now
we're all grown up most of them got out of the sport especially when they were teenagers and they started to get more involved in other sports in their schools or stuff like that
the ones that did stick in it are you still doing it today and it's so cool to see how that is one of them being my older cousin and,
so from there.

[5:55] I just kind of worked my way up the ladder of drag racing just going into the different classes of and the classes are separated out by speed and by the type of vehicle that you're driving
it's not really by age like it was in the junior class for the kids as soon as you're 16 and you have a driver's license you can step out of that class and race in the adult series,
and so that's what I did and I always knew.
that drag racing was what I wanted to do because I love doing it with my family. My dad was gone a lot we grew up a lot with my parents leaving all the time.

[6:33] but I always wanted to do what my dad did he was my idol. Megan I got to ask a quick question just to put this in perspective because I'm familiar with your story but some of the listeners may not.
What age did you start drag racing I started when I was 10.
So at 10 years old you're 16 years old you move over to start competing with adults and I'm in my wrong and saying most of the people you were competing against were probably older gentleman.

[7:03] Yes they were,
as a sixteen-year-old girl, I'm sorry I've seen your story and it's still just like I could just imagine you pulling up next to.
In the lane, it's a 16-year-old girl oh God that's an awesome, and what was what was that like was that ever weird for you,
to be honest it wasn't a lot of.
The older guys that were racing would race at the same time that the kids would.
Not at exactly the same time because we're racing ours are race and they do their race we knew who they were and they knew who we were especially they knew who my dad was that they you know respected him.

[7:49] But it really was not that weird and I know a lot of people think that it is because you know male-dominated Sport and all that,
but they were very friendly and especially because as soon as I did turn 16 and got my driver's license
I was going to the racetrack on my own or it was just me and my sister and so I feel like we had to work on the motors,
it's just us so a lot of the other families and parents they would come and help us out,
which meant you know means the world to us and there's actually one family in specific that they just live right down the road from my house.
And he was one of those older guys racing in the adult class and he really stepped up to help us out when we got to that point where we were independent racing on our own.
And now he has two daughters who are teenagers and so is kind of funny because he got some practice.

[8:46] I'm dealing with me and my sister well we don't have parents around and how we react so now he knows what's how to deal with his two daughters oh that is awesome,
it was not easy I'll tell you that so you're 16 you would already been Racing for six years,
and the type of car that you drive and again just to educate those who may not follow an HRA.

[9:13] So it's what's considered a super cop,
Dragster and so there's a lot of different classes like I said based on the type of car you race and this class was at the top of all those classes because it was the fastest one and it was the only class with Dragsters now all the other classes.
What we called door cars which is just like any muscle car any type of card you could build to go and race you could figure out what class at fitted and race that so all.
All the classes were considered door car classes and there is one dragster class we stuck with a dragster class just because.
That's what my dad drove was a dragster we were just driving Junior Dragsters and so it made sense for us to just kind of stay in that similar type of vehicle,
although it was very fast so we were going from junior dragster,
racing in an eighth of a mile going about 80 miles per hour to the super comp class which goes about 180 miles per hour and a quarter-mile so is.
very different and it took a lot of training to get used to it to be able to.
do an actual burn out and back up straight and not crooked but not like you're going to face the wall when you want and then being able to,
judge a Finish Line and make sure you're ahead of the guy,
within the eight seconds that it takes to get to the quarter-mile oh my hundred and 80 miles per hour God so yeah I'm just saying holy man how do you.

[10:42] Wow you know I've heard this but it still blows me away what kind of like geez do you encounter when you're doing that,
I don't remember what it was when I was driving that car specifically because now I've graduated from that into the pro ranks but my car that I race now.
From the launch the most I've pulled is four and a half G's oh my God yeah have you ever gotten sick.

[11:12] Now I haven't gotten sick but there have been moments where I just black out for a split second while you're driving the car don't you like blackout for.
Oh wow it takes a lot of training to get your mind right to remember,
exactly everything that goes on so now I'm racing in the class I meant now Top alcohol dragster it's
280 miles per hour and quarter mile which is a little over 5 seconds so that it takes a long time to train your mind to think.
How much is going on within 5 Seconds, yeah hope that's just mind-blowing to me.
Yeah so drag racing is all mental it's not a very physical sport especially compared to like Supercross where that's
it's all physical and you know the guys can make the bikes you know faster or slower or whatever and I just know about that because that's what my fiance races.
A family of thrill-seekers yes is it even thrill-seeking at that point I mean you've like grown like this is all you've known.

[12:30] And it is in this is my do you still get a rush I do but.
It's only when the car is running and I'm in the car strapped in ready to go on the track do you still get nervous or anything.
No, but not for the actual car racing it's more about.
me like working up my nerves because I'm racing against someone that I know is really good or
I'm chasing them importance or they're chasing me and point you know they're not they don't get all nervous and start to freak myself out because I'm like okay I have to get a good reaction time because I know he's really sharp on the tree so I got to make sure I'm better than him,
and all this stuff so.
That's about the only thing that's nervous this is more of curiosity for me and then we'll dive into some of the other topics but.
20 19 you were the world champion for your class yes.

[13:32] Were you the youngest world champion ever because you're not very well dear you just shared with me is it okay if I share your age.
Yes, you're 26 years old that's not very old.

[13:47] No and I don't think I am the youngest because they have not told me that.
So be curious to look up in are you the first female world champion in that class yes.

[14:04] That's total badassery by the way you know I'll tell you that I have to share this with the Femcanics community because.
I've said it before I'm very particular,
with who I have on the Femcanics Raj podcast because there's a certain brand image that is important to me and whenever,
I ask people to be on it before I ever asked her I reach out to anyone or follow people for that matter on Instagram or Facebook I do my research and.

[14:37] We were at the women in Auto Care conference in the beginning of this year and this year's 2020 and.
You were speaking and I'm like wow she seems very authentic and genuine.

[14:52] Is she the real deal is Megan Meyer the real deal it's like okay you're accomplished I see that and that's great but there's this whole thing that I struggle with where.
Women sexualize themselves a lot in the automotive industry or Motorsports industry I'm like okay.
So I went to your Instagram and I did a you know one of those swipes where it's it scans a whole bunch right because it's like okay if.
Maybe they're not as risky or whatever but let's see what the earlier posts are.
And you are such a woman of class Megan I have so much respect for you you are a beautiful young woman.
And you let your accolades speak for themselves you don't sexualize yourself you let your.

[15:46] Your class and respect speak for itself and and I have so much admiration.
And you're such an inspiration to young women across the United States and in the world around that of how you can be respectful.
Not sexualize yourself but totally embrace your femininity and you do it with such grace So kudos to you I was just thoroughly impressed.
Thank you Jayme I really appreciate that and that's something that I'm um.
Do you know it's it's never really been something that I've thought about to post a picture that it is risque a revealing or post like a picture to swimsuit or.
sports bra it's like to me that that grosses me out and I'm not comfortable with that at all and I don't know if it's just because.
You know I'm racing with my family and my dad and I don't want my dad to see a picture like that of me up on the internet you know that's disgusting but I do see some sorry I'm back here laughing,
hey like that's disgusting.

[16:55] I don't know that girls think about this stuff when I post it on the Internet or if they're just trying to get a famous quick,
I don't even know what goes through their minds but yes I do see a lot of it in racing thankfully there's not a whole lot
in NHRA I mean I could probably name on one hand a couple of drivers that are girls.

[17:20] That I know do it and at the same time I'll tell you that they are not full-time drivers they are doing it for attention to try to get sponsorships and.
Sponsors probably see that and they probably think the same thing that were thinking and that's why they don't raise full-time because they don't have funding and I mean I'm just talking out loud right now but.

[17:43] Yeah it's gross and.
It just creeps me out the comments at these guys leave even on my stuff where I'm fully clothed and they still creep me out and I tell him and I block them and so other guys see that and they'll not to do that or else you will get walked
good for you Megan and you know part of your Ventra will get into this a little bit is you do social media,
in really starting to turn it into a craft and you've been honing that craft for multiple years now and we'll get into that in just a little bit but.
What great advice for the younger generation on how to navigate this because it's just not needed it's not.
And you you are exactly right and you are a prime example of what you do.
Of what can be done with class and grace and I love it and it's consistent it's not up and down.

[18:49] It's.
In that's what and if I'm being honest like I listen to part of your talk because I was in the other part I was looking at your Instagram because I was so pleasantly surprised and that's where you know I.
I actually didn't even see you out you happen to be standing next to me before we were walking in somewhere and we just started chatting and I think I shared that with you there as well we're just.
We need more of that we need more of that in the what is.
Everywhere in the internet is how to let your.

[19:26] Hopefully this doesn't offend you but your titties and ass hang out and there's tons of that everywhere and showing women how to do that but how what's the other way let's do it a different way and I just.
You've just nailed it a world champion sponsorship.
And you did it with class and grace this is how it's done and once someone.

[19:52] Like shows the path or lights the way in a path.
It makes it a lot easier for other people to follow I agree and I want to give credit to,
the girls that mentored me while I was growing up because I think a lot of it has to do with them and.

[20:13] There was there they were sisters they were twins actually and one of them drove for my dad drove his car in 2008,
and the other one drove for a different team but they're racing the same class and these two sisters are originally from Australia,
they're their dad races so we come from a very similar background he came to the states to start racing because we race more often than they do in Australia,
just it's just more and more televised just as bigger over here than it is over there so they got started and let's see 2008 I was in high school I don't know I don't remember exactly how old I was.

[20:55] But.
They really paved the way for me and showed me what was possible if I wanted to stick with a career drag racing and
one of them was into photography marketing graphic design,
and the other one was into business and all that stuff so I kind of merged what both of them taught me,
and they showed me what it's like to you know do it with class you don't need to reveal any skin or anything like that and so I just want to give credit to them and.

[21:34] That's really it where this all started that's when social media was just starting to.
To blow up to be thought of to be used for more than just personal use and yeah it's just,
you know there's it's so easy to tell when you're scrolling on someone's Instagram or Facebook.
To tell if they were real deal or if they're not just by what the the pictures that they pose and,
I mean it's very easy to separate the females in Motorsports from the ones that are dead serious about it doing it long term,
and the ones that are just there for the attention and unfortunately the ones that are there for the attention get more attention sometimes than the ones that are there for the real deal,
and that are there for actual you know searching for funding wanting to be professional drivers or even just crew members you know they don't have to be drivers,
yeah but you know once you find the ones that are real.

[22:42] You know you make a good connection with them and their lifelong friends and I'm thankful to have a group of friends that are on the same you know it's a mindset,
that I am when it comes to this topic yeah and getting to know you more and,
checking out Instagram and all those things and in you're right it doesn't take long you do a little bit of scrolling you definitely see a theme.
And it's just that genuine female empowerment with with Grace and class and that's all I want from Canon garage to be and you fit.
Perfectly into that storyline so I said it before and I'll say it again I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to share with the Femcanic community.

[23:28] How to do these things and you know you're going to be going through a transition here.

[23:34] We're at some point you're going to be done racing you're getting ready to get married.

[23:43] I you didn't indicate but I don't know if you and your fiance in the new in the future sometime plan on having kids but.
If you start your own family and you start taking your life down a different path a little bit and to be able to.
For your children to go back and look at your posts and you not be ashamed of what they might find right.

[24:12] There's something to be said for that I have a 12 year old daughter in I'm not ashamed for her to go on the Femcanic Garage page and look at things.
And that's ultimately what I wanted get to and you seem very much aligned with that thank you and yeah I just want to point out.
But I know everybody knows this but once you put something on the Internet is always there especially a picture.
And even like I've had some weirdos print out copies of my high school senior pictures because I put him up on the internet and I can't figure out how to delete them.
Spread them out and send them to me to autograph and it's just like.
Why like how creepy is that I mean they're not bad pictures or anything you kidding me know I get a lot of weird requests.
From guys are you ever scared no but they do you know.
They do make me a little bit nervous yeah yeah because the thing with NHRA which is different than NASCAR is.
When you think about pits it's open pit anyone can walk back there right.

[25:34] Yes it is and it's even gotten to the point where we've had drunk guys at the end of a race where everybody's coming up you know.
Getting ready to leave packing up pits we're guys have
gotten into our trailers and stuff like that because they're drunk and they don't know what they're doing they just want to hang out with erasers and it's very oh my God it's very nerve-wracking,
and there's more more of the the stereotypes that you know
being a female in a male dominated sport the heart you know whatever we have to go through it all these rumors of stuff like girls have better reaction time than guys and blah blah blah
trust me I have lost many times to guys because I've had bad reaction time that rumor is not true
but it's the it's a fans in the spectators and the people online,
that are making it like that it's not the other Racers I'll tell you that I haven't I've gotten so much respect from,
the guys that I'm racing against that have been doing this for 20 30 years and here I'm the new kid on the Block and.

[26:45] Winning and they're not you know saying bad stuff about me or stuff like that because they've known me my whole life they've known.
This is what I wanted to do they know my dad and his history and all his stuff that he's accomplished they they respected me and welcomed me with open arms when I did finally make that jump into racing professionally with them.

[27:09] It's more from the fans in the spectators that creep me out that it's like.
Man just sometimes I wish that we did have those limits like NASCAR did it just so I could.

[27:20] Take a step away from them and sometimes there is inappropriate touching or whatever whenever they want to get a picture and they might pull you in real close and it's just,
I had this group The out who that like makes me vomit in my mouth and I immediately think of like my 12 year old daughter I'm like I would,
I don't know how your fiance does it or your dad like I would without wanting to like beat someone down
yeah unfortunately I had it how does your fiance handle that well he does not come to my race has a lot of it is because he's off bracing his dirt bike or he's doing something he's got many hobbies.
But he also gets really bored at my races because we only run two or three times a day and it's only,
I mean it's only 15 minutes total from the time I get to the car it's the time I get out of the car and the rest of the time is I was working on the cars and tearing the motors apart
back together so it's a little boring at times because you hurry up and wait and yes God
wait for them to call you up so you can make your next round and then hurry up and wait again and it's like that all day every day so.
It's not really his thing.
Yeah well I mean if he does racing himself sitting on the sidelines and just watching is opposite of like actually getting in it doing it it makes sense.

[28:50] Yes for sure I want to talk a little bit about this transition that you're making in I know that this is your last year.
Of actual racing in you're going to be doing a transition into that next phase what's next for Mega Myers.
I am figuring that out so I know that to get to this point of where I am which was.
For me to start professionally started 5 years ago and,
like I said at the beginning my dad and I made a plan to make this happen and so my career to get to this point may have been predestined.
But it's not you know the end-all-be-all there's a lot of roads to success in the drag racing industry,
urges in Motorsports in general and I am still figuring out exactly where I'm going to take it after I'm done driving.

[29:54] But it's extremely scary thinking about it because
I never really had like an Exit Plan and I knew this day would come I knew that one day I would want to have kids and start a family on my own,
and you know there's no way the.
I'm going to drive a race car while pregnant I'm still figuring it out yeah that harness wouldn't work well with those G's and yes.
Yeah so yeah so my what I love to do,
is the marketing side of it I love social media and especially with us going through the Coronavirus,
you know it shows that
social media is something that's very vital that businesses need a lot of stores that weren't online or my now because of what's going on and
so that's kind of where my zone is I've grown up with social media I had my space before Facebook and all that stuff so I've always been digital always been on the
wow I haven't heard my space and years yes I,
I don't even know what my profile would still be up there but I'm is that I haven't even tried as that website even still Bella.

[31:18] I have no idea wow I mean I look like space is still around at this time it could be I'm surprised it went under,
yeah well I think it's more for music now but I loved it because that's what,
got me my foot in the door with website design was learning how to code my MySpace profile the way I wanted to be with the different colors and pictures and all that.
So do you do any web design or is it just a minor or css work that you do or,
I have before and that's what one of my miners were in college was,
so my major in college was graphic design management my miners were in printing and website design,
to be honest I don't really do it anymore just because it's one of those things that changes so fast that if you're not up to date with it,
that you're like you're going to miss out on everything and that's kind of what happened to me.
So once I graduated college I immediately started racing I did not go into the normal routine of giving getting a job and all that stuff I kind of just started my own
thing I,
you know my parents are both entrepreneurs I always kind of had that mindset so I started my own business which was doing graphics and website design for other Racers and.

[32:45] You know website design was something that not a lot of people wanted again at this time they don't think they need it for and they don't think that's good for marketing so
it kind of faded away and I'd only do like one website project a year maybe two if I was lucky and so it kind of got to the point to where I don't understand the coding anymore,
and there's so many different languages out there now.

[33:11] That when I was in college and building a website from a blank page writing only HTML and CSS
like there's so much JavaScript and Json and all the stuff out there that I have no idea how to use it so I know there's a lot of
new websites now that do just drag and drop because a lot of people don't
understand how to code and I don't blame him so I do my own website in the Rainy my racing team's website I handle all that stuff and then just for like my past clients I'll update their website.
But as far as like going into the future and new clients I really don't do much website design other than something that would be
simple for me to create when I hear you talk I hear an excitement around the social media and marketing side of things.
Yes marketing and social media yes they cross over but they can stand on their own as well yes and.

[34:13] For me it's figuring out how to create a personal brand on social media and.
Leveraging that so it where do I want to be just an influencer on social media which.
I know that term is still relatively new for for everybody but
an influencer is just someone that gets paid to basically promote a product and it could either getting paid by like the number of sales like you get a discount code and you get like ten percent off whatever you sell or
or the company pays you an x amount of dollars to purpose whatever or.
Do I want to use it for educational coaching stuff like that and that's where.

[35:01] I have been an influencer in the past it,
I am right now because there are certain products that I am sponsored by that I do get commissions off of when I post products and still stuck or them but I am wanting to go more into that coaching educational side and taking what.
I've learned over the years and thing it in formats that will help.
Other people in Motorsports and in automotive to help them grow their businesses I wanted to kind of take a step back a little bit and talk about this influencer peace because this is.
This is huge in in it is relatively new and I think a lot of companies are trying to figure out.

[35:43] What influencers should be paid there's all this conversation around it.
Now when you say there's products that you'll promote just because folks so far in the this conversation know that you have a sponsor,
for your drag racing in NHRA what you're talking about is something different in my right on that.
You are so like NGK spark plugs and Lucas Oil are my two biggest sponsors for the racing,
and while I do promote them a lot on social media because that is part of our deal
I do have separate sponsors that I work with only on social media I do not promote them room I'm at the racetrack I do not put their logo on the car just because,
that's extra exposure that we would have to charge them because that would be us advertising for them and they you know they didn't do that they just wanted to stick to social media digital marketing
only so two of the companies that I work with right now are Mammoth coolers which are.

[36:49] Just coolers and they just came out with soft sided coolers they have tumblers stuff like that very similar to like Yeti coolers and Australian Gold sunscreen which
very powerful or everybody has used it before and so they reformulated.
Sunscreen so they're pushing it out right now it's a lot of different influencers on social media to promote their products did they reach out to you and a score,
they did reach out to me which is very unique and it's because it was from people that I've known and worked with in my past that recommended.

[37:29] Me for them to work with so for example 2
to work with Mammoth coolers I had actually never heard of them before and because we got sold in stores the way that we got connected was a friend that I had met while I was in college and he was a videographer,
we kind of we didn't really stay in touch after college but he did come he was a couple years older than me so he graduated before me he came back to the school too,
so you know tell the kids what he was doing and we reconnected then because I was getting into videography learning about how to use it because I work,
on stuff while I was at the track and bring it back to the classroom so I can work on it and learn more so like at this time I was taking my GoPro and mounting it on to the cars and and I was trying to figure out how to use the software to make
videos and all that subsequent on YouTube so.

[38:23] He start he works at an agency now which started representing man coolers and they wanted to grow on Instagram and Facebook so he had.

[38:36] Thought of me in Wrecking me to work with them so I had a call with the owners and we came up with the plan products so I can use and promote them and I love them so it was something that I agreed to promote
that's kind of how that works in just so folks get an idea how many followers do you have on Instagram on Instagram I,
believe I just reached the 30,000 Mark and on Facebook.

[39:04] Facebook is a little bit less I believe it's only twenty five thousand which is still like.
Huge amount yeah absolutely I don't want to say just like me like 25,000 or small yeah no that's those are decent followings there it's the whole thing around that is kind of.
A mystery like you said influencer.
Is relatively new and I still feel like that's still getting the foundation laying around the process around how that even works,
right so you had the product you test drove it first to make sure it was something you were comfortable representing my understanding you right.

[39:45] That makes sense in the other the other product that your represent how did you get into it it's like sunblock right.
Yes it is so the way how that worked was kind of a similar situation so I was,
during college I was doing a center in a summer internship for a marketing agency that was working inside an HRA so I was still able to go to races and you know.
Still do everything I wanted to do during the Summers and getting internship experience working up as marketing agency and through that one of the
activation points what we call which is where you go to when you're at a race and you have all the vendors there and they have all these interactions that you can do
I was working at one of them as one of the girls that you know,
I wasn't wearing anything skanky I want to say but the girls to draw them into the booth to get them too,
give them their email address on the iPod and then you know they take their picture or whatever and then so that way
the company gets their contact information and all that stuff so thank you for clarifying that maybe cuz I hate to say it but a lot of people if you say that your.

[41:02] Doing that role as a female.
I don't care what anyone says the majority of people automatically think you're wearing a too small of tank top with your.
Boobs hanging out and.

[41:15] Skin tight and what you're saying is that's not how you are representing yourself which does not surprise me at all because you're a woman of class so thank you for clarifying that well.
Yes but I'm not saying that there weren't girls like that yes I have no doubt that's not one of them one of the girls that I was working with she was kind of,
I don't know exactly like what her role was but she was one of the you know the head.

[41:47] Girls that kind of overlooked overlooked all the other models that were there we have become friends through racing and she was dating one of the racers at that time
anyways we you know just stay connected on social media we didn't really see her that much at the races after my internship was over and I was done with that
anyway she had started working,
for Australian Gold sunscreen she got out of the drag racing world started working for them and I believe they're in California and that's where she is at they reformulated they wanted to reach out to influencers to advertise for them
instead of them paying
so many dollars to advertise on billboards or in magazines something like that they can just pay half the cost to or either
not even paid them but just giving the product for free that's so they're only cost is product giving it to people to use a promote on social media
if this doesn't share the story of you know networking and.

[42:48] Always leave a positive impression.

[42:53] I don't know what does because it has this happened this came back two years after the fact.
Right yes yes it's been years and I say this all the time on the podcast it this is just about keep showing up.
The more you keep in the longer you keep showing up things like this start happening just because you keep showing up.

[43:18] Yes now you have to call you out here because you said it so casually and you're so modest but you mentioned the models.

[43:27] Have you modeled no evening and you've probably had people tell you that you could model.
Yes now it sounds like you've made a conscious decision not to model is that true or just.

[43:44] You're correct I that's not something I would want to do do you care
talking a little bit about that because you're so humble and modest about this and like you I could tell you were almost uncomfortable saying the models well you were a model and in that environment and that Split Second but,
why the conscious decision not to.

[44:08] Because I work as far as how it goes being at the racetrack and seeing the models which.
You don't really see a lot of them and NHRA you do a lot another motor sports especially like
and Supercross you have the Monster Energy girls wear is like we don't really have that and drag racing I really don't see that as a sustainable career path,
um I don't see.

[44:36] Honestly you just are there to look good and to attract these old creepy guys and that's not something that I am attracted to and I just I'm not comfortable with,
first off just exposing myself in those outfits and then also you know just being there just for likes you know.
You feel it's very one-dimensional yes.

[45:05] I thought I'd help you out there yeah it's almost not honoring you yourself by doing that because it's too one-dimensional.
Yes it is and like I mean these girls are absolutely beautiful so you know,
I'm not knocking them but it's just for me I'm just I'm not comfortable with it even just like going to take my picture like for hero cards for new headshots stuff like that I want to be,
fully clothed
it is awkward and I feel weird sometimes when I do it especially when you get your hair and makeup all done and you take hours to look good in these photos
for guys to have you sign it and then hang up on their wall I just don't really see the point in all that,
when you fuck it that way that's awesome dude.

[45:58] There's a couple things there too and anyone who goes out and checks out your website if they if they haven't seen you before.
Even without makeup or anything you don't at least at the conference you did not wear a lot of makeup,
it was pretty basic Natural Things is that typically the way you roll,
yeah I don't hardly ever wear makeup unless I'm going out on a date
or out some girlfriends or at the racetrack and I only wear makeup at the racetrack on Sunday because that's the only days that they do TV interviews with us,
most of the time
I don't I don't ever wear makeup when I'm at home especially when I have to go into the office with my parents and a lot of that is because we get customers that come into our shop so my parents let me,
backup my parents also own outside of racing they own a tow truck repair dealership and.
I work there 3 or 4 days a week.

[47:05] And when I'm there I'm the receptionist I just hope out and I'll office whatever the girls need upright I can help him out with I am the youngest person there and we get a lot of these guys.
That come in and I've had one of them asked me out on a date before and they ages
they just creep me out and then the other guys that work there are like hey you know that the owner's daughter and it's just it's just weird so I don't wear makeup I wear
sweatshirts and jeans I try to blend in as much as possible and I'm just,
you know I go to the gym before or after work so I'm sweaty and I don't want to wear makeup,
I only do it if I have to and I'm bringing this up because just to put this in perspective when you say even naturally your
you are a beautiful woman but to spend an hour or so doing makeup in preparation for these pictures and things and.
I'm bringing this up because when you see social media posts right.
Everything's always hunky-dory and everything you know what I mean in to as women we tend to.

[48:19] Critique ourselves a lot where that's it's refreshing to hear that and and I'm laughing over here because you're like I wear baggy,
sweatshirts and jeans where you're trying to blend in.
And you still even in baggy sweatshirts and jeans you still can't blend it you've mentioned the the creepy situations in the uncomfortable situations.
If you had an opportunity to tell men hey.
If you meet someone that you think is an attractive woman that is.

[49:01] Accomplished in maybe a sport that they really like or admire.

[49:07] What is a tactful respectful way to approach that / that woman.
Or do you mean like for them just being a nice guy like want to give a compliment or like actually interested in them.

[49:23] By interested do you mean like ask them out on a date type thing,
yeah let's let's start with compliment because maybe the other just for sheer entertainment purposes for conversation because I imagined son of some of them are hey I admire what you do I respect you but,
it's almost I don't know if they just don't know any better they don't understand boundaries I don't know but it does happen often but.
What would what would your recommendation be to them on how to handle that I be honest.
Hey I mean just try your best to not sound creepy you know if you want to give a girl a compliment.
I mean don't do the cat holder or somewhere where they like oh nice smile are you know where they're like trying to do a pick up wine or something where it's like I don't even I don't even can't even think of one right now but.

[50:20] Just tried it just be genuine be authentic
just try to be nice about it without Crossing that line of creepiness and creepiness is references to body parts or would you agree to that
yeah just more physical
it is so funny my favorite thing that happens when our customers come into our shops and they see our hero cards that are up on the tables for them to take with them and it's funny that they pick it up and they look at it,
and they look at me and then they look at it again and they're like you look different,
yeah because I spent three hours getting my hair and makeup done for that photo oh wow I don't know exactly what to say
but just being genuine just and especially if it's someone that does not know much about the sport or industry that they are in
admit to it because there's a lot of times where I can tell that
hey guys faking it or that they actually have no idea what they're talking about but they know their cousins neighbor that used to race so they think they don't.

[51:33] Did the expert in it like no just stop that you're better off to ask a question and be educated rather than act like a know-it-all.
Yes exactly I would respect them so much more at the ages be honest and say I've never been to a race before
but you know could you tell me what like what happens like what it's like and you know if they might have seen it on TV but it's only
being there in person because like you said you can go and
if I'm being honest I didn't expect the interview to go this way but this is a fascinating thing where it's trying to figure out how to navigate these things you know one is when we talk about social media in
right now you have an interest in.
May explore where that takes you further around social media promoting and maybe helping other people really Drive their social media presence.
But how.
Handle once you're on social media it's one thing to build up social media but when you build up social media.
How you handle the comments how you handle the people that's interesting to me and to be honest it.
Probably the thing that I was least prepared for.

[52:55] Do you know what I mean like the I mean you've referenced it like the creepiness and how to handle that.

[53:03] Do you ever get used to that you think you do and someone will say something that makes you not,
you know it's not normal yeah and that's that is something that,
I never really thought of while I was growing my social media and it's not something that people talk about.
And it's not,
it is I think it's something that we should bring more attention to because there's probably at least a hundred guys that I have blocked on my social media,
and I had someone send me a message once I am and it is from a guy and he was like are you really gonna.

[53:48] Block these people just because they comment on your picture to give you a compliment.
And I said yes because when they tell me like how sexy they think I am
that makes me very uncomfortable to the point where I don't even want to pull up my own social media profile because I don't want to read the.
What people these keyboard Warriors are saying and it creeps me out to the point where I don't even want to use it but it's something that you know I have to use for business and because I love it.
So yes I'm gonna I'm gonna block them because first off it's not.
Helpful anyway and it's not gonna like get you anywhere with me and it's like.

[54:38] Like what if my dad's all that like he's not on any type of social media he doesn't even know how to spell Facebook like if he saw that like and like what if.

[54:52] That's a father who's commenting on people like one of his daughters saw that like yeah I don't think they think what would you tell other women out there that.
Battle this I find it interesting that that gentleman referred to it as a cop.

[55:10] Is it really a compliment if someone feels uncomfortable is that really a compliment then no I don't think so.
In the way how I feel old it is.
To if it's someone that I've seen do it repeatedly I'll just go to their profile and block them if I just can't stand what they're saying.

[55:35] Or if it's someone that's that's new I don't recognize who they are and maybe we'll just do it like every now and then I'll give them a warning I will call it back to them and say something along the lines of like.

[55:49] Please stop like you're creeping me out if you don't if you keep repeating this I will block you and I've had guys that have come back and apologize and they've gotten better.
Yeah I think there's you just need to figure out for other women what are you comfortable with and then.
Knowing that line and knowing when you need to block someone and not worrying about how many followers you have and not worrying about,
you know your count going down because you block someone it's not about that it's all about what you're comfortable with it's your platform so if someone is,
pushing you to the point where you don't even want to log into it you need to get that person out of your content just block them.
And that's just really the only thing you can do on social media.

[56:44] That is such great advice Meghan in you're right we don't talk enough about these things and the reality is is social media is so prevalent right now,
whether it's just personal and or business that we need to have more conversations about this and it's one thing to be.
In the shop or in the pits and having conversations about feeling comfortable in quote unquote your work environment.
But the reality is is social media is kind of like your work environment even if it's personal use.

[57:18] Saying what you just said giving women the permission and giving them solid advice on how to handle it.
Hey if it was borderline reach out to him and say stop it and if you're not going to I'll block you that's so freeing to hear that.
Good in as simple as it sounds sometimes we just need to hear it's okay.

[57:48] Isn't that crazy but it's true I know I did that with my grandfather all the time where it's like you know.

[57:59] My guts telling me this is right but why is this still so hard and soon as he said it's okay that's all I needed.
And then it was unwavering with it and sometimes we just need that this is special yeah and another thing that I wanted to say is so,
to go and look at your own profile and them and if you are getting getting comments that.
Make you uncomfortable you know it could just be someone saying.
You know trying to give you a nice compliment to the point of where someone's like hey I want to be your sugar daddy which I've had that happen to me look go back to your own profile.
And just have like.
I have like a fresh pair of eyes look at it and think and put yourself in like their shoes and think as if it's something that is attractive to them I mean for us.
Words since we're in this industry and Automotive that's a lot of guys you know they're going to see the car pictures and motors and all that SASS and they're going to like that
but it's the other ones are you you posing in a way that's going to make one I comment are you know,
wearing something that's going to make them want to say something and.

[59:19] If that's the point the look you need to go back to how you're creating your content and,
and we figure it's a way that is more authentic to you and that will attract who you want to actually be associating with on social media,
because if it's not the target audience that you want,
then you need to switch gears and go towards what they would want if it's if that is something that you want to.
You know you want to change you need a.
You need to go back and look at what you're doing and if you notice there's something wrong something that's getting more attention than normal in a bad way,
then try not to repeat that that's great advice,
we had the conversation before the interviewers like not sure exactly where this interview is going and here you are just dropping knowledge bombs.
On the audience in because everyone is in social media this is applicable to everyone not just entrepreneurs and small business owners this is applicable to everyone,
and anyone who has had any social media account so I greatly appreciate your willingness to share this.
And I appreciate you being you and it takes courage.

[1:00:42] To do what you're doing because it's not the popular thing the popular thing is what we have discussed in.
Hey it's been a minute since I use that word but I'm going to steal it from you and to dress skanky and you know do a lot of those things that's the popular easy thing and the acceptable thing.
To doing what you're doing takes courage to bucket in to challenge the norm so Kudos do you make and I really appreciate it.

[1:01:14] Thank you and yeah same goes for me stepping out of the seat I am comfortable racing I'm comfortable being on TV interviews being in the spotlight,
doing all that stuff but.

[1:01:31] I know there's more out there for me I know that I'm being called to do more with this.
Racing has got me to this point in my life to where I have to make a decision now so.
If I stay in the driver's seat what is my future going to look like where I'm already at the top.
Where can I go from here or.
Step out of the seat do something that I've never done before something that my family has not done before and that's.
Creating a digital business and.
Seeing where I can take that just based on what I've learned over the years from using social media and digital marketing it's scary.
And it's it's uncomfortable figuring out where I'm going to go with this and it's not normal and you know.
I'm just going to go with it and see what happens what's the scariest part about it to you.

[1:02:38] I think just because it's all so new it's not a traditional.
Business where you go and open up a store and you sell products or you have a service which is what my parents do and.
It's it'll be completely digital I'll just have like
ebooks or PDFs or webinar trainings or video trainings I don't know like exactly what I want
I'm going to figure out like for my content wise but I am working on so what I'm loving to do right now is scheduling out content which is what I had talked about when I was speaking at women and Auto Care
and so I want to build more on that creating content pillars and then scheduling that out.
You're hired I hate doing that hey oh my gosh I'm hearing you talk about I'm like yes we need that we need that,
I just got to figure out how I'm going to.

[1:03:40] Take everything that I've learned in make it applicable to to other people if you need a guinea pig to partner with.
Let me know it's scary switching directions it is in especially if it's changing.
An entire way of income.
Right and an entire way of how you make income its it can be scary.
Yeah especially going into this time of starting a family where you know we need that reliable income to take care of them.

[1:04:19] Will you are setting yourself up in your coming up with a plan and it's you know this is something that you've been doing really four years Megan in to your point it's just a matter of figuring out how to package it.
In such a way to sell it in that can be hard.

[1:04:40] The best advice I can tell you is as crazy as it sounds find a couple trusted.
People are brands that will allow you to screw up a lot.

[1:04:53] On their dime is crazy as it sounds that trust you and is willing to see it through.
Completely with you and you will find those those brands.
Does that make sense yes but does it's just trial and error I mean there's just no two ways about it.
Yeah I completely understand no that's great thank you I'm excited to watch your journey and see how this unfolds for you over the next year I would I would be honored to.
Have a mastermind conversation with you I would love that Jamie thank you.

[1:05:36] Well Megan I have really enjoyed our conversation and I loved where it went organically and I've learned a lot from you as well in this and I think from,
a social media perspective the listeners will get a lot of value out of the information nuggets that you are willing to share with them,
so I appreciate that that's great and thank you I think this has been my most personal podcast that I've done typically it's just about racing how I got started,
you know race results from the past year things like that so thank you for having me on I've greatly enjoyed our conversation today.
I have to if you are open to it.

[1:06:23] I would love to do a Redline around with you where it's just five rapid-fire questions there's no right or wrong answer to it whatever pops into your heads the right answer are you up for that.
Yes let's give it a shot alrighty who or what has been your inspiration throughout your journey in the industry.

[1:06:41] Well outside of my dad I would say that the twin sisters I had mentioned earlier they really helped me get started and figure out where I want to go with my career and drag racing,
can you share their names yeah it's Kate and Diana Harker.
I know one of them had moved back to Australia the other one is here but I don't think she's involved in racing anymore.

[1:07:05] Well hi to both of you and thanks for being a great mentor and inspiring.
Megan because you're making waves sister.
Where do you go or what resources do you use when you want to learn something new or get stuck on a job or not job per se or.
Maybe it's just something that you're working on.
Instagram I love to look at other accounts that are outside of racing industry,
see what they're doing to kind of get my creative juices flowing and then figure out ways to apply that to us do you have any particular that you look at for inspiration.
Yeah there's a couple I'm Jasmine star is one of my
and also Jenna Kutcher so they're both photographers Jen is a badass her podcast is super cool yeah love it yeah I have absolutely nothing to do with what I'm doing
but I cannot take what they're learning from their podcast or from their Instagram or YouTube and figure out ways to apply that to our marketing efforts.

[1:08:17] So this next question is going to be twofold it's going to be racing career versus what's coming up because you kind of in that cusp.
What excites you most about what you do and let's let's apply that to the racing career.
And racing and then I'd love to get your take on that your business mind as well but let's start with racing and would be winning.

[1:08:41] Going rounds the adrenaline rush once we get started and not stopping until we made it to the very end.
Like I said there's a lot of hurry up and wait so once you can get going and get that momentum and keep going it's so much fun and what about the this
pivot that you're making in creating your own business and the business side of things what what excites you most about that,
I love the fact that it's me,
my whole life it's been kind of all about my dad and I don't want that to come off in a bad way but this is this is all me and what I want to do and what I've learned and what I can create so I'm gonna,
try to go as big with it as I can that is beautifully said and I don't think that sounds bad at all I mean your father is,
accomplished in his own right and I imagine in the racing Community it's always well.

[1:09:48] This is this is his daughter and you know what I mean there's always that kind of comparison so to speak yes you're almost like a shadow almost like not that you.
Our in his shadow but it's kind of like an elder thing.
Yeah what is a personal habit or practice that is helped you significantly in the industry.

[1:10:12] When you feel stuck or discouraged.
I'm actually if it's okay with you I some of these I'd like to go to fold so you have your racing career and I would love to get your take again on the business side of thing so on a racing career side.

[1:10:27] What's a personal habit that your practice that you do when you feel stuck I like to just read it over previous articles of when we you know,
if we're in a bad rut look back at a time we were successful and just get that that mindset going again because when you are,
down in racing and other people are faster than you and better than you it is all mental so it's very easy to get down on yourself and lose your confidence so,
looking back at this times where you are doing good and you were winning rounds you know it's a good spot to put you when you arrive at the track and have that fresh,
and your head so that way you feel a lot better when you get into the car and what about your business money the business side of things what's a personal habit or practice when you feel stuck,
you getting your business going and you feel stuck what's something that you do right now it's just looking at what other people have done that,
have done something similar to what I want to do and and kind of seeing how they made it through that whether it's reading a book or,
watching a video or looking at their post on social media I'm just still in this like research-based so I'm trying to absorb as much information as possible and to figure out like,
what can I expect for the ups and the Downs of this journey how did they make it through it so.

[1:11:56] I'm still learning I'm still figuring it out I appreciate your honesty around that and then.
Finally what is your parting advice for other Femcanic finding their way in the skilled trades or Motorsports industry,
to just be yourself don't try to be someone that,
you think they want to see on social media or in person if it's you know
they want the model that's going to attract all the fans if that's not you then don't do that to yourself you will find the right sponsor to work with that
we'll have the same values that you do just put a little bit of effort into that when you are trying to find them and not the first person that.
You know the first company that wants the person that's going to get all the attention to make it quick sale it's more than just that.

[1:12:51] Because a lot of race fans you know it's it goes generations and they use the same products or they like the same teams that there,
parents and grandparents did so just making sure you stay true to yourself because fans can tell when you're being fake whether it's online or in person so.
Just always be yourself and be authentic love what you stand for and your message Meghan where and how can people connect with you.
They can find me on Instagram and Facebook at Megan Meyer racing.
I'm also my website is Megan Meier. Racing or Megan my racing.com.
And then if you want to know more about our team you can go to rating iracing.com there you can learn about my sister and the other female drivers that we have on the team,
I have so enjoyed this interview in more importantly and selfishly I feel like I have learned a lot.
So thanks for sharing some of your ideas and dropping some knowledge bombs on me
Well thank you Jayme and yeah I didn't know where it was gonna go,
but I loved what we talked about and we should definitely do this again.

[1:14:08] I'm Megan Meyer driver of the NGK spark plugs Top alcohol dragster for Randy Meyer racing of the NHRA and I am a Femcanic.

[1:14:21] Amy Bognor is in the driver seat next she's a 15-year painter and Bodywork veteran.
Amy gets real about her struggles with mental health and being a single mom in this industry.
Be sure to tune in next week for this incredible episode until next time Femcanic.
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