EP65: Megan Meyer—Stepping Out of the Driver Seat & Into Life After Racing
January 11, 2021
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January 11, 2021

EP69. Kristen Hope Migues—“If You Want Something, Work Hard and GIVE to Get It”


[0:00] One thing that really helped along the way was people seeing that I was doing this just as a volunteer just to get that experience just to get that chance.
Putting so much hard work and you know respecting teams
it spoke volumes to a lot of teams and that's one thing that really set my sister and I on a fast-track you know you're not doing it for,
you know money or anything like that you're just doing it for the experience for the chance for the opportunity and people notice that so much more and it makes a world of difference.

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[1:57] Kristen Hope Migues is in the driver seat today.
She grew up with a strong passion for racing and badass cars and trucks after attending the Monster Jam World Finals she made a decision at 16 years old to pursue a monster.
Racing career she has raced under five different truck.
Monster Mutt Dalmatian Raising Cain Megalodon ice cream man and now wolf's head sit.

[2:29] And enjoy the ride.
Hello Femcanics this is Jayme B to you and I have Kristen Hope Mgues in the driver's seat today how are you doing tonight Kristen.
I'm doing great Jayme I hope you are too I am I am and thank you for hopping on here we chatted a little while ago got to know each other a little bit better as with many of my guest,
Instagram the door to many women in the automotive Motorsports industry and this is no different.
I don't know if you believe in Serendipity or bringing stuff into existence for yourself and kind of like you think it and it will happen but I was sitting there thinking to myself it's like okay.
I really want to interview a monster truck driver that's a female I really want to interview a female Stunt Driver like there are all these different like
aspects of Automotive Motorsports in I really want to really broaden the horizons for The Listener to think.
Man wow look at all these different aspects you know motor sports or entertainment or.

[3:43] Pure Automotive or whatever the case may be and lo and behold I stumbled upon your.
Your Instagram page and I'm like would you be interested in you obliged and said yes I would be interested in being on the show so thank you so much for accepting my invitation.

[3:59] Yeah no I'm so glad that you came across my Instagram page I'm happy to be here.
I have so many questions for you because being a monster truck driver being a race car driver in any Motorsports is interesting they each have their own.
Nuances to them but monster truck driving is.
Man that's something else so before we get into that because I have a million questions in my head why don't we kind of
back up and start in the beginning because I don't know too many little girls are like you know what when I grow up I'm going to be a monster truck driver so the journey to becoming one always fascinates me in a lot of these industries so,
when did that all start.
So it wasn't like a lifelong thing really it I got the it for it I guess or like I just decided I could do that and then all of a sudden I was you know,
hooked after that but 16 years old sitting in the living room are after The Monster Jam World Finals
and monster trucks I mean I'd always been
huge Gearhead all my life and I absolutely love any sort of motor sports racing but I like my family had no racing background I'd never raised unless you count like.

[5:18] Thrashing on golf carts and stuff like that and the backyard but.
Yeah so we went to the Monster Jam World Finals for ionis a like four years in a row up to that point and we always had a great time,
Monster Jam World Finals that's in Las Vegas and I was I was born and raised in California so it wasn't like a.
Big trip or anything for us it was just something fun to go do and after one of those Monster Jam World Finals like I saw all these women in it and I was like,
I could be one of those girls like it looks like so much fun it's just one of those Sports just even watching just gets your like heart pumping at least for me it did anyways and,
so I was 16 years old I was talking to my parents and I have the best parents ever they they told me to go for it go for your dreams and after that I just went like headfirst into it it was definitely,
an attainable goal and one of the awesome things was just reaching out to drivers,
and crew members and things like that and just getting their advice on how to get into industry and they were so helpful and,
now I'm here today so it all worked out really good and,
May those dreams happen May those dreams come true and I'm so blessed to be able to do what I'm doing.

[6:46] That is way cool and it sounds like your folks are super supportive,
but I want to kind of dive in a little bit so it sounds like growing up you have always,
had your hand so to speak in the grease jar the grease version of a cookie jar
but that's what it sounds like so it's not a far stretch so you've always had an interest and I love the golf cart,
peace who does not love tearing around in a golf cart
I mean that's especially the gas ones that was actually don't get it FairPoint gas way better than the electric but they both kind of serve their own purpose but still I agree the gas is way more fun
but when I'm started researching and reading up on your on your journey and your story.
You actually started simply by volunteering in my remembering that correctly.

[7:43] Yeah so one of the first things that I did after I decided that I was just going to go for it and I should mention,
it was something that I was doing with my sister to my sister's like two and a half years younger than me,
and so we both like went out this like together which was super awesome to be able to do it side-by-side with her.
Yeah so I started volunteering is when I was 16 and my parents would just you know we go to all the shows that were around us in California and all the drivers that were at the shows
so I'll be at the same place and all that so you get to know them and then they started to recognize us,
and we would ask them like Hey how do you get into this and one of the biggest things they would tell us is,
volunteer get your hands dirty get to know the trucks and it all starts from there.

[8:39] So one day we were in Alameda California and
the growth twin Starrett win monster truck and brothers they both drive a truck ones like double trouble and ones like troublemaker
we'd seen them so many times I like man we when you guys going to come help us out we're like Hey we're ready so that night after the show they let us help him Tire down tearing down is just taking the big tires off and putting on transport tires so.

[9:10] We got in there we you know trying to do everything we could learn in as much as we could and as soon as they got loaded up we went on to the next team we went over in it do you guys need any help and.
Help them after the like the end of the night we like help for teens out and made a lot of great connections and they all.
Recognize our work ethic and how much we wanted it that we weren't just you know a couple of girls that wanted to you know get in it the still look pretty and we want we were there to work so by the end of the night were completely,
dirty and greasy and have the biggest Smiles on our faces and we actually got in touch with a mini monster truck team,
that was there and he wanted to get us into the seat of a mini monster truck since we were younger educate me a little bit here Kristen mini monster truck,
how yeah educate me a little bit what what is the difference between I mean besides obvious when I think of many I think of smaller but what is the difference between mini monster truck and just monster truck.

[10:19] So the ones that we drove were third scale mini monster truck so it's basically exactly the same as a real monster truck is just a third of the size,
I'm sorry I'm ignorant here when you say a third of the size like I've been to a monster truck show but you're in the stands so they.

[10:39] It's hard to like unless you pulled up a regular truck next to it I'm trying to think of a third of the size is it because of the tires.
In the lift of it because the actual body of the monster trucks Don't looking credibly bigger than like a regular truck are they.
Well so that the tires on the monster trucks are 66 inches tall by 40 inch wide tires so the biggest thing that makes them a monster truck but they're they're just fiberglass bodies on top of a completely,
custom Bill roll cage,
and so there's a lot to that cage they don't start off their lives up as trucks they're completely custom but these third scale many mods are trucks you can stand next to it and it'd be like level with your head height.
And they would have like 38 inch tires on them and got it yeah so.
But yeah we started in those and I just did like a few shows but it really helped boost my career and we did not stop volunteering in the first year of volunteering we helped.
I think over 30 teams.

[11:51] And went to over 50 shows and a lot of that we were just we were driving the shows we weren't getting paid you know nothing we were just doing it just to get the experience,
and my parents were so awesome enough to bring us to these shows but it it helped us get a lot of connections in the industry.

[12:09] And then you know also getting to learn these trucks and you know what goes into the behind the scenes of a monster truck show.
And then that's how I met my boss right now they are McNeil is actually helping out a team that he trailered with.
The pie gorillas and he noticed me and my work ethic and after that it wasn't that show but.

[12:39] A little while later I was at the World Finals and he got in contact with me and he asked if I would come out and test.
So I hadn't worked for this guy or anything like that but you wanted me to come out and see if I could drive a monster truck.
He knew that I drove in the mini monster trucks and so I was like super stoked for this opportunity.
Kristen I want I want to pause you for one second because I think you are sharing such an important lesson here a lot of people.
Constantly think okay there's this thing I want to do but I don't know how to go about doing it and a lot of times they stop there.
It's like okay yes I have an interest in this but I don't know how to pursue it and I think the lesson that your teaching here is.
Don't always look at it on how much money you make or what you'll get start from a place of giving first.
This is no different you know you're giving your time and energy.
But they're getting something in return that helps them but even more importantly you're getting contacts you're getting experience you're getting knowledge yes you're not getting paid dollars but you're getting paid so much more and I think.
A lot of times we lose sight of that at all ages a lot of people be like well younger kids don't I don't buy into that I see older adults.

[14:07] Asking the same question I don't know how or I'm too old to get into this or I'm too young or I'm to this and.
It does not matter how old you are going out and immersing yourself in whatever you have a interest in.

[14:21] That's the best way to figure out if it's something you really want to do or not.
Yeah absolutely I think it's really important to have a servant attitude especially going into something like this
one thing that really helped along the way was people seeing that I was doing this just as a volunteer just to get that experience just to get that chance and,
putting so much hard work and you know respecting teams
it spoke volumes to a lot of teams and that's one thing that really set my sister and I on a really fast track.

[15:01] Just being those hard workers and putting are all into it being respectful being polite just being so grateful to be there even though you know you're not doing it for,
you know money or anything like that you're just doing it for the experience for the chance for the opportunity and people notice that so much more and it
it makes a world of difference when you go into it having a server attitude like and that's so well put it's such a great way,
of putting that and that's that's what this is about and I'm listening to you and I'm like
well as humans sometimes we get in this space of figuring out where real quick to figure out the limitations or the challenges
and I know some people when they're here they'll listen to this and well II have my day job I have to work I have to make money I can't just go and spend all my time doing something for free,
got it totally get it go do your day job.

[16:00] Volunteer for a couple hours somewhere maybe a couple hours per week right it's it doesn't always have to take a lot.
But just start somewhere.

[16:11] Exactly yeah that's the best thing and and I started volunteering when I was 16 years old and I didn't get an opportunity to work for a team,
or drive a truck until I was 19 years old so that's three years of just being,
patient and never losing hope that is the biggest thing is just never,
you're like why am I doing this why is it worth it and it didn't it up being very worth it in the end but while you're going through that you always have these doubts but,
I'm so glad that I never lost hope and that's one advice I would definitely,
give to other people is just never lose hope and keep on being persistent and determined.
And it will get you places what was your secret sauce to Keep On Keepin On.
Because it is hard sometimes it is frustrating and sometimes you feel you take two steps forward and 12 steps back sometimes you take two steps forward two steps back.

[17:15] What did you find help what help do you kind of stay on track and keep keep your eye on the ball so to speak or the long term.

[17:24] So just whatever I did have an opportunity to volunteer I fell in love with the industry so much just because
it's just such a different I mean
we call everyone in monster trucks just a monster truck family because you see these people more than you do your own family you really do become
sort of a family with everyone on the road and I just fell in love with that aspect of it just
getting the see everything worked so that kept me going on that that I knew that that's something I wanted to be a part of.
And plus driving a monster truck look really fun but and then the other thing too was just.
Prayer and petition just praying that will happen and having faith that everything's working and God's timing and is Will and,
everything ended up working like it should so that was very helpful and it got me to where I am now and I love it I love it and I guess just kind of pulling this back full circle.
So literally you're volunteering for three years free of charge to these these teams.
Gaining a ton of knowledge gaining a ton of experience then you have an owner coming approach you.

[18:45] What was that like for you oh man.
Darrell McNeil he's one of the biggest hearted kindest guys you'll ever meet in this industry he's just he's a really good guy and.
Their team is just a super cool team I had the opportunity before I,
you know got invited to go test in a truck I went to their shop in Florida we were on a road trip and so we swung by their shop and their whole team was just great guys,
and you know he's got great equipment so I was,
Beyond excited to go test for day are and I just thought that was a super cool opportunity and I was looking forward to it so much.
And then when I got the chance we flew down there me and Rudy Martin del Campo we both went and tested and so we just spent a day,
we each made like three laps around in the monster trucks getting to like holeshot them and do small jumps and.
Just so that JR could like kind of see like cuz you can tell someone's Goddard it's mostly throttle timing.

[19:59] So I guess me and Rudy did good enough he hired us full-time to do.
First quarter of that next year so we started in December.
So the monster truck season it runs pretty much all year long and then in December we'll have sometimes maybe like 2 weeks and will strip the trucks completely down.
Repaying them go through everything make sure the parts are good.
And just a we start out strong for the next year every single team does that and so.
We hammer down for like two weeks like working long days and to get them ready for first quarter it's called first quarter Pratt.
And so we started out in that and it was me.

[20:44] Rudy and then my husband Nick and when we all started we were 19 years old every single one of us and.
Nick had some monster truck experience but me and Rudy we had just the volunteer experience.
So we were we know that the kind of Basics but as far as like real deep into like fixing things and stuff like that we were still pretty green.
So we wanted to this first quarter for Monster Jam and we were accruing for Jack Brown and trip Montgomery and in an arena tour,
and it was probably in the most insane experience I've ever had because it was.
Three 19 year old kids that had to take care of these two giant trucks and we were doing.
Three to six shows a weekend it was crazy it was a lot of times there was some that there was a weekend where we didn't sleep the whole weekend we stayed up for like I think like over 48 hours straight,
energy drinks yes now I understand why they sponsor that stuff a quick question for you Kristen and I'm just wrapping my mind around this a moment ago you had referenced,
when you went and test-drove there are a couple things that you did what were those things called again there are different like Maneuvers that he had asked you to do just to see.

[22:11] He had us do laps just to get a feel for the truck and then like the second time we did some whole shots what is that,
so from like a dead stop you just you get on the converter and then you just hold the throttle wide open,
and then we only have two gears where everyone to gear powered power Glides and so you just go from first to second,
it's like what happened and that's pretty much it
but that's like it can you do that again it's great that affects no it's perfect literally there's only two years so,
in what is it called again the hole shot hole shot interesting okay we're learning lingo here I like it.
Yeah I love a girl who literally is just opening up the throttle and letting her go.
Yes just holding it wide open for until you start to hit the rev limiter and they lie you take off.

[23:10] Yeah it's just like a trying to go as fast as you can in a straight line pretty much got it and then what was the other thing he wanted to see you do.
We did just we hit a few small junk got it.
That's pretty much it for the test practice how much do these truck that I mean when I look at those just suspension and everything these trucks have to be pretty pricey.
Yes yeah it took to build one brand news about 250 Grand but just to maintain them and keep them going you can spend just as much as that or more in a year.
Just because it's an expensive industry it's almost a hobby industry it's expensive wow.

[23:56] Wow yeah cuz I look at those and and you know I've.
Restored 67 GTO and I just think about the parts in just the the costs.

[24:10] In looking at those monster trucks I'm like I could only imagine I mean just one tire what that would cost yeah.
Yeah I know the motor is Rerun you can easily spend 20 to 30 grand just building a motor for these and they're they're just 1,500 horsepower.

[24:28] Well I run is a 540 big block Chevy.
I think the biggest diggities like 572 is the biggest were allowed to go to and then just a blower on top and we only run like 10% the blower age kind of kind of most for show but,
1,500 horsepower definitely gets the job done and there's probably a point where it's Overkill where it actually handicaps you to do some of the tricks you want to do I would imagine.

[24:55] Yeah definitely yeah having too much power is one of those things that can be good in like straight right straight line drag racing but other than that it's it can hurt you definitely.
You do the practice runs he hires you on the spot you have that first experience where you your husband.
And your teammate all 19 years old talk to talk about baptism by fire right all of it right yes what happens next like I'm just trying to put myself in your shoes.
And the feeling you must have had is that the first time that you,
like you were the driver so I started out curling and that was it was a crazy experience just because you're learning
while you're doing a show so like in these things they break constantly all the time because there's a lot to go wrong I mean we're absolutely just
you know abusing these drugs but when they break,
you most of the time have to fix it in the middle of show because you're expected to make it out for the rest of the show so like if you break an axle and I think in that year alone that one first quarter we went through like 10 axles between the two trucks.
And so we can do an axle and 20 to 30 minutes.

[26:20] What is you gotta change it out yeah saying this sounds like an extreme trust exercise,
oh my gosh yes does that truck is like 90% like gear oil and blood mixture its yeah it definitely takes a team.
Definitely takes a team to work together to make this happen.
Wow yeah okay so your crewing first quarter of that year you're 19 years old.
What happens after that first quarter in kind of like your first season.

[26:53] So one thing I would say that not a lot of people know is at the end of the year or tour did
an award ceremony and everybody like got different awards for like who to have the best crash or whatever and that year
even though it was my first year and I wasn't the best at all but just because of my efforts I think really everyone on the tour decided to give me the
the trophy for technician of the year and so that meant a lot to me just being my first year and,
everyone saying how much late nights and stuff we have actually be in peer nominated yeah that's that's like the highest compliment you can have is when your peers nominate you
yeah definitely we had we had such a good group of guys on that tour it was it was a lot of fun but yeah and then
right after that right after the first quarter we did 60 shows in a period of three months and then a hundred shows that year but either way after that only man yeah after that that first quarter,
screwing and really getting to know the truck really well and learning it Jr.

[28:03] Put me in a truck because the guy that was driving that first quarter he was just temporary,
and he wanted to go back home and be with his family because it also it takes you away a lot from being home you're on the road we were on the road three months straight that whole we never came back home we were just,
constantly traveling so right after that first quarter he put me in the truck and my first show was kind of a disaster because,
the Stardust was sticking on me is sticking just a little bit open but enough to where it was like okay that's a little.

[28:40] It's a little faster I wanted to go out sometimes and so I was riding the brakes at moments and.

[28:47] But I had the time of my life and it was a lot of fun and so after that I just that whole summer Jr had a bunch of shows lined up for me,
and there was just a summer of learning and really getting to feel the truck out but not only that getting,
the sport has some of the best fans honestly just getting to meet the different people from different areas and.
It was really cool to just being a driver and getting to see that side of it is super neat just getting to meet the fans,
but yeah that's pretty much how it went did a whole summer trying to learn went into fall and yeah I would do it all over again I have a couple quick questions for you Chris thinks I'm sitting here listening to this and.

[29:37] I mean were you scared it's one thing to go practice runs but.

[29:43] I played Sports in high school and I know how I would feel before a game.

[29:48] And it's like those kind of nervous butterflies where you feel like you're going to throw up but you're not but it's just like the the nerves what was that like for you your very first Show competition show and you're driving.
Me and my very first show,
I'm sure I was really nervous I think I got I'd develop more nerves over it after that show like I got more nervous after time because then,
I just wanted to get better every time really and my nerves really did not go away I'd be nervous before every single show till like,
pretty much like an exactly a year after my first time driving like is when I started to finally get rid of some of those nerves because there's a lot of pressure on you really,
you want to you want to have a good show because you don't want to disappoint the fans obviously then there's also the pressure of.

[30:48] Whether your team sleeps or not tonight is in your hands so there's always that thought in the back of your head what do you mean by that Kristen.
So if I go out and I do something like kind of stupid and I break the truck really bad,
then you know my team including me have to stay up all night you know working on this thing so I try to keep the team in mind,
when I'm driving because I don't want to
break their backs or anything like that but they're they're good team to they've got my back no matter what then there's also the fact you know I could
do something and cost my boss a lot of money as well because these parts are not cheap right,
so there's a lot of pressure on it from those sides for sure to be an intelligent about the driving now let me ask this too.
What was probably your proudest or most complex.
I mean what are they even called Krypton and tricks Maneuvers would it what does it refer to as I would say tricks tricks what's been your most advanced,
trick that you have landed successfully landed so to speak.

[32:00] I would say moonwalk I'm still not great at them but a moonwalk is basically where you stand the truck up on the front two tires so that it's completely vertical,
and the rear tires aren't touching the ground there so your rear tires and front tires are completely vertical facing the ground so when you're in the truck you're just looking at dirt,
and then kind of riding that out and putting it in reverse,
and then writing it backwards and that's called a moonwalk and you just it's like it's like a reverse wheelie almost like a wheelie you would try to keep it on the back two wheels,
but on this you keep it on the front two wheels and it's mostly about balance and you just kind of balance the truck there and then
drive it around on the front two wheels and I've done one of those pretty decently once and then.
A few other times I've done it but they weren't the prettiest it's probably like anything else it just takes practice and getting used to your vehicle yeah for sure.
So jumps are another big part of this have you had any major crashes I have been pretty lucky not to I've had.

[33:19] I mean I've had several rollovers so I've done like cage damage and things like that but another bird to the point where I've gotten seriously hurt,
that's one thing my boss actually he did a backflip in.
His truck I think last year the year before I don't know this year is gone forever but I know right yeah he he broke his neck doing a backflip and
then shortly after that one of my teammates broke his back,
in the same track so that I don't know that truck just might be cursed or something but that's always kind of in the back of my head I'm like dang to Mighty Mites are already broke like serious bones and.
I don't know I think Jr is definitely he's lucky to still be alive because it came close to,
either paralyzing him or not but do you guys have to wear like bright I know with like drag racing and stuff there's entire harnesses and stuff that they were.

[34:17] Yeah yeah so weird like completely safe and these things like a safe he's you can possibly be in a motorsport or else like my mom would not let me do it she would freak out but we've run
fire suits Fire Shoes headstocks a Hans device which hooks to your helmet and then the seat belts go over on top of it to just keep your neck from moving,
and all the monster truck guys we take a lot of the slack as they come with slack so much because there's a lot of other.

[34:51] Yeah most people in race cars and things like that so we're Hans device was just to kind of keep your neck from overextending.
But we do it so that we can't move like at all like we can't move forward or backwards our next like once we're in we can see butts straight in front of us and we can move our arms and our legs and that's it like we cannot move.

[35:12] Because we're just we're taking a lot of hard hits and drawing and stuff like that so that's the best thing to do is just to keep yourself from not moving wow talk about having to feel,
like muscle memory I mean I'm sitting here like thinking about that like sitting in my chair right now and thinking about the concept of driving.
And not just driving but driving a monster truck and not just driving a monster truck but doing tricks in a monster truck and jumps,
and literally you're like the only thing you can move is your hands and your feet.
Yeah well your arms a little bit I guess but definitely claustrophobic for sure wow.
I mean it makes sense I'm just trying to think like because.

[35:56] You're doing tricks but literally you for the most part what it sounds like you just look in front of you.

[36:03] Oh yeah yeah we can't see behind us or anything we have radio
communication so when we back into like our parking spots like we're just listening to be like okay turn to the right to the left and straight back and stop tell us to do all that and
but we can't see anything behind us or anything like that most of the time what we do is we memorize the track because you can only see so much,
you just you get glimpses and stuff so you gotta memorize you okay so I know where I'm at I know where this other jump is okay I need to go in that direction so most of the time it's just about memorizing
the track and memorizing where you're at that helps a lot especially for like a good racing or freestyle
the best ones is when you just know the track super well wow I love driving I love driving fast I'm not I think it,
man I don't know if I'd even want to sit shotgun and one of those has I mean that takes guts I mean I've seen some of these videos and I can't remember her name a woman she's from Canada.
And she's a monster truck driver as well she's probably a Cynthia yes so yeah thank you she's in my lover she.

[37:21] Do you have these like videos that pop up on YouTube and I was just looking up monster truck to educate myself a little bit so I didn't sound like a complete idiot when I was to you and her video popped up.

[37:34] And it was.
Literally open throttle she hits a jump and just face-plants the truck into the dirt evidently it's called a French kiss.
Yeah yeah she made it she called it that because she's French obviously so that's what she named it but yeah that is one of those things we don't do that a lot that was
just like a unusual thing but I think what happened there was
she probably didn't check up she probably ran out of gear so that's why it nosedive like that if you check up just a little bit like when I mean check up like you let out of the throttle a little bit and then get back in it you have more
gear you have more of that power to more throttle through the jump and now keep your nose up in the air,
but yeah I can't imagine what she felt like next day oh I know right like I mean do you even after like don't jumps and stuff like you like you were saying your Jarred around quite a bit.
Are you sore the next day.
Oh yeah yep I'll be sore usually for the next two or three days and also after you know the first couple months of doing it you get your phone calls at your monster truck Nick.
Because that's one of the biggest things that is the hardest on is your neck.
So you get your monster truck neck and feel a lot better after that but you'll still be sore especially if you took a couple big hit so your shocks aren't working right or something like that.

[39:03] All that plays into it so there's some shows where you just like you know you didn't do anything like crazy big or anything like that and you know you you're good the next day but most of the time your sore afterwards wow,
that's just amazing to what's on the horizon for Kristen.

[39:20] Oh man so still playing with monster trucks this pandemic is kind of like just really shut down the whole entertainment industry,
right now we're doing a lot of stuff in the midwest I guess they don't know what the current virus is out there because they're just packing it in out there in the stands which is which is good for the monster truck industry.
But so we've been doing a lot of shows out there and but I'm just so I'm a weekend warrior at this point.
And ever since the pandemic happen and it slowed us way down it's a completely full time job.
Keeping these things going well I mean we do a show we 10 minutes of driving it equals like a good 70-hour work week you know afterwards if you're lucky.
So this is your full-time job then,
it was so right before the pandemic happened it was full time we hardly ever took days off but it really slow down after the pandemic and.
Gave me and my husband a chance to kind of you know,
look around and be like okay well we don't really got a whole lot going on right now and I've always been a Gearhead like I've said and one of my,
dreams when I was little a dream that kind of started with my dad was opening up my own shop.

[40:44] And we just kind of decided to go head on with that it was super slow at the shop and,
so we moved to North Carolina and started her own business well you moved from where to North Carolina Florida our team was placed out of DeLand Florida,
and so I lived at New Smyrna Beach in Florida and I moved to Asheville North Carolina why North Carolina.
I lived here for a year and I work for a fleet mechanic shop and I absolutely loved it here I'm I'm more of a mountains person I like live 10 minutes from the beach and maybe went like five times.

[41:24] What was funny as you were born and raised in California so you went from West Coast to East Coast.
Yeah yeah I moved wheat mold my family moved when I was about 18 to North Carolina just because my dad got a job and then when I got hired with Jr and team Raising Cain I moved to Florida,
and instead of my husband so we just recently moved I think.
Two or three months ago probably three or four actually but yeah back to North Carolina which is funny because as soon as we move back here in one of the
pluses is getting to be closer to my family they're always gone so we never received them anyways but I absolutely love Asheville I love having seasons and I'm pretty sure
everything in Florida's out to kill you like everything's like the birds are bigger there the bugs are bigger than they have haters.
That's funny,
that is funny I think this is probably a great time to launch into the Red Line Round And what the redline round is is it's just five rapid-fire questions there's no right or wrong answer to it whatever pops into your head Christians the right answer.
Sure alrighty number one who or what has been your inspiration throughout your journey in the industry oh man.

[42:46] My boss there has been a big inspiration to me because he's just he's an awesome guy and a great driver,
also my teammates and Roy Pridgen being one of them but it just all of my teammates,
I've had a lot of awesome people to look up to and one of my biggest prisons that I've been able to look up to all my life is my dad so I'm really thankful for that.

[43:13] What's dad's name Roger Roger high five virtual high five Roger you and your wife have done an amazing job you have amazing young lady here.

[43:25] Number 2 where do you go or what resources do you use when you want to learn something new or get stuck on the job.

[43:35] Me and honestly YouTube is a really good source just because it's like there's so many people that have,
been through whatever and okay obviously this doesn't apply to monster trucks but I'm just talking General mechanics but
for monster truck specifically I just I rely on all my teammates and other teams there and other crew members there's always someone at a show that knows way more than me so,
it's always good to be able to rely on other people and everyone's so helpful and sharing that there's really no like handbook or video guide for monster truck stuff so,
just learning from other people so way to go love it.
Kristenh what excites you most about what you do I think being able to hopefully touch other people's lives and
being an inspiration to other girls and just being able to show people that you know that hard work and determination it
gets you your dreams you can go after your dreams and you can achieve them and nothing can hold you back I remember you sharing some stories with me about.

[44:46] These younger girls coming up to you after a show,
what was that like for you the first time that that happened it was really cool because I was that that little girl at one point you know and so to be able to be that for someone else it's really
it's a really neat experience really humbling but just to be able to say something nice to them smile and.

[45:12] Because they'll listen to what you have to say you know they're going to take your opinions to heart so just being able to offer kind word,
and whatever is going on in their life is just I think it's something really awesome to be able to do.
Probably one of the coolest most it's almost like a place of power unintentional place of power that.

[45:37] You know no one asks to be in.

[45:41] But is so important to have Grace and humility in order to.

[45:49] Be a great role model for young women and girls what what a gift.
And you've been a wonderful role model I've gone one of the reasons why I reached out to you Christians very picky with who I bring one of my show and I don't.
I don't care the number of followers anyone has what I care about is how you portray yourself.

[46:12] One your self-respect into how you represent yourself to others and I was thoroughly impressed with you so,
thank you for being you and doing what you do oh thank you Jamie thank you so much for making a podcast like this is to bring women together it's so awesome it's fun I it is something I'm very honored and blessed.
To have amazing women trust me to share their story but thank you I appreciate that.

[46:40] Number four what is a personal habit or practice that has helped you significantly in the industry when you feel stuck.
Or discouraged hmm.

[46:55] No well me and I don't know that's a hard question I can't really think of anything.

[47:05] You know I get discouraged you know throughout my life but that's when I always just I go back.
To what I know and whose I am before who I am,
and that helps me a lot and through just praying and,
worship and just trying to be close to the one who made me that's that's something that always grounds me and helps me out and honestly I don't know what I'd be doing but I did not have.
That for to keep my level of sanity because deadly been good to me.
Well said well said sometimes in craziness that the world is in right now.
With the pandemic and just so many things going on.

[47:52] Being able to pause and have that faith that Blind Faith that is something special definitely for sure.
Number 5 what is your parting advice to other Femcanic space finding their way in the Motorsports industry or entertainment because you're really an.
Right yeah.

[48:15] Girl if you want it go after it don't let anything hold you back just go after it with hard work heart,
lots of heart and determination
and go after your dreams don't let anyone tell you you can't do it run your own race that's super important you know just try to beat yourself every time don't look around at what other people are doing
and how other people are better at you or something don't worry about that run your own race do you and everything's going to work out great just stay persistent,
never lose hope beautiful Kristen where and how can people connect with you.
Yeah on Instagram at Kristen hope 98 and Facebook at Kristen hope,
and then also for our new business that we started.
You guys can check us out on Instagram at Meg's automotive and then Facebook also at Meg's Automotive as this Mig apostrophe S Automotive.
Nice Kristen thank you so much for being in the driver's seat today and pulling back the curtain and letting us see what this monster truck world is all about.
Take your lead and literally the drivers.

[49:34] Loose its figuratively talking when I say that but that is very literal for you so thank you so much for carving out some time in your evening to sit down and have a.

[49:46] Thank you so much for having me it was definitely a pleasure it was good time.

[49:51] My name is Kristen Hope Migas driver of Wolf's Head monster truck and I am a Femcanic.

[50:09] Heather Holler is in the driver's seat next.
She's a freelance rally and rallycross technician most of our work is in the motor sports department for the Dirtfish rally School,
she didn't grow up working on cars as a matter of fact she had Barbies in a horse and thought she was going to be a star soccer player but fate had different plans for Heather,
be sure to tune in next week to learn about the amazing twists and turns in her journey until next time Femcanic.

[50:40] Thanks for listening to the Femcanic Garage podcast you can find us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter at Femcanic Garage,
check out our website FemcanicGarage.com for swag in the transcribes for each episode.

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[51:06] Spread the word this is Jayme B. signing off. ARE YOU A FEMCANIC?

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