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Final Step: Schedule Your Recorded Interview

Your pre-interview meeting has been successfully added to Jayme’s calendar. Thanks for scheduling it. Now let’s see about getting the recorded interview scheduled.

Please select the day and time that works best for you from the options listed below. After you book your recorded interview, you will be redirected to a Femcanic Garage company— the Women’s Motor Fest home page to learn more about this amazing event.

Here’s an outline of my process so that you know what to expect:

All interviews are completed via–a remote podcast and video interviews recording platform. You will access the recording studio via the link provided in your calendar invite. Right now the interviews are AUDIO ONLY (video will be coming soon!). I will not be recording the Pre-Interview, but we will be logged into Riverside to give you an opportunity to use it and to ask any technology questions you may have prior to the actual day of recording.

Before you start, here are some tips for a seamless interview recording experience:

1. Use a computer with a Chrome browser that’s up-to-date.
2. Check your internet stability. Ethernet cable connections are preferred over WiFi.
3. Use an external mic, if possible. Even the mic in your ear/headphones are better than nothing.
4. Headphones/earbuds are required to prevent echo and increase audio quality.
5. Close all other applications that don’t need to be open during the recording. This prevents CPU overload. Important: Please close all other programs that try to use your mic/camera.
6. Turn off/pause pop-up on your PC/laptop and turn your phone to silent/vibrate to prevent unexpected noises while recording.

  • "As someone who has trouble talking to new people, I was happy that Jayme was able to make me feel so comfortable with her. She guided me through the conversation and made it fun and easy to share my experience. She’s an excellent interviewer and I am grateful that I got to be a part of this amazing platform."
    Ellie's Garage
  • "Femcanic Garage was my very first podcast ever and Jayme was incredible throughout the whole experience. Just listening to Femcanic Garage podcast is empowering, it's an ALL female based platform, where she interviews women in all positions within the automotive industry . They touch on real life events, workplace hardships and challenges females face in the automotive industry. I highly recommend women in our industry to reach out to Femcanic Garage and share their stories and others to go and listen to these women share amazing stories that make you reflect on your own day to day challenges! "
  • "This podcast is a perfect representation of women supporting and empowering women. Jayme and her guests pass along such valuable advice to the younger generation of Femcanic’s. I wish this type of positive message was around for me to hear when I was first starting out as an auto mechanic. When I was a guest, I felt so comfortable speaking with Jayme. She made me feel so supported and safe when sharing very sensitive stories about my experiences in the automotive industry. Thanks, so much Femcanic garage for sharing my story!"
    Brandy Goff
    Automotive Mechanic
  • "As a longtime fan of the Femcanic Garage podcast it was truly an honor to be interviewed by Jayme, it was so much fun! I have learned so much from her featured guests and commend the work she is doing to empower and bring light to the issues of women in the automotive industries. LOVE IT!"
    Lara Salas
    Professor of Collision Repair Technology
  • "Being on the Femcanic Garage Podcast and speaking to Jayme was a unique and empowering experience. It is wonderful to have a safe and judgement-free platform to speak about what it’s like to be a woman in the automotive industry. Jayme conducts herself like a seasoned interviewer and she has a great voice! As a listener of Femcanic Garage Podcast I love to hear ladies talk about cars, working in the auto industry, and sharing their experiences."
    Patrice Banks
    Owner of Girls Auto Clinic
  • I had so much fun talking to Jayme about the industry and my career. It was really refreshing that she didn't shy away from subjects that might be deemed too controversial for some like, LGBT, women in the industry, and an overall lack of diversity in our industry. These conversations need to be had if we want the industry to be more inviting to other types of people.
    Jill Trotta
    Vice President/GM RepairPal, Inc