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Podcasting a Life-Long Love Affair with Cars
What does a six-year-old girl, containers filled with gasoline, and a Pontiac GTO have in common? They’re the foundation

Femcanic Garage Podcast made it into Forbes

This is what Joshua Dudley, contributing writer for had to say about the article on Femcanic Garage
Feature #4 – “She Saved All Her Money And Bought A GTO…Podcasting a Life-Long Love Affair with Cars.” This is the first feature in the “Leisure” category and is a “write-through” interview with Jayme Blasiman host of the Femcanic Garage podcast about women in the automotive industry. A “write-through” interview is one that doesn’t use the traditional Q and A format but instead picks and chooses quotes from the interview along with other source material to tell a story. In this case, it’s an emotionally perfect story loaded with details that encapsulate the “can do” attitude of the host and how she hopes to inspire other women in the industry.

Femcanic Garage Podcast
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Femcanic Garage Podcast Highlights Females in the Industry

Although it’s 2019 and many people will claim that gender equality has been achieved, the fact remains that society identifies distinct differences between females and males.
Yet, the reality is that many expectations for the “softer sex” are a construct that doesn’t quite jive with reality. This is evidenced in the automotive and collision repair industry by the constantly increasing membership levels of women-focused organizations, such as the Women’s Industry Network (WIN) and Women in Automotive (WIA), showing just how many women are actively involved in this unconventional career field.
Earlier this year, Jayme Blasiman decided that these women should be highlighted so their contributions and impact to the automotive industry can be recognized – that’s when she founded Femcanic Garage, a podcast featuring interviews with women in the automotive and racing industries. According to Blasiman, “With the Femcanic podcast, I want to give a voice to women in the automotive industry through a medium that hasn’t been explored in a professional way.”
“My hope for Femcanic Garage is that it will inspire women, young ladies, and girls to pursue the wrenching and racing trade on any level they wish. Even if they never get their hands dirty, I want to spark their curiosity and give them full permission to explore the automotive industry without the apprehension of ‘girls don’t do that,’” Blasiman expressed.

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