Femcanic Garage aspires to be the largest and most respected resource of women who work in the skilled trades, automotive and Motorsports industries.

Since I started the Femcanic podcast, I have had the privilege of interviewing amazing women in trades with multiple talents and gifts. Not only have they honored me with their time, they have also trusted me with their most personal stories in the name of sisterhood and comradery.  This page is an attempt to show my gratitude. By sharing the resources these amazing women offer in their industries, I hope to “return the favor” and help them promote their skills while at the same time expand the power of women in the automotive, skilled-trades, and Motorsports industries. My intent is to expand the list with each interview and provide a platform for all women to share their services as it relates to the skilled trades, automotive and Motorsports.  For women by women!


Are you a female and want to submit your company or add yourself to this ever growning list of bad ass women resources?

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