Xena Workwear
Address: PO Box 157
Milwaukee, WI
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Anastasia Kraft
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What do you like most about your field of work? :
I LOVE that I get to design products that help women feel more comfortable and confident in male-dominated work environments.
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2+ years of non-stop footwear development


Degree in Project Engineering

Awards and Recognition :

2020 top 20 influential women in manufacturing, 2020 top 20 startups to watch for
There are quite a few interesting podcast appearances and publications we’ve been published in on our website!

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Xena, workwear for women, designs and manufactures stylish steel toe safety footwear so that professional women can express their true personality and feel confident in any role. Founded in 2018, Xena has a mission of empowering women in STEM to lead by example and become role-models for the next generation of girls. With a focus on functional fashion and sustainably sourced leather, Xena safety shoes are designed by women, for women. Xena Workwear, Inc is a Milwaukee company.

We inject style-forward thinking into personal protective equipment (PPE) so that women don’t have to compromise looking their best for being safe at work.

Torq’d Clothing
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We will response as quickly as possible or as soon as we’re off the racetrack or out of the garage. -Torq’d Team

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Torq’d is a clothing line designed for women in racing and the automotive industries. Every woman in the garage faces the same problem, finding clothes that work for what we do or that will hold up to the day-to-day grind we face without spending a small fortune…