Beyond The Microphone

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She saved
all her money and
Bought a GTO

Podcasting a Life-Long Love Affair with Cars

What does a six-year-old girl, containers filled with gasoline, and a Pontiac GTO have in common? They’re the foundation

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  • Ellie
    "As someone who has trouble talking to new people, I was happy that Jayme was able to make me feel so comfortable with her. She guided me through the conversation and made it fun and easy to share my experience. She’s an excellent interviewer and I am grateful that I got to be a part of this amazing platform."
    Ellie's Garage
  • Michelle Tansey
    "Femcanic Garage was my very first podcast ever and Jayme was incredible throughout the whole experience. Just listening to Femcanic Garage podcast is empowering, it's an ALL female based platform, where she interviews women in all positions within the automotive industry . They touch on real life events, workplace hardships and challenges females face in the automotive industry. I highly recommend women in our industry to reach out to Femcanic Garage and share their stories and others to go and listen to these women share amazing stories that make you reflect on your own day to day challenges! "
  • Brandy Goff
    "This podcast is a perfect representation of women supporting and empowering women. Jayme and her guests pass along such valuable advice to the younger generation of Femcanic’s. I wish this type of positive message was around for me to hear when I was first starting out as an auto mechanic. When I was a guest, I felt so comfortable speaking with Jayme. She made me feel so supported and safe when sharing very sensitive stories about my experiences in the automotive industry. Thanks, so much Femcanic garage for sharing my story!"
    Brandy Goff
    Automotive Mechanic
  • Lara Salas
    "As a longtime fan of the Femcanic Garage podcast it was truly an honor to be interviewed by Jayme, it was so much fun! I have learned so much from her featured guests and commend the work she is doing to empower and bring light to the issues of women in the automotive industries. LOVE IT!"
    Lara Salas
    Professor of Collision Repair Technology
  • Patrice Banks
    "Being on the Femcanic Garage Podcast and speaking to Jayme was a unique and empowering experience. It is wonderful to have a safe and judgement-free platform to speak about what it’s like to be a woman in the automotive industry. Jayme conducts herself like a seasoned interviewer and she has a great voice! As a listener of Femcanic Garage Podcast I love to hear ladies talk about cars, working in the auto industry, and sharing their experiences."
    Patrice Banks
    Owner of Girls Auto Clinic
  • Jill Trotta
    I had so much fun talking to Jayme about the industry and my career. It was really refreshing that she didn't shy away from subjects that might be deemed too controversial for some like, LGBT, women in the industry, and an overall lack of diversity in our industry. These conversations need to be had if we want the industry to be more inviting to other types of people.
    Jill Trotta
    Vice President/GM RepairPal, Inc
  • Jeanette DesJardins
    It was an honor to be a guest on the Femcanic Garage Podcast. Jayme is courteous, professional and passionate and it truly shows through her work and dedication to the industry.
    Jeanette DesJardins
    Owner of Car Chix
  • Andrea Bullard
    Femcanic Garage has played a substantial role in advancing the participation of women in the automotive and motorsports industries through the dialectic of storytelling.  Listeners are provided encouragement, empowerment and direction that stimulates growth, both personally and professionally. Participating in this podcast has been one of the highlights of my professional career.
    Andrea Bullard
    Owner of Off Road Like A Girl
  • Chris Cozad
    I love to talk cars and I am passionate about empowering women.  Femcanic Garage gave me the opportunity to do both while recording a podcast with Jayme and it was a blast!  Less that 2% of working technicians are women, which is completely unacceptable.  By giving voice to women in the Industry, Femcanic Garage is a part of the solution and I am proud to a part of the Femcanic community!
    Chris Cozad
    Owner of Alternative Auto Care
  • Madison Ervin
    Jayme is an incredible host to work with. She made me feel so comfortable while I was sharing my story and experiences. Femcanic Garage is such an important podcast because it allows women in the industry to hear about all kinds of different opportunities and real, raw experiences that other women may have gone through, both good and bad.
    Madison Ervin
  • Nhu Nguyen
    Thank you, Jayme! I didn’t realize how much I needed what you’re doing until I was listening to your podcast and was hearing my story, or something very much like it, as experienced by other women in their journey; stories of self discovery, trials and triumphs. Thank you for what you do, it’s a beautiful thing.
    Nhu Nguyen
    Certified Silver & Classic Porsche Technician
  • Vallee McColley
    It was my pleasure to be a guest on Femcanic Garage podcast. Jayme made the conversation easy, and is connecting amazing women in the automotive industry! Each episode brings light to the generation of women and were their dreams can take them.
    Vallee McColley
    Auto Damage Appraiser
  • Shelby Livetsky
    Femcanic Garage is a place where you can go to find inspiration, encouragement and perseverance through other women’s stories. Jayme has created such a fantastic space for women to feel comfortable sharing their stories and experiences; it’s just like having a conversation with close friends or family.
    Shelby Livetsky
    Heavy Duty Mechanic
  • Kathreen Larsen
    Femcanic Garage is an amazing company that helps women and girls through the challenges they may face in the automotive industry.  The podcast is a way for us females to stick together, help raise each other up, and possibly help others through situations we are encountering now.  I am and always will be a Femcanic!
    Kathreen Larsen
    Sygnet Auto Trimming
  • Hilary Noack
    I was honored to be a guest on the Femcanic garage podcast! Jayme is doing a fantastic job of bringing to life real stories and experiences from ladies in the trade. Definitely a podcast worth listening to!
    Hilary Noack
  • Jay
    We were honored to help Femcanic Garage with the branding and design of their new online presence. Female led brands supporting other female brands is such a beautiful thing!