Step 3

Sign Contract & Pay Invoice

Note:  On-boarding takes around 90 minutes, leave adequate time to complete this process. 

Paid Advertising Contract

90 Day Profit Growth Service Agreement

This agreement will outline the expectations from this program and what you can expect from the team at Femcanic Tools Agency.

What Digital Media Marketing?

This is a service where Femcanic Tools will test, optimize, manage and scale your paid traffic (Facebook & Instagram) campaigns.

This 90 day program is the first step in bringing your business a consistent flow of high quality leads which you can convert into paying customers.

This Program Includes:

  • Campaign Set Up
  • Creation, Design & Optimizations of Ads
  • Campaign Testing
  • Audience Management & Research
  • Facebook (and it’s network’s) re-targeting
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Monthly Performance Reporting

This Program Does Not Include (But Available As Separate Service):

  • Webinar creation
  • Website design
  • Funnel creation
  • Back-end emails
  • Setup of social media platforms
  • Ad comment monitoring: We do not monitor comments on the ads connected with a fan page
  • Social media strategy

What’s The Timeline For This Program? 

After you’ve signed the contract and provided the necessary assets, we will have our strategy session. After this strategy session - Your first ads will be live within 10 days.

How Does Payment Work For This Program?

The first 90 days of paid traffic services (a.k.a ‘90 day profit growth service’) can be paid in full with a 10% discount or spread out over a 90 day period.

This program is a 90-Day procedure and not a monthly service. Whether you opt for payment in full or a three pay - You are still required to pay in full, regardless of whether or not you choose to finish your time with us.

Once the program is complete, your services will continue as a month to month service and can be cancelled anytime with a 30-day notice. Your service subscription continues on the last day of your program.

The work that Femcanic Tools does on behalf of our clients is a non-tangible piece of intellectual property. Once the work has started, we can never get that back and you can never return it to us. It’s yours forever. It’s for this reason that we do not offer refunds once work has begun. The program officially starts on the day of your strategy session.

If you wish to have your money refunded before our services have begun , we will refund that money within 5 working days.

By signing this document below, you hereby ratify your understanding of these terms, that all program sales are non-refundable, and waive any rights to charge-back your purchase with your credit card processor.

Payment Information

Free for 90 days then $9.99 for each month
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