Step 5

Tell Us About Your Audience

Note:  On-boarding takes around 90 minutes, leave adequate time to complete this process. 

On-Boarding Questionaire

You can save your progress and finish at a later time by following the directions below.

  • Click the save and resume button
  • Save this link as a book mark to resume 

Systems & Passwords

Provide the usernames and passwords for the systems listed below.

Landing Page System/Platform
Emails System/Platform-- MailChimp, Convertkit, etc.
Facebook Business Manager ID

We may need your Facebook business manager ID later.  Here is where to find it in Facebook--

Your Brand & Assets

Upload CSV file of your ENTIRE email list.

Upload CSV file of your CLIENTS ONLY email list.

You should be able to use your CRM to export this data.  

VERY IMPORTANT:  Select the 'amount spent' or 'LTV' feature to export

Most CRMs support this but if yours doesn't- don't worry about it.

Upload a transparent version of your logo.