February 7, 2021

EP 72: Joanie Butler—”Curiosity and Grit Will Go a Long Way”

Joanie Butler is a Distributor Sales Manager at Arc Zone, Inc.—a top welding supply company in California. She has been with the company for 9 years, but her journey in the skilled trades industry didn’t start there. This small-town girl from northern California started dabbling in the trades as a teenager while 4-wheeling and off roading “with the guys”. Her free spirit and curiosity about how things work continued leading her to a world of adventure and exploration beginning with amateur surfing in the early 90’s. Seeking “more” Joanie taught herself how to weld, got certified as a small engines mechanic, became a top sales person and fabricator for a company that made catalytic converters, and then got recruited by Arc Zone where she is today. Join us on this episode as we pull back the curtain and explore Joanie’s adventurous journey!