February 18, 2021

EP.58: Lara–That Porsche Girl: “Let’s Get Women Off the Hoods and Into the Driver’s Seat”

Lara, That Porsche Girl, is a fit model in California. Formerly, she was a Hollywood precision driver where she doubled for famous actresses in various films, but her love for cars started when she was only 12 after watching an independent, successful woman purchase a Porsche on her own. This symbol of women empowerment was burned into Lara’s memory and has guided her throughout life. After finding success in her modeling career, Lara recently decided she’d “flow with the river” and start pursuing her passion—Porsche cars! Join us on this episode as Lara talks about coming full circle in her life to create a strong following of women on Instagram based on her passion for Porsche. For Lara, this is just the beginning!