December 29, 2020

EP. 67-Molly Gursky—“I Do Not Want to Be a Quiet Voice in the Room!”

Molly Gursky is in the driver seat today. She is the co-owner of Driven Restorations LLC, a classic car and truck restoration shop. In the shop Molly specializes in metal repair, welding and body refinishing also acting as the shop Business Manager. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
February 11, 2021

EP.60: Dez Ferrell—We Must Experience the Bad to Appreciate the Good!

Dez Ferrell is in the driver seat today. She owns and manages her own shop, Nessy’s Kustoms, focused on custom paint and restoration in Mesa, Arizona. She was recently a featured contestant on Motor Trend’s Bitchen Bootcamp. She did not grow up in a shop, nor did she have an interest in cars for most of her life. It wasn’t until she owned a Honda Accord that introduced her to the import scene that was going on about 14 years ago. For Dez it was never a question of why would she ever want to be in a male-dominated industry and fight to constantly prove her skills to the non-believers, it was why wouldn’t she? In those moments when she wanted to give up and quit, she found a way to push forward. For each struggle it made her wiser and for each failure brought her another step towards success.